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Agreed man, I prefer Hampton more than Loomis too. I spend about a year studying loomis heads none stop and I still don't truly 'get them'. Be sure to check out Villpu and Hogarth too if you haven't already ;) Their all very unique styles but all equally as useful.

All these anatomy studies are super awesome, and from that recent piece you started with the two characters it's clear to see your studies are paying off ( I know ive said that a few times already haha) so be sure to keep pushing that man.

Best of luck with the freelance too buddy.

devin: thanks!! :)

warburton: thanks a lot mate! yeah, somehow Hampton method feels more "natural" if that makes any sense, i still dont get it all, as you said i will have to keep hammering those studies over and over. Also i'm glad you that see progress! :D
I was going to continue that piece, but this morning i went to CGHUB and searched "Xenogears" It was soul crushing haha, so i will keep doing studies for some time.

Two studies from today:

i'm studying Hampton at the moment and I prefer him over loomis as well, I think both they're methods for drawing the head are pretty similair though, although hampton does explain how to draw around the form of it a bit better imo.

Anyway nice work on them portrait studys, Like the contrast between the red and blue in the first one although I personally like the second one better (that hair stands out really well).
And good luck with the freelancing :).

Triggerpigking: yeah, i couldnt have described it better. And thanks a lot mate! :D

Got some free time today, so here is a little update:

A map for my personal project, still WIP. Because i love to do maps from time to time.

And more practice before bed, heads, mostly from imagination.
Still trying to understand hampton method of construction.

Such good studies, man! Keep that shit up!

" It was soul crushing" ahhah i know that feel. love the dedication to studying, keep making me jealous.
MrFrenik: haha thanks a lot mate! :D there is no turning back now.

BenFlores: it was like, fuck, what the hell i'm doing? my shit cant really compare to this. xD
It was like a bucket of cold water in the face, but i'm glad it happened, now i'm more determined than ever to keep going forward. :) And thanks matey!

Not much stuff today either, still busy.
But i'm developing a new passion, drawing stuff from pixel art of old games. And its a really good exercise to practice from imaginaton too!

And the rest is mostly hampton or from imagination.

dude, your studies lacks of structure, you should try to vizualise a bit more the volume you're drawing ! it takes a bit of practice but it's worth doing it !

Dude! them studies are sick buddy! But one thing i noticed is that sometimes your eyes seem too close together os too small for the face. also is some of your head studies the placement and form of the nose is off. it helps me to think of the bridge of the nose as a long trapezoid shape (kitkat bar basically :p) and the nostril and bulb par of the nose as a diamond shape.

But overall your killing ut dude! Keep up the good work!

I don't agree with kikindaface. You might have some perspective issues in a few places, but overall you're doing well with your constructions. Just tighten up a bit on your perspective and you're solid.

I really like the pixel art to character drawings! You captured the characters really nicely.

The shapes in the map work really well too--the land masses are beautifully shaped, and still look totally natural.

Is hampton where you're getting your figure construction method, or is hampton just the heads for now?

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Man, I dig that map a lot!

I do have to say though, I'm w/ kikindaface on the construction issues. you're still thinking in line, and the forms aren't getting enough volume and consideration. I would suggest taking long, memory-blasting looks at some of your studies next to the master studies to see what we're talking about.

I feel that when you make the mental switch and start to feel the volume and weight of whatever it is you're drawing and constructing, you'll take off in terms of ability. Just ensure that things are lining up properly to your reference.

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Cool idea painting pixel chars, maybe i try it, also the map is really neat! keep working hard :)

kikindaface: thanks mate, i always had problems with that, now i'm slowwly starting to see things with a structure. Any advice with that would be welcome!

futurespaceghost: haha that kit kat, gold advice dude, thanks!

MrFrenik: thanks mate, i'm glad you think that way, i guess i just have keep working, just a month has passed since i started with this drawing routine, so i still dont know what the hell i'm doing haha.

Tygerson:thanks mate! for the anatomy, i'm trying to understand hampton mostly for the heads, also bridgman for the hands and torso, i still have to start working on the lower part of the body. :P

Einver: glad you like the map! :) also thanks! i will definitely try doing some more elaborated master studies as soon as i have more free time again. Master studies always pay off.

Blewzen: thanks buddy! also for the pixel stuff, go for it! its really fun :)

Stuff from yesterday and today, focusing on drawing from imagination. More to lose my irrational fear to work without references rather than to apply something new. :P

^ couldnt ressist to draw the lovely hikikomori from Valvrave the liberator.

Keep on kickin' ass!

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Are those noses on the top left of the first image drew from imagination? Do you have some simplified nose construction that is easy to "rotate" inside of your head, but still contains enough detail to read as a nose not as a "skewed cube"? If yes.. would you mind sharing?

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Sir! Those are pretty much exactly what I'm talking about. That last heap of studies took into consideration what people have said. Keep it up Sir Gray! I'm a huge fan of your lady faces too. I can tell you're acknowledging the planes of the forms.

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wow man, your figure work is getting really remarkable, good job

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Zesiul: hey! thats for sure thanks mate! :)

kerm: not exactly from imagination, i copied them from bridgman without looking at the book as a sort of retention exercise. What i do is simply trying to visualize the nose and the planes of the face before drawing, then i draw the bridge of the nose, then the rest.
Esentially, you are drawing a rectangular shaped cube, but thats just the construction, its the particular form of the bridge, nostrils, etc what make it look like a nose.
Not sure i'm explaining myself correctly. :S

Einver: Thank you good sir! :) to be honest with you, i'm struggling with planes and structures, so its good to hear that you see improvement.

aks9: i still feel like i dont really know what i´m doing, but thanks a lot mate, much appreciated! :D

So... im back! i will finally get my free time back, so starting tomorrow i will be grinding studies again. I studied a bit yesterday but accidentally deleted the jpg, derp.

Today i had a ringing headache so instead of anatomy i did this, dont really know why, but it was fun as hell, thats for sure. xD
I told you before, drawing from pixels is my new passion.
Its a cute scene from Xenogears.

and the original

Drawing from pixelated characters that's an awesome idea I love it, aaand to echo what everyone else has already said them construction study's are already paying off :).


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