Matthias Kinnigkeit Sketchbook
Thanks for stopping by man! Glad you like my hairstyles ;) Appreciate your comment!

Great studies Matthias! Your line work on that head is excellent! :D Look forward to seeing more
Thanks Crone!

Some more head and value studies.

solid form studies, man! It's especially tricky stuff to figure out all the cast shadow placements and how they fall onto different objects, so major kudos on that one!

Those forms look like they have been rendered out of a 3D app! I need to try some of those.

Thanks guys!!

Some stuff from the last days.

nicely done matthias, keep focusing on the important stuff
Great anatomy studies, I'll keep checking your sketchbook, I'm sure I'll learn a lot coming here =)
doing great, man. solid studies going on with great construction and value structure. keep this up.

Thanks for the feedback guys!

A sketch for a characterdesign I am working on and more value stuff.

Love your anatomy-studies and gesture-stuff, and they definitley pay off on your own sketches. Thumbs up!

cool design so far, man. the pose seems a bit stiff, but that should be easy enough to fix for you.

I´m posting very inconsistently but I think im getting my art stuff back together again. Last months were not very productive but I have the feeling to have learned more about how I need to approach studying. The beginning of the new year is a perfect opportunity to have a fresh start I guess. Keep it up guys!

A new design I have been working on today.

I´m also retouching some of my older designs. Some are still wip but I think that I won´t do much anymore. I´m just too tired of looking at them! :O

Studies and experimentation..

Study from a skull I bought some days ago. I learned really a lot about pencontrole with this one! Feels great to make some kind of progression-step again!

In the last days I´ve been mostly working on this design but I´m kind of stuck now. I messed up the drawing big time at the beginning. Then later in the process I continously tried to fix mistakes and kinda got sick of it after I had to overpaint much of my previous work. I think I´ll finish it some later time. I really got to rememebr to be careful and more critical in the beginning when fixing mistakes is still no big deal!!!! :O

Some new stuff I´m working on.

Here is the rendered design of the previous post and some more studies that went along with it. I also overworked it after I got some very useful crits (This is the previous version Before the guy was a bit to empty. He really lacked personaility. I hope I could fix this a bit.

Some Sketchbook stuff.



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