Look what the Sonoran wind just blew in!
I love the sad clown sperm whale balancing on its "foot". Great pose and details.
Hi all!

Zizka:  Thanks a lot!  I really appreciate that!  [Image: thumbsup.png]

Thanks so much, PE - I had a lot of fun with that one.  [Image: biggrin.png]

So I've got a coupla new digital paintings in the works but at the last minute decided to do a Christmas themed one — painted over an over-worked elf I sketched back in 2016.

If you celebrate Christmas I hope you have a good one!

And the original Sketch

I'll visit and comment in other sketchbooks as soon as I have some more time.


such a happy fellow. I can totally relate there
(12-27-2021, 12:30 AM)whitebbwolf Wrote: such a happy fellow. I can totally relate there

[Image: biggrin.png] Yeah — he wasn't exactly Santa's happiest elf.  But a little turkey, egg-nog and a few nights of sleep set him right.

Thanks for stopping by wbbw.


It's hard to believe we're almost done with another year.  2022! 

Happy to get at least one more digital painting in the books before the year ends.

This one started out as a real world sketch with my niece's kids in mind.

And the original sketch from 2019

Hope you ALL have an excellent and productive year!

Really like your design on the elephant :)





Hey dude - hope you had a wonderful Christmas, awesome sketchbook here, you have great imagination!

“Today, give a stranger one of your smiles. It might be the only sunshine he sees all day.” -- H. Jackson Brown Jr.

CD Sketchbook

I'm lovin' the little smile in the elephant's trunk - they can be hard to emote. The texture in the sketch is really solid. Nice job.


Link Tree

Discord: emnida
Hey, nice sketchbook! I really am liking the drawings!
The elephant is charming, and that elf is pretty cool too!

Thanks so much cicakkia!  Glad you like her.  

Hope you did too, Artloader.  Thanks so much!

Thanks RottenPocket[b], —  Her smile was a fun detail to add — glad you caught that.  Appreciate the feedback and visit.[/b]

Thanks so much jeremygordonart[b] — welcome to CD![/b]

Thanks to each of you for stopping by!  [Image: thumbsup.png]  (^^ Dunno how to remove the code in my replies  - DERP)


Here's my first CD post of 2022 — digital painting of a sketch I did back in 2019.  I was at a coffee house drawing and EVERY one around me was glued to their phones and the idea of a rabbit so engrossed in his phone seemed to capture the mood of that day. [Image: wink.png]

^ Updated - 'cause I signed '21 instead of '22

And the original sketch.   Once I started painting it — I decided to give the rabbit some clothes. 

See ya all again soon

The bunny image is brilliant; Very solid line art with some great colors and texture work on the colored version. Great work!

I love the idea of that drawing of someone being so glued to their phone that they don't notice a plane crashing or the beautiful landscape around him. I think what could be pushed is the colors on the actual bunny. The surroundings is very pinkish and peachy from the sunset, and including a little bit more of that on the bunny will make him feel more placed in that setting.

Really fun concept that highlights something tragic but in a comedic way!

Uiriamu - Glad you thought so too.   I think some of the very dedicated phone peeps in our world may not be so inclined.  [Image: tongue.png]

Thanks for the feeback - I'm only now beginning to push color a lot more and will keep trying.  Appreciate you stopping by and commenting.

cgmythology - Thanks a lot!  You've really been tearing it up over in your SB — so that's very encouraging to hear from you.  Thanks again!


Here's a new one based on an OLD sketch I drew ages ago — and as I painted it I added some additional elements as well.

I'll also include a look at some stuff I have in the pipeline (I was slowed down by a recent surgery but managed to keep up some painting)

The original sketch

And some stuff I'm working on

Thanks fer havin' a gander at my werk

See ya soon

Very strong updates. I really love the image with the bunnies, it's very dynamic with it's composition and gesture work, and it has tons of personality. Well done!

Thanks so much CG — I really appreciate that!
I had way more fun on that one than I have with other stuff lately.

Thanks again!


Have struggled with motivation lately — but managed to complete one recently — plus a coupla WIPS that I'm making SLOW progress on 

[Image: tongue.png]

CD has seemed a little quieter of late so maybe I'm not the only one

Anywho — Here's some of the latest

The original sketch for that one

Made a little progress on this one (color tests)

Feel unmotivated to finish this guy — so might call it done but time will tell

See ya again soon

Great sketchbook here, very very nice concepts and stories,
I have so much catching up to do haha

One thing I'll just have to point out, is how much I love your pencil sketches
(I'm pretty sure they're pencil sketches, so correct me if they're digital).

Looking forward to seeing new stuff!



"Losing all hope was freedom."
That rabbit image is my favorite of your latest. Love things like the hunched-over posture and the nice texturing on the trunk.

Many people would benefit from going to a no-phone camp. (Bill Gates agrees.)
Hello ever-body!

Thanks so much mixedmax — I really appreciate that!  Yes — the sketches are from my 'real world' sketchbook and done with graphite pencils.  For the most part recently I've started things there and then digitally paint 'em.  Thanks again.


Hi  PE!  Thank you so much!  That one was so much fun to do — wish they ALL went like that. [Image: tongue.png]

Yeah — the phone thing is kinda my pet-peeve. 

[ / curmudgeon]

[Image: biggrin.png]

Anywho — thanks again!


So here' the latest digital painting based on a sketch you'll see at the top of my first page here — although I 'purty-ed' it up a bit.

See ya again soon.

Great updates here! Love the elephant style image in particular, it's very well drawn and painted. I love the subtle texture you give to your mountains in your environments as well, feels very organic and convincing. Keep it going!

Hello fellow humanoids and Zed <friendly reminder — this sketchbook has a 'NO BITING' policy that will be strictly enforced! : )


Hi CG, thanks so much — that elephant was done with my nieces and nephews in mind — and I'm having more fun doing light-hearted, cartoony stuff right now too.

Over the years I'd kinda always avoided environments-backgrounds and just concentrated on characters — so that's kinda a new thang for me — so I appreciate the encouraging feedback about that.

Thanks again!


On to today's artwork:

I originally sketched this one back in 2019 — and was thinking about pushing the character's pose for this one — and finally got around to painting it and just finished it today.

And the original sketch


It's definitely been quieter around the CD sketchbook forum lately — so I hope to see more of every one's artwork soon.

Ciao fer now

Loving the new image. Solid line work as always and the gesture and concept is brilliant! Keep up the great work, always enjoy seeing new material from you!


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