Eyliana's sketches
Thanks Alex. I do my best :).

Well my plan is definitly not working, partly because of the CC. It eats quite a bit of time, but it is a good push to put elements together. And the masterstudies take way more than an hour, I'm not that fast yet :p.

Here another one. Did some traditonal stuff as well, will try to put that up soon.

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(04-29-2016, 08:55 PM)Eyliana Wrote: Here another one. Did some traditonal stuff as well, will try to put that up soon.

I think you are doing to much work.You're trying to copy anatomy,details,gesture,colors at the same time,but you don't have a strong understanding on one of them.And it makes your copy weak in terms of everything.My suggestion to you is to concentrate on one thing for some time and switch on other when you got bored.So that you can learn without interruptions in your studies.By doing that you will understand and learn much faster than guessing how the painting was done.

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With your studies, you are rushing them too much. Slow down and savour being as accurate as possible.

Do a clean and accurate sketch, you can't be too accurate. If you just paintover it and ignore the sketch you weren't accurate enough.

But stop procrastinating, You have potential, just keep going push it DOIT DOIT.

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@Alex; Thanks! I hope I can advance with the perspective studies soon.

@Samurai; You are most likely right. I think my main focus with the studies is accuracy of the anatomy. And the painting is just a bit more relaxing, than focused studies and since I'm short of energy last weeks I tend to continue with that instead of just moving on the next study. I'll have to find a balance between relaxing/fun and studying.

@OtherMuzz; I'll try! Plan on doing more drawing, all is it just doodling. Just draw more. And as said above I need a balance between relaxing and studying since my school stuff eats too much energy to also study drawing a lot.

A bunch of stuff I did over the last weeks, but never came around posting.

First one; Acrylic on board. Did that during the painting classes. Was a bunch of work and the hands were really a challenge. Original image my Micheal Hayes.

Second; Experimenting by building up the colours of the face in layers, so you get more colour variation in the face instead of the brownish I usually get. Original image from Micheal Hamptons figure drawing book.

Fourth; Portrait I worked on last weekend. Anatomy is still not perfect, but it is getting better. Just graphite shading to get a better understanding of the volumes.

Fifth; Playing around with watercolours, trying something new, relaxing. Reference image by Nelleke.

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Thanks for stopping by my SB Eyliana! You're doing great, keep going!

Thank you Miracoly!

Some more stuffs. And a new plan/schedule since they other one was clearly not working.

Upcoming 4 months – till graduation will become crazy.
• Basic drawing – Draw a box
• Accuracy – Barque & Studies
• Perspective – Scott Robertson
• Full body Anatomy – Hamption, Proko, Loomis
• Values
Put in practice:
• Draw-every-I-mean-EVERY-day
• One illustration a month  Crimson Crucible
• 2x Portrait study
• Real live practice – Full or partial, practice with water colours
• Barque plate
Draw every day! Draw-draw-draw!

If I keep this up for at least 2 months, I can buy oils after I graduate :)

1. Oils from class, first hand at oils. They are fun, I want to do and learn more about them :).

2/3. Draw-a-box transformed into drawing weird shapes. But the boxes are becoming cleaner.

4/5. Proko/Hampton anatomy studies. Just getting started, proportions are difficult.

6. Portrait. The sketch was better, but watercolours are tricky. Eyes are too small, the hair is a little off. I managed to save it quite a bit, the eyes were a lot smaller.

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I like your oils study, looks very neat! Your portraits are getting better, perhaps paying more attention to measuring might help (I like Proko's video about measuring very much). And boxes, they really help, I'm currently having box days, too.

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Thanks Neo! Yeah measuring is key, problem is that I loose accuracy during painting. But it is slowly getting better :)

Some studies I did for the CC and the final CC piece. And slowly getting started with anatomy.. it's difficult :o

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If I were you I'd 100% focus on getting your accuracy very strong as a first and foremost goal. Once you have some sense of good accuracy I'd imagine learning pretty much any other fundamental would be substantually easier. On top of that just in terms of efficiency it would make a lot of sense to get a strong sense of proportion to speed up your pipeline. I remember Muzz was talking about this in his fundamentals thread in Art Related. That being said I'm loving the focus on design and your ideas. Once you get some strong funds behind those ideas you're gonna be KILLING it. That being said I'm garbage so this should be taken with a grain of salt. Good luck and keep it up!
Thanks Pax! I think you are very right about the accuracy, and it has been on my planning for a while. It is just not my most favourite topic :P. I did decide to calm down with the gestures and take more time for the figures to improve the accuracy. So that should help.
And thanks for the encouragement ^^

Last week has been rough, internship wise, so I didn't get much work done and didn't draw for a few days at all (bye bye oil paints).. So this is mostly stuff from earlier. Will try to get back to it.

