MonoOrder's Sketchbook!
Hello guys!

I wanted to start a sketchbook here cause this seems like such an awesome community full of such amazing and hardworking artists. I hope to join to you guys and feed off the energy and hard work you guys output!

Here's my introduction post and my old sketchbook from for anyone interested.

Below are a few studies and some personal work I've completed within the past few weeks.

Here's my first update! I plan on updating once a week from here on out so if you don't see one, call me out on it!

I plan on doing some hardcore perspective studies in the coming weeks (maybe months!!). Currently I'm going through Gary Meyer's DVDs. First one is almost a direct copy from his tutorials and the second one is my room.

Did my first thumbnails and ideation sketchs using a tablet. I'm now feel much more appreciative of the thumbnails the pros do because mine are terrible!

And here's a few more images I've been done. Sketch of Alistar (my favorite hero) from League of Legends and class work/assignments I've done.

hey dude, the character from Lol is not that bad !! looks really dynamic ! you should do a lot more like that !!! and perspective is nice too, apply it to the body and you'll be able to create lots of different poses in space !

you really should do more of this little character thumbnails! nice ideas in there, you just need to apply a more readable shape, a bit more dynamic to it

i also like the BW study of the statue, the upper half looks nice and flawless!
Nice start to the sketchbook. The perspective stuff is coming along nicely. In response to your comment in my sketchbook, you really dont need to master perspective to take advantage of visual library building. Just need to be actively thinking about common shapes etc.
And this week is an animal so no perspective needed :) Check it out and see if you can join in I notice a few anaotmical sketches up there already so maybe you will be interested :)

The colours in your life drawing poses are cool, but dont forget to draw through the subject, mark in the pelvis and rib cage even though you can see them, dont just copy the oulines :)

Keep up the good work

It's probably not a requirement to "master" perspective, but from experience I will tell you that it helps immensely to understand the ins and outs of construction and form building. The more you know the easier time you will have filling your visual library, because you'll have the tools to do so. So I'm all for the hardcore perspective (Gary Meyers is good, but check out some Scott Robertson if you get the chance). Keep it up!

kikindaface - Thanks man! I'm finally feeling like my sketches are getting closer to where I want them to be. I just need to do a lot more random sketches in my sketchbooks to get there but I've been slacking on that!

janvonfrosta - Yea I was having a lot of trouble making them readable while at the same time focusing on design. It's amazing how such small thumbnail silhouettes can be so difficult.

Jaik - Thank you for the kind comments. I'm currently really busy with courses I'm taking so right now all of my free drawing time is focused towards learning perspective. Even with organic shapes like animals I feel like my perspective is hampering me so I want to get that to an acceptable level before I tackle building my visual library on a regular basis. I hope to join you soon though!

MrFrenik - Scott Robertson is next up for me. I'm really eager to study his material the most out of all the perspective stuff out there because I feel it's the most applicable.


I forgot to update my sketchbook last week! I need to get in the habit of doing it!

I've been working a bit more on perspective as you can see below. When I got to the plotting the plan view it felt really tedious and I couldn't see much value in how I could apply this to regular illustrations and concept art. I should have skipped it and went on to the other material but I still have a completionist attitude towards art that I need to get rid of.

And here is some other miscellaneous stuff I did. Top two for online things I'm taking and last is a self portrait. A friend told me I made myself look like a transvestite... that's not good!

Great construction exercises! Planned views are useful (and necessary) if you were required to draw a design to a set scale; if the object you design is to be physically built, then these drawings will need to be as accurate as possible. It might seem tedious, but being able to be as accurate as possible in your studies will make your estimations while sketching that much more reliable and solid. Good work.

MrFrenik - Thank you. Your comment gave me some relief that I didn't waste my time plotting out the plan view. Your comments in my thread are much appreciated!


I've been taking part in Noah's Art Camp this week. I'm a little bit behind and it seems like it might not catch up because the amount of work assigned is INSANE. I feel like the color studies were the most helpful to me as color is one of the aspects of art that I haven't concentrated much on. I've also discovered amazing landscape artists when collecting reference materials. I can't believe I've never seen Ivan Aivazovsky's works before. The master study below is of Albert Bierstadt.

Below is an environment that I did from imagination. It came out nothing like I was envisioning in my mind. I feel stuck and have no idea how to progress to make it better.

And some perspective from Isra's class. You can see the other assignments from W1 here:

A lot of great stuff, man! And I know a few people who have signed up for the camp; is it worth the money? I've heard there's a lot of content, video and lecture wise, but I'm still unsure of whether or not I'd like to commit the cash.

(05-25-2013, 10:51 AM)MrFrenik Wrote: A lot of great stuff, man! And I know a few people who have signed up for the camp; is it worth the money? I've heard there's a lot of content, video and lecture wise, but I'm still unsure of whether or not I'd like to commit the cash.

I haven't watched the second lecture so I don't feel qualified to give an answer to that yet. In the first lecture he stresses the importance of master study and how to study but technique wise I didn't feel like I got that much out of it yet. I feel most of the value out of the course comes from the interaction with the other people in the group.

Really strong perspective !! i envy you T-T ,keep updating please :) !

I've been slacking this week. I took two days off but other than that I don't really know what I did with the rest of my time. I've been putting a decent amount of time in Noah's Art Camp but I feel that I need to push myself more! It's annoying how I never feel satisfied with the amount of work I'm putting in.

Hey Mono, appreciate the comment! And I sympathize with your feeling of not pushing yourself hard enough, it's something I struggle with and think about a lot :/ I had some success yesterday by unplugging my internet for the whole day and making myself work, trying to simply eliminate distraction, but maybe that's not so helpful for you <_<

Your perspective and comp/color studies are looking really impressive to me! I'm planning on getting into Scott Robertson's DVD's soon myself, we can compare studies haha. Seems to me you're working hard and making progress, inspiring stuff, hope to see more soon!

And thanks for posting your progress with the classes you're taking, it's very interesting stuff to see.

Samszym - Thanks for the response! Getting rid of the internet while working would be tough for me. I wish I could just build the discipline and only use it for reference/background noise but checking social media, blogs, and general websurfing always distract me.


I had another downswing in terms of productivity recently but still got a little bit of work done. These downswings always happen every once in a while but their duration seems to be shorter as of late! Always gotta look for that silver lining!

Study after Ivan Aivazovsky. Badass Russian seascape painter.

Some ArtCamp studies

Back to basics! Built up the values and blending in a more academic way through layering.

Face from imagination. Needs lots of work!

Alien cow creature thing.

I got back to doing a little bit of perspective this week. Did a few value studies on the sphere as well.

Took line work from Feng Zhu and painted over it for this one.

great studies, man; the perspective stuff is super important to get down, so it's great to go through those.

Great studies and sketchbook! :) The Artcamp studies are awesome and very effective.

Cool updates man, I like the perspective stuff and the spheres, keep it up :)

MrFrenik - Thanks man! I finished watching the gary meyer dvds recently and now I'm gonna continue with Scoro in the coming months.

Angel_Intheuk - Thank you! I hope they pay off because they really burnt me out this summer!

will123will - tyty!


My inconsistency this summer is really disappointing. Gonna lower my expectations a bit in terms of work load and see how it works out. Anyway here is a still life drawing and a redesign sketch from a heroes of newerth character.


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