A sketchbook (March 17th, 2015)
done with this one.

[Image: jPT38pS.jpg]

Woah, awesome job on this last one. In fact your whole sketchbook is really good. I like the texture on the metal shoulder guards. I like the rendering in general. Its just enough detail where it counts.

Dude great effort man! Your studies are awesome, and your pieces are really coming along! That last one has a great composition. I'm not sure if there could be some more lost edges to help the eye around, and the foreshortening on his right leg is a bit off i reckon, but hell, its a great piece! The forms are very well rendered. Keep it coming man, you rock!

Kimonas: Thanks man, I definitely know what you mean buy edges, im gonna try and mix some technics up when painting in the next little bit. not have everything on its own mask layer for one. But I certainly appreciate the kind words! Thanks for looking!

Heres the first wip of this weeks image.

[Image: Xyng7lw.jpg]

Heres another wip on this last image. Should be done with it after this weekend. Also, i should be coming back to streamin everyday once im done another image similar to this one. The issue is with my PC, it cant handle running Photoshop and these bigger, layer intensive psds while streaming. Id like to get a couple of these to put into the portfolio. but ill be back to streaming very soon.

[Image: 4P5JoKd.png]

Do what you gotta do man , we will still be around whenever you have time to stream .
This is looking awesome im looking forward to see the final version :)
BlueBear: Man, I cant say how much I appreciate that. Thanks BlueBear.

Heres where im leavin this one. Overall I think I learnt more then it looks like from this one. By that i mean, it came out pretty sloppy and muddy, but there just comes a point where you open up a psd and you feel like complete ass about the whole thing, and since its a personal piece, i get to make the call to say "Move on!". But again, i dont think its complete shit, like i said, learned a bit from it. Gonna take what i learned from this one and use it for the next one. So on and so forth!

Also, one more personal piece, and ill be back to streaming studies.

[Image: 0iAMVla.png]

Dude, some seriously good stuff here. Just keep doing whatever you've been doing, because it seems to be working :)

That orc piece was great, but I think it would have benefitted alot if you had pushed the sense of depth a bit. This latest one is looking great too. Keep going man, never stop :)

just fuck you man

Agerkvist: Much appreciated man! :D

Caisne: HAHA! <3

Heres a few things ive recently done, ill update the thread with some more stuff sometime soon.

Ive also made a switch from Livestream to Twitch, check me out over there if you want.


60 second gestures

[Image: crX2LjP.png]

[Image: i2xX1nS.png]

[Image: ujnFyA5.png]


[Image: Itsvc11.png]


[Image: soQN92P.png]

[Image: zSuqaWE.png]

[Image: i5ORvZF.png]

Absolutely stellar stuff here man. I cannot wait to see more.

I'm reworking my portfolio too, and your recent illustrations are very inspiring/motivating!

Keep kicking ass man, seriously!

“There is no substitute for hard work.”
Thomas Edison

CD SketchBook
Hey man good work with them gestures! Love your portraits man, you got it nailed, and i love your subtle form building it works! Could you suggest exercises to work on this?

nphill19: Thanks man! there will be more to come! Thank you again for the kind words man!

Kimonas: Gestures? there really isnt a short cut, i suppose it helps to understand some anatomy basics, simplifying down limbs into simpler shapes. Also i start out every morning by drawin just circles for about 5 - 10 minutes, really helps to loosen up the arm and wrist.

Heres some more nonsense.

[Image: KYSPhbT.jpg]

[Image: zFfbbNW.png]

[Image: F9SNAOC.png]

Some typical lizard shark concept and a gymnast photo study from the stream.

[Image: 99xancd.png]

[Image: zxQsdST.png]

Woah nice work man! nice textures and highlights on the last image
Cant get enough of this sketchbook, looking great!


This sketchbook must be seeeeeeeeeeen O______O


Fuck dude, how come I only found this sketchbook just now. Awesome stuff man.
I don't really have any crits... on the lizard concepts they don't feel like their feet are holding weight, they kinda, float? idk, it's just nitpicking since they are concept art.

Your studies are tight! The lizards forms are handled well.
You already seem to have a good grasp on fundamentals, it might be a good idea to study various artists like, Van Gogh, Monet, Min Yum.


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