Will Warburton's sketchbook
@Rich4rt - thanks dude, your right i'll def work on that. My mental library is prity empty

Some character/creature concept, an alien gardener.

I have this habit of rendering the shit out of stuff and making things look all soft. Not sure what it is exactly i should be doing instead to improve but i guess i'll figure it out eventually.

[Image: alienfarmer.jpg]

more junk

[Image: april9rdi.jpg]
[Image: april9rdii.jpg]
[Image: april9rdiv.jpg]

[Image: skull4nd.jpg]

[Image: clothstudy9th.jpg]

imagination scraps to warm up

[Image: derp4th.jpg]

[Image: chickpotrait9th.jpg]

Not much today, my computer keeps crashing and photoshop is acting up. Think i need a new computer =(

random study this morning

[Image: chickpotrait10th.jpg]

sketch, trying some new stuff out.

[Image: monster9th.jpg]

photoshop failing, not much painting =(

pencils mostly imagination, some studies

[Image: april12thrdiii.jpg]

[Image: april12thrdii.jpg]

[Image: april12thrdiv.jpg]

[Image: april12thrd.jpg]

imagination character thing

[Image: monsterfrogthing11th.jpg]

crap pencils which seemed beter before i scanned them 0_o

[Image: april15th.jpg]

[Image: april15thii.jpg]

[Image: april15thiii.jpg]

study which failed and i learnt nothing when i tried to apply it

[Image: armourjacket11th.jpg]

couple of imagination stuff
[Image: elfchick14th.jpg]

royal fellas dragon child speedie

[Image: dragonchild14th.jpg]

Update, crappy day job and dying computer is holding me back. Not as much to show because of that =(

[Image: april19th.jpg]

[Image: april19thii.jpg]

[Image: april19thiii.jpg]

[Image: april19thiv.jpg]

trying to learn about metal, and failing...constantly lol

[Image: car15th.jpg]

[Image: metalhelm15th.jpg]

imagination, sketch environment
[Image: randomenvironment.jpg]

random character WIP
[Image: scifidude14th.jpg]

Boom, my computer i use to paint finally died. RIP crappy acer laptop..

Soooo for the next 2-3 weeks i'll be drawing instead.

Heres some pencils, almost all studies. Sorry about the shitty quality, i have problems scanning process.
[Image: april25th.jpg]

[Image: april25thi.jpg]

[Image: april25thiii.jpg]

[Image: april25thiv.jpg]

[Image: april25thv.jpg]

[Image: april25thvi.jpg]

[Image: april25thvii.jpg]

[Image: april25thviii.jpg]

The final things i painted before the computer died, ironic that the first and last thing happened to be a self portrait.

[Image: environmentforestthimg20th.jpg]

[Image: selfportrait81.jpg]

Tryin to get back into it after 2 weeks without photoshop is tough =S

[Image: may5thii.jpg]

[Image: may5thiii.jpg]

[Image: may5thv.jpg]

[Image: may5th.jpg]

self portrait 0_0
[Image: may1st6.jpg]

[Image: may1st2.jpg]

[Image: may1st.jpg]

[Image: may1st4.jpg]

getting used to my new computer - studies
[Image: skull2nd.jpg]

[Image: scarlett4th.jpg]

imagination doodle
[Image: alienpotrait3rd.jpg]


update, random character im calling done 0_0

[Image: scifidudefinal.jpg]

more shit
Imagination, plus studies from various places
blahhh =S
[Image: may8thi.jpg]

[Image: may8thii.jpg]

[Image: may8thiii.jpg]

[Image: may8thiv.jpg]

[Image: may8thv.jpg]

[Image: may8th.jpg]

more studies
[Image: environment25th.jpg]

[Image: environment5th.jpg]

richard anderson style study. Trying some different stuff, thinking about how i can improve on more effective marks and less rendering the crap out of stuff.
[Image: richardandersonstudy7th.jpg]

imagintion doodles
[Image: environment5th-1.jpg]

[Image: portraitmorning6th.jpg]


Some serious progress in here! Really sweet stuff! Keep on going!!!

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really great work, especially like your lines with the pencil drawings...keep it up!

@ Zesiul - Thanks alot man, i'm glad you think so ;) i'll do my best to work harder

@ Howie - Thanks! Its something ive been working to improve. Cheers for stopping by ;)

Small update

[Image: lotrstudy6th.jpg]

imagination stuff
wip i'll probablynot finish
[Image: gameoverwip2-1.jpg]

i watched tron, and felt inspired to do a generic sci fi doodle character thing
[Image: trondude11th.jpg]

fucking about trying new stuff
[Image: potrait9th.jpg]

I changed my mind and finished it.

[Image: gameovernormalress.jpg]

warm up doodles
[Image: warmupwarrior13th.jpg]

pencils, study imagination, you know the drill
[Image: may14thv-Copy.jpg]

[Image: may14th-Copy.jpg]

[Image: may14thii.jpg]

[Image: may14thiii.jpg]

[Image: may14thiv.jpg]

[Image: may14thvi-Copy.jpg]

[Image: may14thvii-Copy2.jpg]

quick master study
[Image: masterarmourstudy11th.jpg]

creature for fun
[Image: randomcreature14th2.jpg]

Awesome drawings really!!! Good work with pencil, I like it :)

@ isra-ac - Thx man, i appreciate it =)

I have no time since i started my crappy job full time =((((((((

Just some doodles
[Image: potrait15th.jpg]

imagination stuff
[Image: hoboselfpotrait17th.jpg]

[Image: darkknight18th.jpg]


pencil stuff
[Image: may24th.jpg]

[Image: may24thv.jpg]

[Image: may24thiv.jpg]

[Image: may24thiii.jpg]

[Image: may24thii.jpg]

doodles/ warm ups after work
[Image: alienpotraitwarmup19th.jpg]

[Image: bandwchickpotrait18th.jpg]

[Image: robotchick.jpg]

[Image: beetle20th.jpg]

[Image: gameofthronesarmour12th.jpg]

[Image: stilllife23rd.jpg]

random creature
[Image: crabmonster20th2.jpg]


[Image: landscape29th.jpg]

[Image: stilllife26th.jpg]

[Image: stilllife27th.jpg]

imagination shit
[Image: piratechick25th.jpg]

[Image: spacechick28th.jpg]

latest bloodsports, which ive spent wa ytoo much time on and i hate. Doubt ill finish

[Image: statueillustrationwip4.jpg]

I ended up finishing my bloodsports piece. Kinda...
with studies, wips and thumbs

[Image: bloodsportsstudies.jpg]

[Image: statueillustrationfinallowress-1.jpg]


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