Fergus Russell's sketchbook
I remember your thread from way back on permanoobs. Nice to see you still around and kicking somewhere! I was actually thinking about your art the other day, funny how that works. As far as I can remember, it looks like you've been improving since then!

Your colours and your props looking really great and I think they're your biggest strength. I think perhaps your figures are a bit too clinical and stiff, but honestly I'm super guilty of that too so maybe that's why it sticks out to me, haha.
Nice updates here! Really dig the linework of your latest, very crisp and confident lines. Great concept too! Are you planning on painting it?!

@Eny - thanks man I loved permanoobs but it was so short-lived. Ye, I've been need to work on my gestures in all my works with special characters.

@cgmythology - No idea what I'm planning to do with that line piece I think I'll just leave it as is but maybe I'll paint it.

Oh boy have I messed up on this 100 days. been out saying goodbye to a lot of mates before I move for work so the drink has not been my friend of late. 

Even though I've messed it up already and I know I'll be busy moving but I still plan to finish this challenge even if it is not on consecutive days. so here is the disaster pieces I created over the last two days. 

Prop 9/100

[Image: 9.jpg]

prop 10/100

[Image: 10.jpg]
The muse is hard to please when the booze is on were mind.I think you learned a leasson on balance here. Everything is best with moderation.Resting is so important in art aswell as living were life.When you find the balance you will enjoy long lasting sucess but beyond balance is consistency.Remember your priority and what pay for those moment with your friend.Respect that. Now that not for me to tell you what should be important but it might be what you need to hear.You can always do better and you don't have to live any different than you are you just have to make the sacrifice at the right moment and if you let thing get in the way because you didn't want to fall out with your friend or because you let substance get in that way.I hope you understand it will be harder for you to find the time to do your best.Because if you don't find the time you can't do your best.

Atleast you have the credit to be transparent and i am sorry if i am blowing this out of proportion in a way that doesn't allign with reality it all from my own perspective.Anyways it smell like thing are about to get very serious for you very soon otherwise i don't have doubt about your seriousness just probably that your priority are shifting as you mature really.

My Sketchbook
The journey of an artist truly begin when he can learn from everyone error.
Teamwork make your dream work.
Asking help is the key to growth.
lighting and perspective looking great. keep it up
Really quite beautifully designed props you're doing, and working perspective as well. Is it a x/100 prop challenge, or are they for something else more than studies?

Excited to see more :D
Been almost a year working at my first game studio and I need to start doing more personal work again even studies.
Here's some junk from some lunch breaks.

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If this is what you call "junk", where are you hiding the better stuff? :P

What's the backstory behind the robot lady? Was she tiptoeing on eggs and crushed one?

Leo KI - all the better stuff is at work under NDA =.= but no backstory on the egg lady defiantly did have something in mind but I forgot haha

late night sketch

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Very pleasant style! Any idea where you want to get with your work now?

@dimensional-knight -

I'm not really sure I definitely want to explore slightly less conventional character designs but I also want to round out my general concept art skill set by getting better at areas like environments and hard surface 

 A late-night painting (didn't mean her to look like a reeces piece

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absolute garbage but rendering just felt super chill

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Loving the character design of the figure with the cat. Nice work on the portrait as well, solid use of values and the expression is especially well done. Keep it up!


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