Inspiration and motivation thread
So inspirational

Fuck man. did he survived?

MINDSET / ADVICE / TIPS - Fixed vs Growth mindset - Growing your mind - Is that not worth exploring? - Motivation and Confidence by Anthony JOnes
Read the zen pencil cartoon, and it seems like what I'm doing - getting up super early and drawing. I used to draw in the eveneings and I'm thinking about going back to it. Sometimes I can't get up because something took up the time the night before and I oversleep, but probably it's better to get going as soon as you wake up. So that you never decide to not draw because you're buisy or too tired or have something else to do.

Morning are pretty great because there's no-one there to disturb you and you wake up without that much stress. Currenly I get up at 6 most days and 5 on the ones where I am confident that I have enough sleep. I go to bed before 12, sometimes as early as 10.

Very inspirational Zearthus, thanks a lot buddy :)


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