Late night sketching with TonariNoPunpun!
Sucks about the computer issue :( Definitely been there before. And nice balance of studies and imagination going on! Keep doing what you are doing, I think your understanding of modelling form is improving a lot.

-ramalooke: oh yeah man, focused too much on values/colors some of the edges are too I'm trying to block-in/lock transparency more...maybe that will resolve it?(well, i guess I'm just lazy to finish things haha)
-smrrfette: yeah i forgot to plug the power cable...fuuu stupid me (that hapenned once more in decemcer to my luck...since then I'm obsessed with the friggin power cable haha). And yeah the edge thing, got to work on that, one thing I noticed doing(failing at) enviros is that we perceive the world more in hard edges (contrast) than soft edges (form thing)...trying to keep them in mind. Oh and sorry i didn't update on the 14th, I;m almost a month late now haha

-Tygerson: Oh man, thanks!, definitely need more work on colors though....

-pnate: Thanks man! Hearing that encouragement really helps! Oh and the form thing, I think it's a bit better in this update...maybe (only thing I worked on in december haha)

Hey guys, thanks for the comments, you rock!
I've been lazy. Very lazy.No excuses for not updating this time... more than a month since the last update and I'm still on vacation ToT...
But I've been drawing, more painting really. After I came back from the trip, I figured I didn't know how to render in PS and got obsessed about it (I felt like my pencil rendering, wich itself isn't that good, didn't transfer to digital)
So I just sketched and studied...all december long. Still haven't figured it out, but I learned some stuff...
But the thing is, doing technical stuff all day wasn't doing it anymore, so I will trying to get a bit more on the creative side from now on.

Anyways, again, lots of sketching on sketchbook, pencil studies, digital studies, another still life, failing at environments, a bit of gesture drawing, some perspective interiors I didn't paint, trying another style, unfinished stuff...well it's been more than a month.
But I'll just drop the most relevant/better stuff (yes it gets worse haha), all from imagination (oh, all of them unfinished):

And have some weird music to make up for the lack of updates:D
(i really like this album)

Ohh schnapples, you came back strong, I like the rendering on the girl swinging in the tree,even though I know it is stylized for me the forearms look too small, mostly the right one and watch out for the planes on a few of your pieces, sometimes it looks flat. Overall there is a whole lot of improvement from the first page till now, making me motivated to get back to drawing :D

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Nice progress Tonari! I like that weird tree sketch and the girl on the swing, your rendering has defineitly improved aand I like the style you got here. there seems to be a few small proportion issues but nothing too major aside from the brown haired dude and girl on the 4th attachment down the arms look so funny on them.
keep up the good work.

Yo everyone, not dead yet haha!
-Egbu: Hey man, yeah it does look a bit weird...(the arm) better next time I hope. Thanks for the encouragement, you keep rocking!
-Triggerpigking: Haha those were a fail... the dude I actually tried to foreshorten his arm...the girl i just failed in everything haha. I think only I'm starting to see my proportion mistakes now, especially in faces (hehe even though studying really helps, nothing beats constant practice for a long time, in my opinion). But thanks a lot for commenting man, keep on too!

So yeah, January was...different. There were lots of things, but long story short, ever since the 15th I've been taking drawing more lightly, drawing only a little everyday...I know , very lazy, but I think I got the creative muscles better now, plus got a better perspective of my work. I feel somewhat better by steping out for a bit.
BUT NO MORE! Today's the last day of summer vacation, and this next year is going to be a rough one (3rd year is the last year of high school in Brazil, but since we have college entrance exams it is the hardest, I have more classes, and need more time to study) but I'm going at it with a plan (wich hopefully will work).

But first some art, the bigger things I worked on since the last update (the rest are unfinished sketches and studies not really worth showing here), unfinished:

Now, about that plan, I figured I can't work on a schedule just yet, so I'm making a weekly checklist instead:

Oh and the whole tv thing is just for fun, hope it doesn't sound pretentious (hehe i thought it would fit the sketchbook tiltle)
Expect an update almost every sunday from now on (this time for real hahaha).
Keep killing it daggers!!!

Yo Daggers!!Update time!

School this year has proved to be on the very time consuming side, but it will be fine. I hope.
So yeah, I couldn't finish the character designs, I only did 1 and it isn't even finished...Well but here's what I managed this week:

The gestures, I actuallly followed the croquis cafe videos, so some of those are 2 min:

10 figures from imagination:

A lone Loomis study:

Sketchbook Time (I didn't have sketchbook time at home, so this page is from lunch breaks, waiting for courses etc...)

Unfinished character:

(i like the sketch better!)

Aaaand I managed to spend most of my drawing time today working on this ( most of it was done before the last update though), it's a portrait of my mother for her birthday next saturday (!!!), still unfinished. I used a ruler for marking some points at the start (still has a lot of mistakes haha)

And next week of course

Been listening to this a lot lately

Go go go!

Nice to see that you're rotating the figures you're drawing and getting a lot of different views! Some construction issues with your faces, but hey you'll get there! Keep checkin off those goals, and good luck with school and all!

-Samszym: Yo man, thanks for dropping by, yeah some faces sure are derpy haha hope I'll get there one day, but thanks for the encouragement!


Mix of busy and lazy this week. Will keep at it.

Industrial studies and application:

Studies almost 2 hours and 1 h (terrible, terrible):

Charactersss (redid the rendering on the first one after the study):

Oh yeah, next week:

Wow, super improvement! I like how you're getting into having multiple characters--more chance for a story telling image. Your colors and values are looking good!

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