Tripaseca's sketchbook
I want to pick up drawing as hobby, if I get good maybe pick gigs or as a job. If that happens I'd like to do Illustration. I Made this sketchbook thread to have critique and sense of progression. I'm ESL, please bear with me for my bad grammar or small vocabulary.

I started by picking the PDF book of Andrew Loomis, HFWAP. I almost always use reference or else I fall back to symbol and very basic drawings. And I don't have many materials so I do exercises and drawings with ballpoint pens and pencils. I'd like to start experimenting with digital a year from now, in the meantime I can get more comfortable drawing traditional.

Here some drawing I've done from December 25 to January 17; x

"Draw" - Blank Canvas 
Hey welcome to Crimson Daggers Tripaseca24!

Nice start here - Loomis is an awesome guy to study from.

I see you're into drawing people - may be you would find Proko's figure drawing videos useful? His teachings are highly recommended, not sure if you've seen these before

Good luck and I look forward to sharing your art journey :)

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CD Sketchbook

Don't worry, we can understand you just fine. Welcome to the forums! Loomis is a great place to start, when it comes to heads and facial placements.
Welcome to the forums! Seems like your off to a good start with lots and lots of mileage! Keep it up, and continue to study the Loomis books carefully! They are a good starting point!


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