Did some more figures, will try to do it a bit more slow and more accurate instead of the gestures. I think gestures are good, but need to nail proportions first.

Some random exercises. Went out in the garden and painted the flowers. Started from the left, to right than the bottom one. Difference in technique and improvement is clearly visible :P. Never finished it, it became way too warm in the sun.
Two heads that are getting better. And exercises from draw-a-box with a nib pen. Ink is fun :) I mess it up easily though, because it is not dry yet.

And I finished my oil painting! Quite happy with the figures and the dress. Not so happy about the bridge, couldn't get the portals to look right.

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I missed a load of your updates, I can see a big jump in so many areas recently! Especially the pencil sketch a few posts up and the recent construction head and the (charcoal?) one above all look really tight, and I love the painting of the guy with the beard. I think Mariyan is right but studying anatomy and practising gesture like you are and thinking about form like you do with the heads I think that stuff will improve naturally as a result. Keep going ^^

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Nice sketchbook here Eyliana :). I like the way you're using different mediums - I bet that is really good fun.

Your figures are getting better - I see that you have Proko and Loomis in your study plan - I personally have found those two resources to be excellent, hopefully you will find them useful too.

Keep going girl - it's looking good :).

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@Mariyan; Thank you! You are quite right about that, it's partly why I'm doing draw-a-box exercises. :)

@Jyonny; Thanks! Sometimes I think I'm juggling too many things at the same time, but at the same time it is nice to see progress in all areas although it might be slower than when you would focus on one thing. I always plan on doing so many things in a week, but it is always too much :P.

@Artloader; Yeah, different mediums are fun! Really enjoyed the oil paintings and the charcoal seems fun as well. Thanks for dropping by!

So a long overdue update due vacation and other stuff. Will try to update every two weeks from now on.

Some stuff from CC4. And some sketches I did during the vacation. Planned to do more and do plein air watercolour stuff, but I managed to forget all my pencils and paints and left them on my desk back home :/ I bought a special watercolourblock for it even! I was sad.

And started with the 250 boxes challenge. Everyday 25, currently I'm at 75 :).

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Cool updates! The portrait looks much more accurate than your previous ones. I've been doing lines and ovals recently, too - decided to do the drawabox.com course properly and post it on reddit while sparing that Daggers as well :). We might practice drawabox or S.Robertson together some time again, huh?

Thanks :). And the studying sounds good. I'm currently at 150 boxes, so I still have a few left ;) Not looking forward to the cilinder challenge, ovals are a pain.

Nice work with the drawabox exercises Eyliana :). Some of those lines look so straight it's like you used a ruler!

I've just joined in with drawabox myself - it's good fun!

Keep going :)

“Today, give a stranger one of your smiles. It might be the only sunshine he sees all day.” -- H. Jackson Brown Jr.

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Thanks Artloader, the draw-a-box exercises are really good :D Here a ton of updates, since I was too lazy to scan stuff before.

Have been trying some watercolour stuff, landscapes and birds. And some draw-a-box. Drawing is more fun than hard-core studies atm. Which is fine, since the my grad thesis is already studying enough in a week.

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I see you're doing trees frequently, and often they have wavy edges to give them an organic feel. Be careful that while trees are organic and often are never straight edges, the wavy edges are giving them a more soft, vine-y even organism like feel. Edge control is more like brush stroke control, or hand control. Think about what you're going to paint there, what you want it to look like, and do it in 1, steady stroke. No looking back or second thoughts (yet). If it didn't turn out the way you want, then you can start thinking about how to edit. For sharp, crisp edges, they're best saved in your mind, and wait until the paper is completely dried, then go back in to put in those final details.

Thank you meat! I think the the edges mostly come from trying to add more paint to the tree because they are too light. But then again, need to figure that stuff out as well. Thank you!

Some more stuffs:

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Dope sketches!! really like the portrait


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