bemota's sketchbook
Still trying to strike down my weaknesses. My sketches and thumbnails suck; I never do enough of them.

So I did some:
[Image: 6pFqZl.jpg]

And some more gesture drawings using the pixelovely's class option:
[Image: kMACal.jpg]

Again, should have accomplished more today...

Sketchbooks like this just inspire me to work harder.
Keep up the good pace you handsome devil you~Th_113_

Gesture drawing stuff:
[Image: ArcYql.jpg]

Trying out some constructive anatomy based on photos (have to work on that):
[Image: jTjrWl.jpg]

Some creature designs for fun:
[Image: 1zsSRl.jpg]

And I started working on atrenr's character design challenge. I'll be filling the whole page but for now I only have this sketch:
[Image: MUAiJl.png]

[Image: KMQ6el.jpg]
[Image: Sz5tYl.jpg]
[Image: BIvrzl.jpg]
[Image: o3V30l.jpg]

nice stuff here, your quick studies look great, one think i would say is to pay a bit more attention to the texture of surfaces and how you can imply it with brush work, keep it up!

mindwrack@ Yeah. I really need to do that, don't I?

So I started doing it. I'm sorry it isn't much today but I got home pretty late and had some stuff to work on for school.

[Image: YHEcBl.png]

I also used this study to get the hang of some tool presets that Rian gave me (thanks so much Rian!) and how to use the presets in general. Liking it over brushes right now, love the oil ones! Also, thanks Anna for the textured sphere example thing! I decided to do mine a little bit differently and add some of the shape into it. First time doing this so took me a while to understand what i was supposed to do...

PS: Everyone reading this should join in the Crimson Dagger's Google+ Hangout room.

Oh, and I might as well post my 4-paged comic I did a while ago for opinions because I think I'll be making more stuff like this very soon. Won second place in a contest with this; all done in a week:

[Image: the_difference_is_binary_page_1_4_by_bemota-d5k67c4.jpg]
[Image: the_difference_is_binary_page_2_4_by_bemota-d5k67gf.jpg]
[Image: the_difference_is_binary_page_3_4_by_bemota-d5k67nc.jpg]
[Image: the_difference_is_binary_page_4_4_by_bemota-d5k67rm.jpg]

This is the only thing I have done today:

[Image: fHr2z.png]

Punish me oh mighty daggers for if I had managed my time correctly my fate might have been different. May my blood, that that shall flow from the punishment, be crimson red and may the Darkness have pity on my ghost.

I'll let you off with a warning, but I'm watching you.

The comic is awesome Man, really enjoyed it.

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Loooove the comic man! it reads very well. What contest was it for?

Thanks to everyone for liking my comic! I had a lot of fun doing it. It was for a portuguese contest: the International Comic Festival in Amadora; my prize was 600€ and I'm thinking about getting an Intuos tablet with it since I've been using a cheap off-brand one...

Some greyscale environments I did today applying what I learned:
I watched the hobbit today. It was great but there was some hollywood bullshit I didn't like very much, like the abused CGI in everything... Really excited for the second part though since it is the main part of the book.

Man your stuff's getting crazy good, crazy fast. Nice one. The comic looks great, and those black and white sketches, with the mech, look awesome. Keep it coming :)

Thank you so much Jake!

Just chilling out today.
[Image: D92Xql.jpg]
[Image: SK9Jcl.jpg]
[Image: u6xP2l.jpg]

[Image: final_boss___conceptartworld_by_bemota-d5oae99.jpg]

[Image: dCoiml.jpg]

Finished this one:
[Image: hollow_victory_by_bemota-d5ol3tm.jpg]

Some sketches for the cover art challenge. I'm probably not going with Pink Floyd anymore...
[Image: IvJVBl.jpg]

And decided to punish myself for not updating and not working hard enough. Horses:
[Image: cz1Lrl.jpg]

Sweet sketchbook dude, some really nice stuff in here, i'm especially loving that comic piece you did, great job. I agree with Mindwrecks comment too, try to keep pushing those textures and also some of the value contrasts. In some of your latest pieces your darkest darks are a more mid tone grey and in some cases its making your stuff look abit flat. Keep it up man, sweet work so far regardless.

Hey man! You a pro yet :D

I like the way you manage your line, i think the graphite is not your enemy, but your friend. I think, if you made friends with the photoshop brush more, would really benefit you. I'm noticing a difference between your line drawing and your paintings. Try play with some textures, some filters to really bring them to life. (I'm thinking at your succubus chick, the one that sucks the life out of a demon). It's pretty flat, you could add more detail to the hands and her face - these are the moste expressive parts of the human body and people who look at your images will usually value them after they analise the facial features and hands.

Other than that, i really digg your appetite for studying and the overall quality you show here! Keep it up!
Taking notes guys! Thanks so much!

Some studies I did today:

Asaro head study:
[Image: kx5UQl.jpg]

And some boobies:
[Image: WDh2Dl.jpg]

I like them boobies 8D It's really cool! did you even get any sleep at all?


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