Craig's Sketchbook
His grace, the one true king and ruler of Westeros, Joffrey Baratheon. Attempted to really push the photo-realism in this one, not sure I have the patience for it.

[Image: o9o1Kt5.jpg]

Man that portrait is just awesome! I love the dark areas.

I love your sb, found you through DA with your 40k piece.
Last portrait is really sweet. I would've slightly darkened the ear to make it blend more in the shadow.

Cheers chaps.

Here's some wips for the Joffrey portrait.

[Image: yePfZ5C.jpg]

D: that portrait is great.. even though I hate the character lol. you did a really good job on his shirt. And you really nailed the sub surface scattering in the skin, really feels alive. Good job :)

Great portrait of Joffrey. How You render the hair is just stunning. It's a very, very solid study.

Mannequin's Blog :)

Mannequin's CD sketchbook

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Thanks guys. I'm glad Joffrey's hair is getting some love, as it was a real pain to paint. Took forever. :)

Here's the results of this weeks portraiture class assignment. Seven basic emotions, with the head angled and values to compliment them.#

[Image: 9SHZYhp.jpg]

Nice face work Craig... and Joffrey came out great!

These faces - you really attacked some tougher angles with tenacity. So tenacious.

Steve Anthony Pierce
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Cheers Steve. :D

Assignment seven, for the portrait class, results. 43 heads, some okay, some scrappy and rushed.

[Image: qoI24B7.jpg]

[Image: Gg9zMst.jpg]

And some quick sketches for some various Tumblr groups I'm member of.

[Image: V4HJ5HD.jpg]
[Image: Ctik0V5.jpg]

Mainly been working on client work and commissions, which I can't show yet. So, not a lot of new work to share as late.

"Mainly been working on client work and commissions, which I can't show yet." Pfft... a likely excuse.

Good work Craigalicous.

Steve Anthony Pierce
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Only Forrest is allowed to call me Craigillicious. :)

Poster art for Liz Noble's Feylander.

[Image: OiZX33S.jpg]

Some quick value sketching, and figure drawings.

[Image: TKQp9Z3.jpg]
[Image: tne9KQb.jpg]
[Image: 7xuSmaJ.jpg]

Looking awesome dude, the portrait's are clearly paying off, that feylander piece came out great. Keep it up :D

Lokking good man your proportion seems right. Keep it up.
Results for assignment eight, of the portraiture class, 50 head sketches (with eyes and noses and that), kind of quick and scrappy.

[Image: X1xZ2a9.jpg]
[Image: T2YO1e9.jpg]
[Image: E4bzj1c.jpg]
[Image: exrBTPT.jpg]

i watched your stuff on the in yo face portrait thread .
You are so good ! this is very inspiring.

Wow man really impressive amount of work. The angle exercise is really great and it's the hardest. Good man.
Solid work on these heads! Cool that you're mixing the quick ones with some more involved ones, too. Best approach in my experience.
A quick wip of what I'm working on tonight.

[Image: biXZa5f.jpg]

Getting a bit frustrated with my work recently, feel like I'm kind of stagnating and struggling with motivation. Going to attempt to try and creatge a proper working schedule/ daily routine in the hopes it will help me get back in gear.

Wip is looking nice!

And when that happens, its time to step back and have fun :)

Assignment 7, lighting a portrait results.

[Image: pLfrGFP.jpg]

[Image: MUPmjA7.jpg]

..and cover art illustration for Rey Porter's Stixx.

[Image: joSvnKr.jpg]


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