Matthias Kinnigkeit Sketchbook
There is a drawing I did about 3 weeks ago that I couldn´t upload till now. The Idea is a few months old. I wanted to try to develop a character for an invented children´s book. At the time I did it, it was for an application but I didn´t really put it in at the end. Now I redrew the concept. So meet Paul the mushroom! ;)

Nice lineweight on that mushroom-man :D really like your figure studies on page 1! Keep it up! :)

Hey Bag! Thanks a lot man! Dude you really got some great stuff in your galleries! Appreciate you taking the time to stop by!

I start to get into anatomy now. I need to prepare a small, more or less decent character portfolio within the next 4-6 weeks. I want to try to get an internship in one of the more established german game studios. Unfortunately the time where I´m entirely unbound is kinda limited to the next half year, so I gotta rush it a bit. I heavily need to tackle anatomy, value rendering and clothing. I´m looking foreward to it though.

Some more anatomy studys from the past days.

Hells yeah, man! Your lines drawings are super solid, great sense of construction and perspective in your figures. And great understanding of anatomy so far. Michael Hampton's a beast. Looking through all these makes me want to bust out my Hampton book and go through some of the examples some more. Have you checked out Vilppu? His figure drawing works are just as good if not better than Hampton's. Also don't rush yourself too much to learn all this stuff. It definitely takes time for it all to sink in and become practical, so just enjoy the learning process otherwise you'll frustrate yourself too much. Keep it up!

Hey man, hate to stroke your ego to kindly, but this is a promising SB. These sketches and character pieces are sweet, great expressions, and line looks nice!! Theses Hampton studies and the head constructions from page 1 are also real solid. Thats some good stuff to study, of all the Anatomy books, Hampton was my favorite. I really need to get back to him soon. But your stuffs look great. There's dick I can tell you, other then keep killing it!!
Are these done from imagination? Because they really look solid. Can't wait to see how you're gonna turn out in your 4-6 week frame time

Thank you guys for the comments! I really appreciate them! Sorry for replying so late, I was on a trip with my family for a few days.
MrFrenik: Thanks a lot man! I have actually never heard of him but I´ll make sure to check him out! Your opinion about him made me quite curious. Thanks again man for taking the time, your sb inspires me!
I STRaY I: Thank you very much! I really appreciate you taking the time to stop by!
Tom Seas: Thanks! Yes they kind of are. I study the reference images from my hampton book and try to use that knowledge to place the musculature on my own figures. Thanks again for stopping by (you are also on sycras forum right?) I hope I don´t let us both down ;)

Just a rough character sketch I started the day when I left for the trip. I wanted to relax a bit from the studys. Maybe I´m gonna develop her further, I don´t know.

And some studies again..Tomorrow I´ll start with legs, which I always used to avoid in the past ;)

Looking good still. Legs can be a bit tricky and took me quite a while to get comfortable enough with (in fact, I think I've only just started to feel comfortable with them). Few things that I've observed that might help.

The gesture of the tibia for the lower portion of the leg is helpful for establishing a solid gesture. It bows slightly outward, from proximal end to the distal, ending at the medial maleolus and creates a beautiful curve to establish. You'll see this same gesture in all of Hampton's work; he makes good use of it as well as the straight line for the fibula on the lateral side of the leg. Together it's a great base.

The knee can also be quite tricky, but again the bone rhythm helps with that. From the great trochanter the femur angles inward towards the knee, then the knee slightly angles outward, and then the bowing of the tibia brings it back inward. If you think about it in terms of balance, it all makes good sense, as extreme forces of weight need to counteract one another for balance.

One other thing is to use the curve of the ankle to help establish the ellipse for placement of the foot in perspective.

There are plenty of other things to go through, but you'll no doubt learn these all. Hope some of the rambling helps!

Hey Matthias , great anatomy studies . I can also see some disportions with the lenght of the legs but MrFrenik already helped a lot. Keep it up, and thanks for sharing. I will study Hampton too, it seems very nice ressource :)

MrFrenik: Thank you so much man! Really appreciate you taking the time! Yeah that stuff you wrote makes it easier for me! I guess it will take a good amount of time to get all these rhythms in my head. The shapes are also kind of tricky, hope I´ll do a better job tomorrow.
florentK: Thanks man! Yeah I think I tend to mess up the proportions, in particular the size of the head and the length of the legs. I need to spend more attention to them. Hampton is really awesome, I definitely recommend his book! Thanks for stopping by!

Todays studies.

Tried to pay more attention to the proportions this time.

I was tired of the figures and it was about time to do some head studies again. I have to watch the noses I draw, they always end up all squeezed and fat :D

Great constructions, man, and the proportions for the legs got better in the last exercise you did for them.

good anatomy studies, man..
the muscle part looks well done..
as a crit.. you draw the legs way to long.. and small heads.. draw a line when you start and divide it in 2 parts.. from the mid point down is the leg length.. and from the mid up, the rest.. and use a method for proportion like the 8 heads..
keep it up...

MrFrenik: Thanks man! Appreciate the feedback! :)
sker2: Thank you! Yeah I do mess up proportions quite a lot! I need to spend more attention to them! Thanks!

Here a long value study from yesterday. If anyone of you could recommend me some online ressources about value rendering I´d really appreciate! You know mostly basic stuff (like that whole box, sphere, cylinder thing) but I´m happy about anything you guys can show me. Values really punched me in the face today and reminded me that I have to go deep in the basics before I try to render sth. by myself again :D

Scott Robertson's Matte Rendering dvd's are great. I'd suggest checking those out.

Awesome sketchbook, man! Like the Loomis looking method you use to doing figures. Keep it up! :)

Discord - JetJaguar#8954
Thanks for the advice MrFrenik! I planed to order some of the gnomon Dvds about rendering and color theory this month.
Thanks Tristan! I study with the book from Michael Hampton. I can just highly recommend you checking that one out if you like the studys.

A character design I have been working on these last days. I wanted to mix a maya and a pirate theme. I really like the way how mayas pierced and tattooed their bodys and I thought they would be two cool themes to mix, as the downfall of the mayan civilization and the golden age of the pirates are located in the same period of time.


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