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Hello everyone =D, I am a 19 year old aspiring artist. I will try to post daily or frequently of my progress, so please, critiques and advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks everyone!

I will start off by posting my latest portrait and sketch, this portrait was a personal milestone for me since I am still new and eagerly learning. First, done in values then used overlays to add on the colors.

[Image: wootcharacter_zps918cd60f.png]
[Image: valueportrait_zps2c07806f.png]
[Image: portraitfinished2_zps4a9b0f26.png]
Hi welcome to the forums, I think it would help if you added more sketches and gestures to your sketchbook
Thank you Demon =D, I will most definitely add more sketches and gestures along the way. I will link my signature to my ca sketchbook where you can see all the sketches I've done in 2012 when CA is back up =D.

Crimson Daggers has the most amazing mentor section! Although I am too late to signup for them, I will still participate in them and just post my results in this sketchbook. So far I am starting shyamshriram and isra-a's classes. I did 4 skull studies in charcoal on newsprint paper, will do the rest hopefully after work tomorrow. Also I finished watching Israel's video 1, now just need to do the assignments, Israel is one funny cool guy =D, the video was pretty entertaining and educational.

[Edit]Credits for Skull reference goes to ChrisCold!
[Image: skull_zpsa6181077.png]
So...I used some ref's to fix some proportion errors on the last female portrait. I am just going to move on from it now. Also here is a landscape that I did, it was for a one hour design challenge held in the Skype improvements group. It was suppose to host a spirit in any setting, so this is me just refining the landscape it'self. I took out my spirit =D. Hope you guys like it.

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Here are some sketches, and the 10 skulls all together + self portrait on news print paper. I constructed the self portrait by drawing the basis of the skull. It was pretty fun and interesting =D.

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This might be my last one for the day, character sketch of Alpha X =D He is a renaissance type of warrior.

Thanks for viewing.

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I am a bit tired, but I been wanting to do a piece like this for a while now. It still needs massive work but here is an attempt at a classical dragon. I am off from work tomorrow, so look forward to some sketches done by my noob self.

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Still at it.


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great stuff :).
TAke carel with the proportion of the heads. Work on the constructive line first and after the rendering. If your structure falls , all your drawing will fall. even if your rendering is top.
You can trace over photographs in order to get the right proportion . it s very helpful.
Loomis, Ron Lemen or Kevin Chen ro any anatomy books are good to go :)

for the last composition , be careful to not centralize the things too much, don't hesitate to llift up your horizon line . It will increase the feeling the dragon is huge . Scaling things is also another way to make more drama in this type of confrontation scene. (it is a 4 blades guy ? )
Blades can very also useful to add more dynamic in composition. you have no obligation to stay with the same blade length..can have 2 main blades and 2 other minor...It's just an idea :)

i suggest you making quick thumbnails it will helps you a lot to visualize.

keep it up . I want to see thumbnails, i love thumbnails :)

Hey Florent, thank you so much mate. Apologies for not having replied sooner, You made valid points, I have been practicing a lot of Loomis since that last post. I will just post my recent work. Thanks a lot mate, great point about the dragon, yeah the guy has 4 blades to whoop that dragon's ass for good.

Some are more finished than others, last painting was a quick one.

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Some sketches and studies, thanks for viewing guys, any tips on better shading characters?

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Hey guys, just some sketches from mind and a page of Loomis. I've been experimenting a lot, painting what feels natural and right to me in hopes of finding my own style one day. Until then, I can only practice, hope you guys like the work in progress painting and sketches.

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Nice to see you varying by doing studies and work from mind, just keep doing what you're doing with anatomy and it's gonna rule and..yea, you know the drill xD
I think a nice way to go about studying art is to think of it a bit like a math problem: You could look up the right answer and copy that, and sure, it will look right but you have no idea why X = Z or whatever xD You never actually solved the problem. So avoid tracing stuff and rather try to understand why the object looks like it does. It's easy to get stuck just copying shapes and never really learn about their function. I thought about writing down some more examples and metaphours but I'll spare you that hah.

As for tips on shading characters, there's no best way to go about it, as in using different tools or starting from dark and working towards light. You have to learn how light works and interacts with different materials. Here's a nice tutorial btw, it covers a lot of things but doesn't dwell too long on any subject. Sometimes it's nice to keep it short. http://androidarts.com/art_tut.htm

Nice studies with the mouths! It's hard to get the teeth right but you got it so it doesn't look unnatural.

Thanks a lot Adzerak, truly appreciate it man.

Hey Mono, great seeing you here buddy, still haven't forgotten you haha, perfectget right? I hope you been kicking ass man.

Nothing really, Just an environment sketch I did a week ago I believe. Sorry for the lack of updates, I've found my'self giving up on contributing to art forums and not even bothering scanning every pages...which doesn't mean I have given up on my goal of becoming a conceptartist..haha. I draw more now than ever before. Hopefully I'll have the motivation to post more next time. Thanks for viewing guys.

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Hey, love the enviro, gorgeous colours!

One thing I noticed in your faces is that you have a tendency to draw the eyes rather far apart - as a rule of thumb, usually there should be room for exactly one more eye in between them (and then half an eye on either side of the head).


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