Fergus Russell's sketchbook
Oooh very nice. I like the chunky 3D look of all these prop pieces

Careful with the perspective nothing major but the door is kinda sked as if you try to force the viewer to see more than it would normal see.Also the top beam look like it gonna sink into the wall.I think you want the solidify your thinking when it come to perspective it a bit wonky which isn't something you want to end up in someone else plate and be translated to the 3d model you want to be sure of the orientation of object in space.

Would be interesting to have a little bit of variation in the depth of those rock in the floor and wall so that it doesn't look like painted rock but proper rock.

My Sketchbook

Perfection is unmeasurable therefor it impossible to reach it.
@JosephCow - thanks man I feel they're pretty weak on the 3D side atm haha but glad to hear that

@darktiste - thanks for the advice again ^^

I think I've been just experimenting with the prosses and brushes a lot so far that's why there is so much wood atm.
I'll probably start utilising some 3D for some props simialer to the doorway in future just to save time. 

Prop 3/100    

[Image: 3.jpg]
Got caught up wantching Prokos stream so got a few random sketches before I head to bed 

[Image: 17.05.2022.jpg]
Those are some exquisite sketches my dude. Nice sketchbook you have going, I look forward to seeing more from you

Killer stuff! Awesome character/prop work. Is your first pic (red mech) a mix of 3D and 2D paint on top?
Liking the heads above too! ^^^
@CBinnsIllustration - cheers! ^^ hopfully we shall fill this sketchbook a hefty amount in the coming months. always love looking back at the earlier post.

@ballpoint - thanks. the cat mech is just 2D. my current 3D skills consist of making cubes and cyilenders not a clue on how to light or texture =.= but I shall learn.

think I'll start doing some jucier props from here on out. used 3D for a base for these.

Prop 4/100

[Image: 4.jpg]
Your prop design is so clean and crisp, looking forward to seeing more of these.


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What interest me is to know how you came up with the stair specially the 3d process.Did you eye ball each step or did you use a feature of your 3d program to make them equal? For the fountain did you use a mirror modifier?

And to end the interrogation what 3d program is it because i actually just started doing texture and lightining on my 3d model but i am using blender.Oh and i consider Uv unwrapping and other skill seperate from texture but you might count it as texturing just mentioning it because it not as easy as painting on the surface of an object.Have you heard of the term?

Props look solid and you are consistent how many hour you spend per day on the craft?

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Perfection is unmeasurable therefor it impossible to reach it.
@RottenPocket - Thanks bud. I'll definitely be trying some mural/ tapestry pieces and I'll definitely be looking at your work for some inspiration.

@darktiste - I just used an array modifier for the steps, not sure if that's the best way to do it but it works. ye used a mirror for the fountain. Blender is indeed my program of choice plus a bit of z brush. I don't know how much time I spend but it ranges from 2 to 5 hours on these prop sheets, there may indeed be days where I only spend an hour in the future but we shall see.

Bit of a different prosses for today but I think this is the best day so far. had a lot of fun on these and did a few iterations for the tree. 

Prop 5/100

[Image: 5.1.jpg]

[Image: 5.jpg]
A few slightly older piece that I know I'll forget about if I don't post them here. also one of my Zbrush attempts that always breaks and I through to the way side.

[Image: eye_gadget.jpg]

[Image: Seeba.jpg]

[Image: sheba_3D.jpg]
also might take these two old pieces and try fix them up a bunch for fun. to see if I have the skills to need now. had a habit of never finishing what I started in the past 

[Image: Their_Nest_4.jpg]

[Image: beer_garden.jpg]
(05-13-2022, 12:12 AM)Crowbit Wrote: I'm not calling this done i'll leave it to simmer for a while but just a random Character design. it's only clean up I want to do I think but meh and the face looks a little jank

[Image: hair_demon.jpg]

real nice brush strokes , understanding of anatomy and rendering here.  reminds me of hearthstone art. your character art is very nice, let's see more.
@handsomekorean - Thanks, I love the odd character but there won't be many of them until I've finished this 100 days of props haha.

A day full of email's and phone calls =.=

Prop 6/100 

[Image: 6.jpg]
Smart move with the line seam to show some volume on a side view of a statue i will try to remember this trick for stone object.For the statue on the right you seem to be missing the consistency not a concern aslong as it read enough for you to come back later without loosing the intent.Do you set a specific work time and try to fit the 2 props in between?

My Sketchbook

Perfection is unmeasurable therefor it impossible to reach it.
Really enjoy that blue light from above on the statue! Nice design work overall. Keep it up!

i am wonderign what your process is like
your rendering is very clean and must be methodical if you can get the lighting very convincing like that.
@darktiste - na any time works for me like I said maybe 2 to 5 hours a day

@one_two - thanks, man. ye was testing out a few things to add more flavor to the props

@handsomekorean - Cheers. I tend to use a process similar to Thomas Keen's his youtube is Tck and it's defiantly an interesting approach. you can see it on his fruit people process

I missed a full day which I'm not gonna beat my self over as I expect it to happen over the 100 days. went to see some pals and didn't find the time to get work done.

I was also to hungover to post yesterday so I'll upload them as well. took a look at Jordan Tuffan for inspiration and it made for an interesting patch.

prop 7/100
[Image: 7.jpg]

prop 8/100
[Image: 8.jpg]
It funny that you count your props by session rather than by the number of actual idea you come up from. It show real dedication i think.

If i have anything to say i think it would be a for the throne you could have played a little bit more by adding throne arm it would have added a bit more of a complexity to a rather box design specially the boxy lower part is box i would have like to see some interesting throne leg.In term of color a bit of gold would have been nice for example on some of the button of the throne backpiece and the upper motif.

My Sketchbook

Perfection is unmeasurable therefor it impossible to reach it.
@darktiste - Aye those changes would make it much better, it can be hard to find better designs with pages like these where I'm just going with usually first lines I put down. I am planning to do some future piece where I maybe design one prop and then do itirations which should help.

another sketch before bed. didn't finish it and the guys hand is a tad big but I liked the idea.

[Image: sniper_wip.jpg]

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