Pnate's Almost Daily Sketchbook
she's rlly hot, i rlly think you should make her my girlfriend or something...

70+Page Koala Sketchbook: SB

Paintover thread, submit for crits!
[color=rgba(255, 255, 255, 0.882)]e owl sat on an oak. The more he saw, the less he spoke.[/color]
Fedodika - Not sure how to feel about that comment...but I'll take it! thanks :) Btw you should put a link to your sketchbook in your forum signature so it's easier to see your stuff. Otherwise, I'm going to have to stalk you down through your past posts heh

This painting from start to now was a battle. Should have started with a more concrete structure/drawing at the beginning probably as I had to make tons of adjustments. Still WIP, but will be done with it tomorrow.
[Image: 7y5hcPm.jpg]

Probably done w these and time to move on. Unhappy with them but they helped me realize some things I need to work on :)
[Image: EJwaYrW.jpg]
[Image: vqJnLpi.jpg]

I saw it on deviantart, but I thought this would be a better place to comment about it.
With the second girl, it looks like she's missing the back of her head, it's as if her face was too big. It's just what I think btw, as always, I might be wrong.

Awesome work btw I enjoy the first one a lot ;)

Gliger - Thanks so much for that crit, you are totally right about that. I didn't see it the night before, but when I woke up it became obvious right away. Not sure if the new version I tweaked out is that much better, but the painting had tons of issues from the beginning anyways. Weird how there's sort of an unspoken rule not to be too critical on deviantart :/ But I guess that's what the Daggers are for :)

For the Virtual Plein Air group on facebook. Join it ya'll!
[Image: 0MjxxGu.jpg]

Was gone all day, just squeaked this out. More to post tomorrow!
[Image: uJQcjF1.jpg]

Another virtual plein air and couple applications
[Image: ihCfXSg.jpg]
[Image: Hhxlw2h.jpg]
[Image: 2bhdNhX.jpg]

Man, I love your brushwork so much <3 And those colors!
As for criticism, maybe be a bit more daring with your focal points and their hierarchy? The last one with the tree is nice, but others are kind of 'dunno where you want me to look' because most things are equally contrasty, detailed/rendered etc.

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Every feedback is appreciated!
Lyraina - Thanks for the crit! :) I gotta be more adventurous with the google maps images, they are usually pretty washed out to begin with.

[Image: MY3mW8e.jpg]
[Image: 04Z4Z0V.jpg]
[Image: PFDdDJm.jpg]
[Image: Js8rx7h.jpg]

These google map studies that you are doing remind me a lot of Corot from back in the day... things like this:

Just keep it up! And I want to try this too, you are killin it!

There is usually more on my blog...

Man, your sketchbook is super inspiring! I love your brushwork and colors, and especially your portraits. Last last one of the woman in armor is amazing. Keep it up.

Sweet landscapes!

matkaminski - thanks Mat! Corot sure knew his stuff. Thanks for the comparison, that's a sweet painting he did

ZombieChinchilla - Thanks a lot!

Blewzen - Appreciate it man.

another one, wip application
[Image: 2vE59Ww.jpg]
[Image: IAGmWoF.jpg]

[Image: WrLXnMP.jpg]
[Image: Pc50JUl.jpg]
[Image: D62LTdF.jpg]

ur killin me dooood!

70+Page Koala Sketchbook: SB

Paintover thread, submit for crits!
[color=rgba(255, 255, 255, 0.882)]e owl sat on an oak. The more he saw, the less he spoke.[/color]
Fedodika - <3

fun little exercise
[Image: Kra1MxY.jpg]

Side question for passerbys: Does anyone have a Cintiq? Pros/Cons to using one? After all this time I still feel incredibly unnatural drawing or doing lines on a tablet, and so I'm thinking about splurging on one of those bad boys.

Man I love the brushstrokes on your landscapes! And your faces are gorgeous. Can't help you with the Cintiq, though, I'm still sticking to my measly little Bamboo tablet.

beauutiful! i have to try that same thing you are saying and go beyond just copying the picture on google maps. I'm saving up for that cintiq hybrid thing so ill let you know how it is if i do get it.
Oof, those enviros are sooo good! Really nice to look at your sharp strokes and confident values.

ZombieChinchilla - Thanks a lot! No worries, those cintiqs are so damn expensive I don't really know anyone who owns one haha

BenFlores - Thanks man, you should do a review or something when you get that companion. I want one of those too (pretty sure every artist out there popped a boner when wacom released it) but they are soooo expensivee

crackedskull - thanks mann

I was always scared of drawing horses, so today was Horse Day

[Image: 0fGSplj.jpg]
[Image: 6UCxT5s.jpg]
[Image: oUmRRna.jpg]

Here's the book I've been using for basic animal anatomy (for the curious):
Only 4 bucks! :) Although I'm sure you can get Jack Hamm's animal book for free somewhere online. I heard that one was good


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