Guys is this like the old conceptart.org?

[Image: SsnTpMf.jpg]
[Image: 5hQel1V.jpg]
[Image: QffVlma.jpg]
[Image: LKD3aUD.jpg]
[Image: 4dE9iCz.jpg]
[Image: BOtqA61.jpg]
[Image: WayS3kL.jpg]
[Image: RQLMLnh.jpg]
Wow I love your style.
What program/brush are you using?
Conceptart.org is long gone. Nice stuff by the way.

Yaaaas more like these please


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Great texture

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Killian: I make my own texture brushes in Photoshop (which is pretty much the only software I use for everything, with occasional older versions of MsPaint), with the dual brush setting.
one_two: I know and I miss it, especially when I draw stuff like this oce in a while, I spent my teenage learning a lot on there.
RottenPocket: Here you go, I am attaching more pictures.
darktiste: Thanks!

[Image: vFkyfGU.jpg]
[Image: ShJz8RS.jpg]
[Image: 33RRCr3.jpg]
[Image: grdAY6p.jpg]
[Image: H58y5mC.jpg]
[Image: B0RcQeM.jpg][Image: T0v2H7L.jpg]
[Image: 0usp50d.jpg]
[Image: 0vc4vNG.jpg]
[Image: MjRpDEe.jpg]
[Image: yneD0Ph.jpg]
Are you studying anthony jone stuff ?You remind me of is very experimental approch.

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dakrtiste Nah, never heard of him. I don't really follow this stuff anymore since I was a kid. Pretty much the only guy I am still occasionally checking, from the field of commercial illustration/concept art, is Justin Sweet I guess, since his beautiful Icewind Dale portraits.

[Image: j06sEKo.jpg]
[Image: tzd6Aiq.jpg]
[Image: JheTm5r.jpg]
[Image: hjUjDwG.jpg]

In that case he already doing alot of what you are doing i would recommend you check him out and i am pretty confident that everyone should find himself a mentor so having look around many years and watch countless number of tutorial i think he would be a natural mentor to you.He as a similar surealistic approch if i can describe both of your work as...

an other natural mentor to you could be master of fantasy frank franzetta.

I leave here a lenghtly video so you can a better idea of who anthony jone is and what he does.

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I'm more of a fly by the seat of your pants kind of learner so I understand the not really following people or artists. Love to see that you make your own tools. I think you have really interesting story elements to these pieces even though they're very abstract - some forms make me think of older Sci fi and fantasy animations like fantastic planet and a few French Sci fi filmsI can't recall right now :-B


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RottenPocket No I wasn't saying I don't have artists I follow or look upon, of course I do, but they would be from different fields I am interested in, like from all other kinds of illustration, from underground comics, from various fine art disciplines. Thanks for the story elements point out - although these pictures I posted was meant to be focused on the designs so not much story in them, but I did my fair share of comics and narrative is something I generally cherish very much in my paintings too.

darktiste Well Frazetta is long dead so kind of hard to follow nowadays, but Justin Sweet I mentioned can be described as sort of contemporary Frazetta

Now just to throw in something different and some color in, here is a work I did for local Vogue magazine

[Image: nNTFr00.jpg]
[Image: 1zTEGeT.jpg]
[Image: gH1dzYZ.jpg]
[Image: RVWlfT4.jpg]
[Image: 6qfBCQV.jpg]
[Image: 1FU713U.jpg]

The flying by the seat of your pants is a nodd to that, you don't really pull from one focus you pull from many and not from one source.


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Hey Skull_8 thanks! Can't believe you remember me from conceptart.org, it's been ages
RottenPocket Sorry for misunderstanding

[Image: 6iC58rb.jpg]
[Image: KsBhAol.jpg]
[Image: 0GC12nX.jpg]
[Image: uPE1x9S.jpg]
[Image: ka5D3KH.jpg]
[Image: UWvXdFO.jpg]
[Image: 6AP0h81.jpg]
[Image: ztPlN1t.jpg]
[Image: R0YYTvX.jpg]
[Image: e3EnPnw.jpg]

You have a really individual style of painting that is sort of horrifying, but in some of them weirdly cute. I really like the Dobby the house elf lookin one, second from bottom. I think he's cuuuuute for some reason.

Enjoy the contrasts you create and vibrance of the colors. Good potential.

Nice work here, really impressed by your texture and design work in particular, very unique!

Thank you cgmythology, thank you one_two and thank you JosephCow, he indeed does look like Dobby

[Image: lgawhTh.jpg]
[Image: PrcolBB.jpg]
[Image: kY4T1rr.jpg]

On the first flyer they wanted me to pretty much copy a picture from my old comics so it wasn't very creative work but I am happy with the titles, and for the second flyer I only did the creature illustrations, to credit the designer who did the typo layout, his name is Michal Veltrusky.

[Image: XWuXJhp.jpg]
[Image: G2Q0jAG.jpg]
[Image: Dodposk.jpg]
[Image: 2OrBmWX.jpg]
[Image: I3rV3Xt.jpg]
[Image: p7vFpyc.jpg]
[Image: zuQzIhf.jpg]
[Image: U6ruADd.jpg]
[Image: 7Vdw0xF.jpg]
[Image: 2v1tTWf.jpg]
[Image: 4Uttb7c.jpg]
[Image: uEVAK7k.jpg]
[Image: F6DwQHQ.jpg]
[Image: 1j3fKTP.jpg]
[Image: QK9UaiN.jpg]
[Image: m9W7T0c.jpg]
[Image: 0ogNjpr.jpg]


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