Ron's Sketchbook ( some occasional naked people )
Some figure and anatomy stuff. Some facial expression. Those are beans. BEANS BEANS - I know they look like something else. They are beans.

Very nice work so far Ron. You chose some great material to do study from. When working for photos though you're being a bit too sloppy! You have all the time in the world so make sure you get them more accurate. It's better to spend more time on them and really understand the structure and various elements that are going on in the picture.

Also put your sketchbook in your signature! It helps when you comment on other peoples threads so they can return the favor. :)

Thanks - I"ll try to slow down on each drawing. It's hard to stop making everything a quick sketch and get as much information down as possible. I'm still working on developing an approach to drawing, as weird as that sounds.

Stuff from this past week -

This using simple forms thing is not simple at all for me. I need to do more and learn how they really fit together.
Thanks for stopping by my sb!

Excellent work in here! You're growing by the minute!

More animals this week. Learning how to draw, but not drawing anything right. Looking at stuff from this week I see I'm still sloppy. I think it's because I'm trying to be loose.

Also the animals I've been doing are suppose to be more three dimensional. Learning the way of the figure from Proko's videos.

Hey there thanks for dropping by my sketchbook! Your off to a good start, I can tell your working hard! Keep at it!

Latest -

Stuff from this week

Another week and another upload of crap. Continuing to wrap my head around perspective and basic forms. Also working on getting familiar with values by doing these master studies.

In reference to the drawings at the top of this page, cool beans! Sorry, it was a pun that had to be made.

Perspective and figure stuff is looking good, do whatever it takes to learn! I think you might get more out of these master copies if you limited yourself to a few values with a big hard brush and no blending, it seems like you're getting into noodling around the shapes and forms and lose "the big picture" of the composition. I think it would be more effective practice to go in with black, white, and one, two, or NO middle values and describe everything with flat shapes. That would force you to make simple, effective decisions about what is light and what is dark and leave it at that. When I used to do those kinds of comp studies I used marker or pen a lot, just to stop me from getting to detailed and blendy.

I think something like the Vilppu method where you build your figures out of simple, 3D shapes like boxes or cylinders would be good to try, right now your figures lack a good sense of form and it seems like you're drawing anatomical details before you've got everything set up correctly in space.

Keep killing it bro!

A late post - this is last week stuff. Just some copying/line studies. Busy with work stuff for next couple weeks.

Thanks Sam - I'll take your advice. Next set of updates will only get better

crazy improvement Ron! keep it up!

Really progressing in here! Keep up the hard work, man!


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