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I love that snake dagger Olooriel!  Nice piece :).

On that Bloodbrothers Kata piece, I noticed an area for improvement with his right upper arm so I went ahead and did a quick paint over for you - hope it helps:

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@Artloader: Thanks for the paintover, good catch on that arm, I really need to practice musles!

Aaaaand I haven't posted on here in forever, so I have a bit of catching up to do...

Portrait of a recent rpg character:
[Image: the_seer_by_olooriel-dbpldbs.jpg]

And a couple of entries for Swatches YouTube challenge:

[Image: texture_practice_by_olooriel-dbwcdhg.jpg]

[Image: swatches_challenge___metal_painting_by_o...buy51d.jpg]

[Image: guardians_of_the_ancestor_by_olooriel-dc2z6an.jpg]

[Image: daigon_and_daphne_stormbrew_by_olooriel-dc9pv8r.jpg]

Another recent random Fantasy rpg character:

[Image: fennia_by_olooriel-dbj5pw7.jpg]

Some stillifes done in Procreate on my ipad air:

[Image: tumblr_owqotkUICF1r76fkmo1_1280.jpg]

[Image: tumblr_owjhtojtRw1r76fkmo1_1280.jpg]

Another marker sketch of Jack Harkness and Ianto Jones, for a friend:

[Image: tumblr_ou0h5crWf11r76fkmo1_1280.jpg]

Small illustration requested by my mom:

[Image: tumblr_ou9i47GqoP1r76fkmo1_1280.jpg]

During last Inktober, I was on vacation in Barcelona. I don't have proper scans of my drawings yet, but since I did them sitting in cafes a lot I have a bunch of instagram snapshots with my breakfast and cappucchino:

[Image: hb3xNY0.jpg]

[Image: SdnAZ7E.jpg]

[Image: jieSKD7.jpg]

[Image: fYhoWsh.jpg]

[Image: r9PlRHY.jpg]

Very cool inks bro! Keep it up :D Always love to come back and see your work.


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@Bookend: Thank you! :)

Here's some more from last Inktober:

[Image: 8VpYUoV.jpg]

[Image: JGvQCwW.jpg]

[Image: cH1VBf7.jpg]

[Image: 75DlpNK.jpg]

[Image: MK6E1LK.jpg]

It's been a while. With the way the last year has been for me, I'm surprised I posted here as late as April. There hasn't been a lot of drawing, but I did do some fanart for Detroit Become Human around Inktober, so I'll just post some of that to get this thread started up again...

[Image: f9VcyFW.png]

Self portrait as an android (for self portrait day):
[Image: uU1vjG6.jpg]

[Image: AWPZa2c.jpg]

[Image: yC9ivUK.jpg]

[Image: G7s50Hw.jpg]

Last year's only mermay (it's Jester from Critical Role as a mermaid):

[Image: aIxZ3jh.jpg]

Last year's Elfuary:

[Image: XMG0rfz.jpg]

[Image: jK38cCv.jpg]

And some more Inktober, which got pretty dark for the most part along with my mood:

[Image: wXa91Xa.jpg]

[Image: exhJT4q.jpg]

Some more of last Inktober:

[Image: J12l9dE.jpg]

[Image: TZ1sz5J.jpg]

[Image: 5b1ffty.jpg]

[Image: 15pvCct.jpg]

[Image: tmcAvoK.jpg]

And even more inktober. I didn't quite make it to 31, as it was a tough time for me and I had a lot going on, but I was still surprised to notice the effect it had on my work - with my digital work I usually jump straight in without proper preparation, planning or a detailed sketch, and then have to fix all the mistakes later. A good process saves so much time and frustration... plus, I got used to finishing something regularly. Not perfect, but done - moving on. Feels good for perfectionist little me.

