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Darktiste: Thanks for advice! Sometimes im too patient though, it dries up and away goes that sweet gradient :/ Need more practice.

Did a portrait for my character I'm gonna make in Pillars of eternity 2. It went through a lot of changes, it's been a while since I worked on a portrait like this. The blessing and curse of painting digitally for me, even though I've sketched stuff out beforehand I still end up changing stuff while I'm painting 'cause it's so "easy and fun" to change it up...

He went from human to dwarf too I guess. 

[Image: PillarsPortrait_WIP1.png]
[Image: PillarsPortrait_WIP2.png]
[Image: PillarsPortrait_WIP3.png]
[Image: PillarsPortrait_Final.png]

Hooo, so yeah. Bla bla slow updating etc. 

At least this guy's done! Some of you might see where it's inspired from, but no matter heh. Was "fun" to push myself a bit more and render stuff out. A bit aggrevating to realize that I still change stuff about a lot in the render stage even though I did a somewhat detailed line art before. It's my curse with digital I guess, It's easy and sometimes fun to change stuff in the later stages, but not very effective. 

Line art:[Image: RedPrince_inktober_02.png]

WIP: [Image: RedLizard_WIP3.png]

Final one:
[Image: Red%2BPrince_Version2.png]

i mean its cool you can render and stuff dude, but man that is one stiff lizard lol; idk what it is but on both attempts to paint that sketch you lose all the intensity and character in the pose and it just becomes incredible stiff and generic looking. even feels like the camera angle changes while you render, idk what it is lol; I'd still keep that sketch as a portfolio piece, just not the paintings of it lol, strange to say

70+Page Koala Sketchbook: SB

Paintover thread, submit for crits!
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Hmm.. I guesss I can see it? It's a problem I've always had when working longer on and off on things, the energy of the initial sketch tends to go away, zoom in and noodle a lot ;P
But the pose itself is meant to be kinda stuff tho, even from the beginning. I mean, he's just standing there looking tense or whatever. But we're no strangers to stiff-arse poses lol, shit's hard. Practice practice etc. 

None o' this is a portfolio piece :)

I think the problem of the pose is it to passive the arm are close to the body.The head seem kinda unorginal if you ask me i would try to push it more.I think the arm are bit to short but that up to you.Maybe incorporate some scale texture.

I added some image if you still want to work on it that i think can be good for that piece.

For the good point good rendering.

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Naw, don't want to continue on it, but always good to get that feedback for future reference ofc!
That piece was mainly for practicing rendering with another method. But yes, the faults become way more obvious when compared to the linework... Like left arm has this almost S-curve going through it, but in the rendered one it's like a straight bar xD

Long time, no posts. Busy with work but still trying to find time to slowly improve my art. 
Gonna dump some stuff again why not

First attempt at acrylics (not counting 5th grade). Felt alright, but hard to get the gradients the way I want
[Image: wraith_of_pestilence_by_adzerak_dcuqjr1-...hxZd2GHxLM]

Older finished personal illustration, as seen on previous pages
[Image: anton-grundvall-abyssal-plunge-by-adzera...1544792445]

Dryad concepts for a game project
[Image: anton-grundvall-dryads2.jpg?1557856678][Image: anton-grundvall-dryx-hirez.jpg?1557856829]

good to see ya ;)

Lets see ya bang out some studies and work on anatomy and such ;)

70+Page Koala Sketchbook: SB

Paintover thread, submit for crits!
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