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Hello everyone,
more than six years ago I was trying to pursue an art career. I failed back then and pretty much gave up on art.
But my love for art never really disappeared and with me turning 30 next year I've decided to try one more time.

Let's rock!

digital stuff, I am using Clip paint studio

study from a photo and more sketches

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I think you would do a great storyboard artist you seem to be at ease with sketching but hey that just me saying that base on the last two sketch.I am just afraid you might have fall for the trap of to much fan art for to little original content but again i extrapolate from almost nothing.Oh and before i go welcome back.

My Sketchbook
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darktiste Thanks for the welcome! I am still trying to find my way, right now I am focusing on getting better at drawing and painting.

Weekly update. Didn't have that much time for art,but I'am trying to draw and paint as much as I can.
B/W studies (did these like a month ago), also some master studies

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and more studies ,sketches and venom vs scarlet spider piece I spent the most time so far

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I think venom and spidy are a little to close to each other, it looks like venom is giving some crazy tongue action to spider man. Maybe moving the hand a bit so you can see more of venom's tongue going behind spider man's head can help out or just moving them around if it's not too much work. Other than that it's great! I love how much space venom is taking up, it really makes him look threatening and the white outline around his arms looks really cool.
Coinhero Thank you very much for the critique! There was somethink that was bothering me on that spidey vs venom piece and I could not quite figure it out, so maybe it is the fact that venom's tongue is just barely visible and it doesn't look right.Well I may do some changes later if it still bothers me  :D

and here's ghost rider, quite fun to paint, wanted semi-realistic painting but with like comics vibes I dunno :D, the fact that I dont know how to paint fire doesn't help :D

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Nice start here Shuty, I like how you are mixing up studies with inventions.

Was it concept art you were looking to break into or comics or something else?

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CD Sketchbook

^This is the biggest question you have to ask yourself. WHAT art career are you trying to break into? Its clear you are into making fan art, which is very possible to make a living doing even going the independent route via commissions from social media, selling at conventions, patreon, etc. Fan art CAN be very popular and lucrative, but that means your competition is also extremely fierce. How will you make your art stand out and memorable?

Or perhaps you want a real job in the entertainment industry? Then it makes sense to develop a separate portfolio geared towards concept art for applying for entry level positions.

PS: I like the Ghost Rider portrait. But the color (needs a bit more red?) and shape of the flames kind of reminds me of a light bulb. I think also theres more you could do to it to make it look like its bright and glowing, perhaps darking the background, giving more of an aura around the edges of the fire. Look at how Alex Ross paints fire.
Like your stuff shuty, your ghost rider is freaking sick!
Hey everyone! I wish you all happy and successful new year 2020!
I really wanted to spend these christmas with my family and that's what I did. I had a great time but wasn't drawing much.
BUT! Now that holidays are over I'll be working harder than ever!

Artloader Thank you, the job I applied all those years ago was a concept artist position, I still have the images I did for them as an art test and yeah, I really wasn't good enough, the passion was there but not so much the skill.

Nature choosing an art career, that is something I am still dealing with to be honest. What really got me into drawing all those years ago was manga, so at fisrt I wanted to draw comics in a manga like style, than I found out more about concept art and I really fell in love with the idea to work on a videogames being a gamer myself. Nowadays I lean more towards illustrations, doing covers for comics, books, card games etc. that would be nice.
I think the more work I'll produce the easier it will be for me to choose a path. Still I would love to do a full comic story one day.

Moscito Thanks a lot!

With these sketches I tried to be more brave and use more saturated colors

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