Allah: Guard my testicles against the boot of the infidel
(01-01-2016, 10:29 PM)AlfonsoX Wrote: Santa is in your family

Cheers bruv

Arthur Streeton is in my country too, well he was

then he died
the end

[Image: AflJa8N.jpg]
Hey here's another thing I did while I still had a job roflcoptermagodalmaocakes

[Image: T3q5puS.jpg]
Love the colours in the last illustration! Otherwise the left hand is too big and doesn't really look attached to the rest of the arm, I might suggest looking into hands and feet a bit more? Your sketchbook is amazing tho, nice job man q-q
cheers broski

A not too long ish study I did of one of my favorite digital paintings like ever, by Xiaoyu Wang,

[Image: hlZPcmU.jpg]

original here
A couple from today

[Image: pXZHfQn.jpg]

[Image: nlNI8bj.jpg]
Amazeball sb, where's your frequent posting at?! Don't give up!

I'd love to have a breakdown process of one of your amazing gifs, that's only because I want to steal the trick and try on my own in the future (whenever I'll be able to do something decent!)

Thanks dude, keep pushing! :)

The gifs, go look at some after effects tutorials and maybe study some league of legends login screens

they're not hard but they're tedious and not very rewarding

here's an update to the wanxiou thing or stuff

[Image: uqN3xPl.jpg]
Quick test to convert 2 point to 3 point perspective, Dobsky method

[Image: KcWmQC6.jpg]
A continuation of the Study, Never Be slaves, by Xiaoyu Wang.

[Image: WaRgTIk.png]
I stick to what I said many a day ago...

(09-08-2013, 07:52 PM)smrr Wrote: One of the coolest sketchbooks I'v seen on here... And this is only just the beginning!

Keep it up man

Also, Arthur Streeton <3

ohhh man 3-point constructions?? I've been trying to find info on this for so long! Station point 2? what the hell is that man? how did you find it?  Impressed 

-Also how did you get your hands on Carl Dobsky's massiveblack dvds?
Great sketchbook nothing else to say!

(03-07-2016, 03:07 PM)Berebobe Wrote: ohhh man 3-point constructions?? I've been trying to find info on this for so long! Station point 2? what the hell is that man? how did you find it?  Impressed 

-Also how did you get your hands on Carl Dobsky's massiveblack dvds?

I actually can't find an original source for the method which leads me to believe I might have actually Taken Dobsky's method and extended it out

it kinda makes sense if you know what you're trying to do

basically you take the triangle you used to determine your cone of vision and rotate it 90 degrees clockwise or counter clockwise depending on your preference. The triangle is there to determine the angle of your COV, so effectively you have a stationpoint perpendicular to your vertical line 

Then all you do is you draw a line from the center point (Intersection of the Horizon line and the vertical line) and then draw a line at 90 degrees to that one until it intersects with the vertical line

And voila you've turned your vertical line into a horizon line with two new vanishing points on a vertical axis, and the second vanishing point works as your 3rd

ofc you need to apply a slightly different method to incline planes and such but this is more or less how it works

With regards to how I got my hands on a copy, I paid for it way back in 2010
Also since I'm here I might as well post some art this is a sketchboo after all

[Image: 7PLQnta.jpg]
ahh okay this is actually very similar to what I thought it must be, but instead of using station point 2 I thought it must be one of the measuring points, but that doesn't make sense because the angle of the camera (cov) has nothing to do with the angle of the object you're trying to draw. So the question then is how do you find the second station point?

It seems to be the intersection of cov line and level horizon line?
I've rewritten my answer several times but I can't seem to write it properly without either repeating myself or getting too convoluted with basic details, so I might just write a step by step.

But I'll try and summarize - the reason why you use a second station point is because the SP is always used as the 90 degree intersection of the orthogonal that determine your vanishing points.  SPa determines VP1 and VP2, SPb determines VP3 and VLHL. The reason you must run it through VLHL is that the 3rd vanishing point by necessity is at 90 degree angles to VP1 and VP2. The reason you use the COV triangle to do all this is because the COV originates from SPa, SPb is in the same physical location as SPa, but it's rotated 90 degrees to give us orthogonals that we can draw to the VL.

The angle of the object is determined by the VP's, and the VP's are determined by the SP's. You can move the VL, HL, change the angle of COV, rotate the Orthogonals, but you can't change the orthogonal angle and you can't change the SP.

I hope I make sense. If not I'll have to do a step by step I guess.

EDIT - To further illustrate how there is only 1 physical location for the station point, I've used SPa and SPb to hope clarify that it is actually the same physical location in space redrawn twice.
Station point in reality is the viewer's location and therefore can only be one, yes. But on the page there is SPa and SPb. That is what i am wondering; how did you get the SPb location on the page

I attached my attempt as well (I just noticed the line going to the left on the lilted box is wrong, they are going to mp instead of vp) Edit: fixed

Attached Files Image(s)

So the Level HL doesn't really matter, it's not about that - rather it's just about turning the COV triangle 90 degrees. What you've done is basically correct except that the COV cannot cross over the actual Horizon line for this method to work - that's when your objects start getting distortions like the large rectangle you have there. The method which you used the measuring points for the inclined cube is also correct, the method I have deals with a VP3 on the VL.

But in my example, all I did was swing SPa 90 degrees.
[Image: k5EVhAi.png]
oh man I feel silly now. You turn the COV-triangle with the same size, angle and everything, then place it so it intersects at the points where the COV-circle meets the LOS. Not sure how I didn't get that..  Stupid

and did you mean the box can't cross horizon?

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[Image: Oy1nmuX.png]

Accuracy sketch, made a lot of mistakes, perhaps I should do a simpler exercise next time

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