[Image: 4RLYO1s.jpg]

[Image: jbonUoQ.jpg]

[Image: 462K6xu.jpg]

[Image: QOnicHw.jpg]

[Image: m8e4rJb.jpg]

Still some inktober, new stuff soon, hopefully:

[Image: EEawQr2.jpg]

[Image: nW2t2EW.jpg]

[Image: rbrfeby.jpg]

[Image: PkGf6Kr.jpg]

[Image: 4ckxwT6.jpg]

The last images of Inktober 2018:

[Image: hXTc6FG.jpg]

[Image: b9osowk.jpg]

[Image: xjFWZgZ.jpg]

And some sketchbook stuff from early last year that I don't even remember drawing (2018 is a blur, and not in a good way):

[Image: acM2o04.jpg]

[Image: qS9W18Y.jpg]

More of last year's daily sketchbook pages, while I still managed to keep up with them:

[Image: p0MAtIy.png]

[Image: pzptRBl.jpg]

[Image: x3cRT7f.jpg]

And some of the sketches I made for Elfuary:

[Image: JgAZnpF.jpg]

[Image: d6JkjnM.jpg]

Anatomy studies with Proko:

[Image: vU4jMCx.jpg]

[Image: LSnl6zB.jpg]

Some demon lady:

[Image: UB55ISH.jpg]

Elfuary, "Illusion"

[Image: lS97lsr.jpg]

Elfuary, "Survival"

[Image: kjNTgc9.jpg]

Here's a couple of terrible sketches that I've shown the finals of before:

[Image: 1cGduE6.jpg]

[Image: wN7yvKN.jpg]

[Image: Cwar4dT.jpg]

A failed attempt to draw an RPG character in a less boring pose than I usually do:

[Image: JajyZPK.jpg]

And a random portrait practice sketch:

[Image: Qjoq16y.jpg]

Looking good! Portraits and faces are what I think you're best at. Keep working hard!
Atleast you can give credit to that elf for showing you that you might want to do more gesture and study of the back of the human figure.I think it show you were not thinking of the perspective.One big thing to respect when drawing is the believablity factor if the figure doesn't seem like it anchor down to the ground it throw away all the other work you did.It like a big alarm going off when you try to play a symphony it break the harmony and it created unwanted attention to area you didn't intented the focus to be on.

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Thanks! Faces tend to look more or less OK if I just copy them, but my understanding of facial anatomy is still lousy :(

I was _thinking_ of the perspective, but I don't necessarily understand how to draw the human figure in perspective, and the reference had a bit of a foreshortened top-down view that was probably not ideal for an image that would have no points of reference other than the figure (it's not easy to find good ref of realistic poses though, figure drawing ref is usually really unnatural and convoluted...

Fabric studies and for some reason a lobster:
[Image: X0LLJLk.png]

[Image: BsVH7ea.png]

Dragon limb studies - never actually did the dragon painting I was working up to with these:
[Image: 2HDl4Js.png]

[Image: FsWfifO.png]

Just a bunch of studies of Connor (Detroit Become Human)'s face, done while I was on vacation:
[Image: Lg2f3QJ.png]

Finally, here's something more recent. I'm working on a dragonborn paladin DnD character, so I picked the dragon studies back up, starting with heads (first three from very basic tutorials in Jessica Peffer's DragonArt book, last three are black dragons from DnD, referenced from other people's art:
[Image: uaS26QF.png]

Next I studied poses that other artists used for their characters - first some dragonborn, then some paladins:
[Image: KjpTw1R.jpg]

The three human ones in particular made me realize that I forgot what little I knew of leg anatomy, so I went back and did some studies of legs:
[Image: qJe31iQ.jpg]

Then attempting to come up with a pose of my own - veeery rough scribble with lots of erasing that damaged the bad paper I was using, but it was good enough for the basic idea to take some reference photos based upon:
[Image: feGCWSw.jpg]

After looking at reference photos of my husband, this is the slightly corrected (but still rough) digital sketch I came up with (hubbie "complained" that it did not look like him at all XD)
[Image: 1KKSn9y.jpg]

The key to drawing on paper is to barely mark the paper until your ready to commit never forget that.The are pretty simple Stage 1.rough but light sketch 2.Refining with clear line even line 3. Finishing your line with some line weight to imply form and light and shadow

My Sketchbook
The journey of an artist truly begin when he can learn from is own error.

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