Amano001's Sketchbook
Hi all and welcome to my sketchbook. I plan on posting my WIPs here and finished pieces. Always looking to improve and get advice. Thanks for looking!

Here are a few WIPs I'm working on in varying degrees of progress:

Here are some of my finished pieces:

Hey man, your nausicaa fan art is really great ! i also see another one inspired by battle angel alita ( the mecha wings ^^ ) Wanna see more man , keep drawing a lot, wanna see some good evolution !
hey, you got some good things going on here.
some things that stick out that could use attention is some inconsistent lighting, some need for stronger shape design and controlling of elements to aid composition a little more deliberately.
some of the colored over black and grey has a bit of a lifelessness to it and could use some painting on top to bring back some richness.
anyway keep moving, on and up!

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Very dope work, my dude. Digging your mech stuff.
WOW..!! Loving everything here!! Nice works.. - Just followed your insta x

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These look great, love these character designs and the way you draw your figures in general, always impressive!


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