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Xabier Sevi
6 66.67%
Xabier Seda
0 0%
Xabier Yeste
1 11.11%
Xabier Sevillano
0 0%
Xabier Sy
2 22.22%
none of those (comment)
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A little bit of help??
Hi everyone,

I'm a Spanish student of digital art and 3d animation.

Recently I have started to create my own "identity" for the world, so everyone can find me around the Internet. But I came with a problem. My name. I know my art pieces (I am working on that every day!), are more important than my name, but the name is also important so people can find you easily and can remember it.

I would be glad if you could help me with this issue.

Just say which one of the following names sounds better in your non-Spanish speaker mind. XD
If you could write also your mother language.

My complete name is Xabier Sevillano Yeste, which I think is a problem for most non-Spanish speakers, due Sevillano is to long and hard to spell with that double "l" . Also the "Y" of Yeste could be hard....

I came up with this names that could sound better than mine.

Xabier Sy
Xabier Yeste
Xabier Sevi

Of course if you come up with new ideas for the name, I would be glad to hear them.

Sorry if I destroyed the English and child Jesus is crying....


Just Xabier for now....
Welcome to CD.

As for your name I think Sevi is the best. (short, easy to remember and spell).

Is Xabier pronounced as Xavier? If so people would have a hard time with the b :)
My mothertongue is dutch ;)

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Yes, is pronounced as Xavier. Charles Xavier from the X-Men helped me a little bit with the name, when I was in NY, people knew how to say it thanks to that. haha

Thanks SpectreX.
Hola Xabier, i´m also "from" spain :0 i didn´t know people did digital art here, we shold talk sometime.
how about Xavi...the letter "X" always sounds cool on a name.
or you could come up with a pen name like "Daarken" Mike Lim did.

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of course, we could talk.
I study at a videogame and 3d animation school in Bilbao.

Hi Xabier! Well, I like Sevi, short, consise, easy to remember... but what about Xevi or Yeste, those sound kickass to me ;) hope to see your sketchbook soon, maybe you should paste the link to it in you signature so people see it more easily. :D Espero haber sido de ayuda! ;)

Thank you Gaby, I will take those into account.
About my sketchbook, I will upload it soon. I am making new pieces, most of the ones I have are class assignments, and I don't want to post those.

Thank you

I like Sevi as well

Welcome to Crimson Daggers : )

YEah, I agree. Sevi sounds great.
Nice and simple.

I'm in the same boat as you at the moment trying to build an online presence. My pseudonym being
"-Tragedy-" or "Tragedy" if I'm unable to use hyphens.

Thanks Toxicpanda and Tragedy
I went to your website, and Travis Millar is a nice name. I don't think you need a pseudonym. But anyway, if you like Tragedy is ok. XD
I recognize peoples art before I recognize their name, a lot of the time. But then again I look at a lot of animation stuff which seems to embrace a ton of awesome styles. Don't think name matters as much as, compared to that. Standing out enough that what you do is recognized.

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We got this!
I do agree that it is way more important the art than a name. No one said the opposite.
I am just asking opinions about a name.
Just offering my opinion about names. All of those would work as effectively as what you have to show. Cheers!

Is 12% hippy
We got this!
heya, just a practical suggestion:

search all of your name choices in google, this might help narrow down the options if there are some people (or even artists) who already have your name. if a certain name of yours doesn't bring up many people in the search, then it might be a better idea to pick that name (especially since that's the reason for you choosing - to make it easier for people to find you)

buena suerte : )

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I have already done that, thanks. Nice advice.

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