Kaffer's sketches & doodles
Hey guys.. So here's my sketchbook thread, possibly the main reason I joined :)
First off, here are some composition/enviro thumbnails, I usually do these to start my brain working every day.. I know it's not anything special, but I'd love to hear insights!
(I think I'm gonna keep these coming each day)

Homework assignment.. we have to do a landscape painting after photo ref, and then paint the same scene in other times of day.. quite exciting :)

First one

... aand second one. (This is supposed to be mid-day)

Hey, welcome to CD! :D

Some real interesting comps ya got there, I'm particularly fond of the top three they have interesting dynamism and shapes. Also, I am loving the colors on those rocks. Keep it coming, sir.

Will do! Thank you sir :)

Ok.. so here's the two remaining.. nighttime, and dawn.

Hi! great landscapes ! Love the morning and sunset version, mid day looks a little bit to hazy, can't guess what kind of landscape is it, looks like a clash of dessert and arctic in one. Probably more blue shadows on rocks would help :)

Hey! Yeah, now that you tell me it is a bit confusing.. I'll check if the shadow-thing works! Thx for the advice, cheers!

Nice start, welcome :). Seems like a pretty cool excercise for thinking about light, like madzia said, morning and sunset both look awesome. Nice work with the bounced light. Keep it coming :)

Cool how you are changing the same scene in different times of the day. I'm gonna go try this! :)

Thx guys! Yeah, awesome exercise, I can only recommend it! :)

Nice environments Kaffers. That seems like a great exercise to get natural lighting conditions down. I'll need to do the same down the line when I get into lightning and environments. For what class is the homework for?

Hey MonoOrder! Thx! Yeah it's a great exercise, also a lot of fun :) I'm going to a concept art course in a local media school in Hungary. 2 months in.. :)

These landscapes are really great!
Though I especially like the compo studies - seeing the starting stages for a brilliant piece is always so interesting to see.

Looking forward to more, keep it up!

sketchbook | pg 52

I'll be back - it's an odyssey, after all
Thx Smrrfette! Yeah those are a great way to start from scratch, and also a great way to warm up/ flush your brain when needed :)

.. to warm up mah Brainorganthing.

and a WIP for a school assignment.. jester dark-elf chick! :)

Probably will post a colored WIP sometime soon.


any suggestions?

Bunch o' thumbs to warm up

Really great stuff here, I especially like your landscapes! And I love the exercise of painting a landscape in different times of day.

Thx man! :)


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