bemota's sketchbook
Hey, I'm really liking a lot of the stuff in here so far, especially your lined stuff, and sketchbook stuff. They're some of your strongest things.

In terms of painting, I'd say there's a good amount of room for improvement. Up till these last few posts, which have a noticeable amount improvement over your earlier stuff, the paintings have been kind of hit and miss for the most part. The woman, the Star Wars adaptation, and the unicorn one are your best things in my opinion. :]

Keep it up with those studies, and keep hitting those figures, man! There's just a few slight anatomical/ proportional issues, but Hampton will solve all those problems. I've recently been getting into his book, it's so amazing. I think I like it more than Loomis.

Anyways, your stuff is definitely showing improvement. Don't stahp!!

Thanks crackedskull!

Hey Archreux! Really appreciate the critique man and thanks for ~believing in me~ Colors are definitely something I've been paying a lot more attention to lately and I'm now getting back to my anatomy studies, not just gestures.

So yeah, I now have a study partnership with Renato and we have a 4 hour daily schedule. Let's see how this goes... its looking good.

[Image: OJiyDI8.jpg]

[Image: UEyGylL.jpg]

[Image: bNa24Z9.jpg]

I'm happy that my line quality improved throughout the day and those full body drawing from ref and then from memory are so helpful... and difficult! Gotta do more of those.

Today's studies were completly out of my comfort zone.
[Image: xVyoSl.jpg]

[Image: ZcfkNso.jpg]

[Image: I85SWjp.jpg]

[Image: y50tqB9.jpg]

And A spitpainting with some more time added to it:
[Image: mX5C3XP.jpg]

Haha nice start then! I remember using that gif too.
Keep pushing it, you're doing well. Damn it hard surfaces!

Thanks for ~believing in me~ as well, Ursula! I really appreciate your work so this means so much to me C:

[Image: cgL92ek.jpg]

[Image: frrl7bm.jpg]

[Image: LbiNq0nl.jpg] [Image: Rxd2NUWl.jpg](What have I created?!)

trying to understand the colour nuances

[Image: tYFp1Cf.jpg]

Really tackling your weak points, and applying studies well, keep it all up :D

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Beautiful sketchbook you have. Good work with the figure drawings and I see something you see that I should do too. If I put some observations like you did on the skull will help me a lot.

And thanks for your comment :)

Thanks very much for the comments, guys!

[Image: plI9QIy.jpg]

[Image: LyQBHvJl.jpg]

Not updating because I've been busy.

Can't show everything right now, unfortunately

[Image: wQhuA3v.jpg]
[Image: 4YQrZEN.jpg]
[Image: IEWYgnB.jpg]
[Image: LuzEry9.jpg]
[Image: XSUW1IZ.jpg]

the last wip is very nice, can't wait to see the finished product.
And all those studies is great...i think your study from reference is still stand out more than from your imagination especially in head studies.
keep up the good work man.

Thanks so much, rioriorio! Sorry for the delayed update guys, I was working on an illustration but I can't show it just yet :C

[Image: 1UX80ho.jpg]
[Image: PnpLcNo.jpg]
[Image: Y0W5ugN.jpg]
[Image: N4re4zt.jpg]
[Image: LW3OAuK.jpg]
[Image: JQNdzVQ.jpg]
[Image: 9P7lUuZ.jpg]
[Image: X5Zbv9a.jpg]
[Image: uCKv1Zx.jpg]
[Image: pxVAe3H.jpg]
[Image: KFjg8oG.jpg]
[Image: Y8nChFj.jpg]
[Image: cxSZ6MZ.jpg]
[Image: AdzJfze.jpg]

[Image: ypxkEzq.jpg]
[Image: QiKKZat.jpg]
[Image: z4O9L3l.jpg]


As you wish.

My faces are still pretty derp but i feel like I'm improving. Funny how when i try to paint a face and start to pay attention to the threedimensional form and all it's when i fuck up. I paint faces "well" by mistake ahah

[Image: wnZCyq6.jpg]
[Image: Sl7kEXn.jpg]
[Image: 7kyX6pF.jpg]

[Image: VTB5kvm.jpg]

Dayum bemota nice work on all the studying! I need to get my ass in gear :o

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Jonesoda, thanks man! I'm still procrastinating enough not to work on my portfolio.

Some self-doubt started creeping in today buy I think I have it under control. Switching the study schedule for an assignment schedule this week ( Keeping things interesting; may the dagger be crimson.

Made a small breakthrough in my landscape studying. Not a great result but I feel like I'm getting more methodical.

[Image: OnwWIgL.jpg]
[Image: 4KdGgMe.gif]
[Image: e9cO1nb.jpg]
[Image: rw7i968.jpg]

[Image: seI04Ex.jpg]
[Image: ME88rq3.jpg]
[Image: IkHvWO2.jpg]
[Image: i9YpMCV.jpg]
[Image: TX2omLy.jpg]
[Image: pDQ19L1.jpg]
[Image: vosyZFu.jpg]

I seem to be addicted to gesture drawing... whoops.

I'm trying to use Alex Negrea's process. I know it isnt exactly gestural but I feel like its forcing my brain to complete de anatomy because i can't look too much at the reference in 1 min.

[Image: 1r2xGLP.jpg]
[Image: BXl1O3c.jpg]
[Image: tbKv3e4.jpg]
[Image: g98g9t8.jpg]

I think I'm improving a bit.

[Image: RLiqDW7.jpg]
[Image: mUHKVmd.jpg]
[Image: GmDAwqx.jpg]

[Image: iS11F4R.jpg]
[Image: GFxGDno.jpg]
[Image: BxqLz5l.jpg]
[Image: zeS2W4K.jpg]
[Image: x2ycGNv.jpg]
[Image: EJkG3NL.jpg]
[Image: DwSfv8l.jpg]
[Image: RW4H5qt.jpg]

And started something new:
[Image: jGsW5PN.jpg]

Experimenting with After Effects for school:


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