Angies sketchbook of stuff and things
Hi! Wow, your caricatures and traditional stuff are amazing. I always adore traditional art pieces. Keep it up!
(09-03-2013, 09:43 PM)Angel_Intheuk Wrote: Thanks very much marjorie! :D that's so nice to hear lol...I also love your sketchbook too..currently checking out your youtube vids :D

Talking of which I'll just leave this here if anyone is interested hearing me sing and play guitar (my other obsession) it's a bit dodgy and slightly embarrassing..but anyway, here you are

You're very welcome!! Thanks for checking my stuff out and my youtube also :)
Oh and you just got another subscriber ^^

Aw thanks Ruffledo :D Will do!

Marjorie Hi...and thanks :D

Todays update...

Billy Idol sketch and the coolest pet in the whole damn vivarium...;) (my beardie Squishy)

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Caricature commission. watercolour...

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Wow, really love the watercolor! Their smiles are so vivacious!

The best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago.  The second best time is now.  
-Chinese proverb


Thanks Tygerson!! :)

Update...Beyonce sketch...

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hi angie

lol here i can critic , as opposed to another subject :)

her right arms should be more relaxed
since she's standing on one foot her hip should be a bit to the right (ooposed to the stick)

i would lean her head down or up to give her more attitude

take care
Hi Zou, thanks, I can see what you mean about the arm, not sure what you mean about the hip though. :)

Stuff....A sketch of David Lynch today I did in my lunch hour....

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Latest caricature commission...

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Oh wow! You do a great job with all of the caricatures, but the watercolor commission from the first page is the most awesome thing evah! XD

I've been thinking about trying watercolors for a while, and after seeing your work, I think I'll definitely do it as soon as I catch the time.
hello angie

watercolor is part of you now ! :)

for the hip: it's just a personal thaught. (exagerating the hip movement) but it's pretty god as it is.
Thank you so much Maja D :D I'm really pleased I helped inspire you to do watercolour, it's great to work in when it goes right and even the mistakes can look pretty :)

Hi Zou :) 'Watercolour is part of you now' hehe, I like that :)

Yesterdays quick sketch of Joseph Gordon-Levitt for practice...

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Finished the caricature of Dan and Dave today, might adjust it more before I call it final final..been fun to paint :)

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OMG! so fucking awesome! congrats on finishing the dave and dan piece~ it looks freakin sweet!
I just have to keep coming back here to keep up with the latest ^^

This is excellent. Dan looks spot on and he looks so badass with that hairdo. For some reason I always imagined Dave to be the taller of the two though.

Aw, wow, thanks so much Marjorie :D and nice to see you here :)

Thanks Ignatz :D so glad it looks like them, I thought so too, but all the photos of them together Dan is a lot taller.


A couple of watercolours I did on holiday and a few sketches...

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I worked on Dan and Dave a bit more tonight, Dave's face shape was way off, now it's just the arms and final, details :D

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Dude, dan and dave cartoons. Pure win, pure win.

You changed their tatoos to prison-like tatoos. Cool XD

Hiya Rognoll..glad you like it! :D Might change their tattoos again..or put just a skull on Dave's arm. Thanks again man! :)

Today's sketch...a watercolour of Debbie Harry...

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Loving the Dan and Dave piece, cant wait to see the finale version.


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