I wonder if this has been posted yet... I'm in a rush as usual in December so I'll check later

This is probably the best lighting app I've come across for faces:

[color=#FF0000]Reflectance Field Demo

Seriously, check it ouuuuttt!!

sketchbook | pg 52

I'll be back - it's an odyssey, after all
literally an entire curriculum of animation

Workshop enthusiast
Workshop blog
art history , no tutorial but really interessting and good to know:
Nice and easy way to check values (not only by turning the image to greyscale, but also limit it to ~3 values):

SketchbookDeviantartArtblog | Portfolio
Every feedback is appreciated!
A nice video colletion of tutorials on textures by Jamin Shoulet
(grass one is my favorite!)

Adding a couple more links about texturing, this time for 3D:

One of the best blogs I've read on composition, staging scenes, focal points's aimed at animation but so useful for illustrations and comics.

list of pdf's used:

(11-15-2013, 10:19 PM)kerm Wrote: Some basic tips for coloring:

[Image: tumblr_mvkrjw0Xlk1qhht43o2_500.png]
[Image: tumblr_mvkrjw0Xlk1qhht43o3_500.png]
[Image: tumblr_mvkrjw0Xlk1qhht43o4_500.png]
[Image: tumblr_mvkrjw0Xlk1qhht43o5_500.png]
[Image: tumblr_mvkrjw0Xlk1qhht43o6_500.png]
[Image: tumblr_mvkrjw0Xlk1qhht43o8_500.png]
[Image: tumblr_mvkrjw0Xlk1qhht43o7_500.png]
[Image: tumblr_mvkrjw0Xlk1qhht43o9_500.png]
[Image: tumblr_mvkrjw0Xlk1qhht43o10_500.png]

Found over here:

Aw so Cute :D Thanks for that I need to drawing in pencil and start coloring. I have that thing where I am trying to get better at drawing side but leaving out color theory for a while.

Follow your passion not your friends, They may have a cool life but its you in the end
Flickr:Photography[email protected]/
perspective tool
There is this thing called animal webcams or something. It's a 24/7 streaming of an animal's life, there are ones for mockingbirds, tigers, cheetahs.

This one is for 5 cheetah cubs. It's so amazing.

Just google webcam streaming (''Name of the animal you want'')

Reply stumbled on this really great post about what concept art actually is and what concept artists actually do and the process involved.

For beginners like meh ^__^
I found it to be real easy to understand.

Really cool Ecorche app for the IOS
Almost forgot, I compiled this big list of resources whilst in school, gathering from School resource page, fellow students, and my own sparse research during projects. They're all in this blog post for you to look through:

[edit] I'm going back to add a few more new ones (mostly ones I found on this forum actually). Already found broken links and fixing/removing them. Sorry for the inconvenience!

[edit 2] Just realized one of the link is the Andrew Loomis's Figure Drawing for All its Worth, which seems very popular here, so I'll single out that sub-link here as well. All the pages are in image format:

Hey Daggers!

Not sure if these links have been posted before so excuse me for that.

for movie stills:

for a massive collection of tutorials in picture forms: ...> yes, it's spelled as "desigh" with an H


Real time model reference
real time videos of models , definitely better than off picture

Thoughs about painting gold/analysis on how old master did it:

Inspiration: Some quotes, either by artists, or applicable to art. Also a lot of big-name artists posting very helpful articles, if you've never been there before.

Sketchbook  :::  Site

I played with the idea of a Resource link collection for some time now.

Maybe you know as great tool for managing bookmarks. Unfortunately due to several owner changes that tool is not very good anymore.

I finally found some free software that let set up alikewise server. and here it is - an art centred link management system.

I already added over 300 links - (i am still adding all the stuff of this thread - i have it till page 4 now).
Every link is tagged. the main tags are refrence, tutorial, brush, artist, blog
you can search for words in the title of the webpage or for tags. e.g. "anatomy"
you can register and make your own bookmark list - adding own bookmarks, maybe with uploading your browser bookmarks, download your list again, taking bookmarks from my list, add tages and so on.
You can up-vote and down-vote links you like or dislike. This way we will get some overview about the good stuff soon.
Don't search for a resource link in several forums anymore - put it in a central one.

The server is still fresh and there may come a domain change sometimes, but for now it is up and stable. I will make backups regulary.

Go and see, help to let it grow and gimme feedback please.

thank you wolkenfels! Gonna check your site. But I`m on a run so I post this
incredibly helpful link still here;-)

best thing evar for lighting!
@Wolkenfels - thank you!
@constructicon - wooow, I needed that...

For people on pinterest, there's my Drawing_Tutorials board, which is updated folder of various, random tutorials and methods I found on the internet:

For more you can check my other boards for human, animals, clothing and fashion reference, though they are not as big as this one. :)


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