Pnate's Almost Daily Sketchbook
Good to see your work man, cant wait for more.

Yay for showing client work! Looks really good man. Theres probably some kerning that you might be able to improve on the banner, but graphics design is super pain in the ass, so maybe its perfect? I dont know.
I love your characters though! <3 Looking forward to the next update and thanks for dropping by my sketchbook!

Boy, those new paintings of yours are just killer. Moar :O

smrr - I am still alive in the shadows.  Props to you starting up the CHOW again!  wooo hope lots of gains are made for all people takin part

Gliger - Thanks man!

Fedodika - Yup, hopin to get some free pens and paper out of the deal :0

meat - It's more like surviving for me at this point, but I'm trying! I think we could fund a kickstarter for our bearded female dwarf concept.  The adventures of Gimra?

ZombieChinchilla- Thanks!  The descriptions, ideas and references were all given by the client, so it was mainly just execution, but I had more freedom for some of them over others.

Stardust - Missing those times too :(  I do want to try streaming more again, but I don't want to make any empty plans/promises.  

Lyra - Thanks and great to see you just as active as ever!  

Marjorie- Thanks Marj, it is tough to keep up that online presence when you've got some busy times.  Hope you're hangin in there as well.

crackedskull- Thanks dude!  

Jaik- Appreciate the suggestion!  I really am clueless with text/graphic design type things so I basically drew/painted all those letters by hand.  Is there an easier way to do that?  Hopefully I won't have to work with typeface again as it's not my most favorite thing in the world haha

ramalooke - Heyy man, thanks for stopping by!  Love your latest updates, stuff is lookin so strong :)

So I ended up getting frustrated with how disorganized my brushes were and spent a couple hours organizing them.  I'm sharing them here if anyone is interested and has minor OCD like I do.  It's a combination of pretty much all the brush packs already out there so I can't take credit for any of them (Jaime Jones, Peleng, Shaddy, Zedig, RuanJia, Oxan, Daarken, etc. -  although I only took a few brushes from some of them)  Btw, it's meant to be viewed as a "Large List" with the slimmest width possible, like this:
[Image: mSx3Vos.jpg]
Hope it's useful to someone!

Been taking the Nathan Fowke's color and light class on schoolism, so there are a few of the assignments here and some random faces for fun.  Learning some neat stuff and it's fun hearing about his experiences working with Dreamworks, it gives a little perspective.  Can't show my latest work stuff I think, so will post that later!  Feels good to finally breathe a little after those huge chunks of commissions.  

[Image: AKbqh6d.jpg]
[Image: HJtLZ7D.jpg]
[Image: j5Pp95r.jpg]
[Image: tbOof9V.jpg]
[Image: L7D8Bmq.jpg]

Nate lives-! 
Aaaaah! I wanna see what you had your head buried down in for so long innnn maaaaannnn
*waits patiently*

These assignments look fantastic! Really tasty stuff, can't wait to see what you pump out as the course continues. 

Hey yeah, happy people wanna get into CHOWs again, but we wouldn't even have them in CD if weren't for you!


70+Page Koala Sketchbook: SB

Paintover thread, submit for crits!
[color=rgba(255, 255, 255, 0.882)]e owl sat on an oak. The more he saw, the less he spoke.[/color]
Hey, man!

I just gotta say, it's been really wonderful seeing your work get to the level that it is at currently. Awesome to hear you've been getting steady freelance, also!

Those characters are getting better and better every time I pop my head in for a visit. :]

Thanks for sharing your brushes, can’t wait to try them out!

Awesome to see you take the same Nathan Fowkes class and tackle the same assignments! Good job on the cat one, looking better than mine :P I think you could push the warm/cold contrast a bit more though - maybe behind his orange-lit back, making the background cooler… right now it’s a huge warmish area, almost too intense. Just my 2 cents tho!

As for the rest… well… thanks for sharing your usual Nate-awesomeness with us <3

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Every feedback is appreciated!
Sooo pretty stuffs o.O

What? CHOW is coming back? REally? :O

Fantastic artstyle, I'm loving the sketchbook!

Scream at what I'm doing wrong in my sketchbook
it helps a lot
Nate! Glad to see you back! Thanks for sharing your brush set that's been organized with so much care and effort! I used to have a huge and disorganized brush collection too, and then one day I snapped in the middle of organizing them, and deleted all but 15 brushes..... now I use maybe 3 because the other 12 are stupid. Now I can kill them off, and add your set!

Gimra the hero bearded female dwarf, married with a husband and 2 kids waiting at home like Odysseus. Professional Protector whose latest business trip got unexpectedly extended and delayed. Saving the world along side protagonist while trying to make sure her messenger pigeon with 'email' takes off alive. XD

Yeah job is.... being job. The managers has agreed to give me 2.5 month hiatus during Mentorship though, and will let me go back to working for them during winter holiday season. I don't expect to walk out of Mentorship and straight into an industry job, so that was very reassuring yet saddening at the same time, to have this back-up set up, LOL! Need to keep saving $ for either GDC in San Fran, or Spectrum Live next year.... you wanna go?

ah another cool update. the cat study is really badass, but those heads are what i like the most.


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