Marjorie's sketches
annnd heres a GIF
[Image: eUqGvX8.gif]

The lady with the massive headdress is really stunning! The shapes flow really well together, the colors are stunning, and I really like how that coloring draws attention to her eyes and gives the impression that she maybe sacrificed some health to gain her power.

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I love that last piece, and the improvement from step to step is massive .

Excellent progress. Especially that last one, surely your best piece!
That piece... that piiiiiiiiiiiieceeeee.... fuaaaah!!

Keep it up, you're amazeballs, Marjorie!

Thanks, Tygerson! you are right ;) often with gaining power one must lose their own humanity/life or what not. I didn't want to make her look like she had it easy. glad it comes across.

Thank you Rognoll!! I'm really trying to push myself :)

Alex_bo you are too kind >///<

oh stahp it you~ ^^ smrrfette you're amazeballs too!!

a study from the other day. did this with the default soft brush and a Nic Cage face brush... yeah....
[Image: hlk5cc1.jpg]

That finalized painting you did is awesome! Nice study too, the Nice Cage brush is eerie - feels like it adds an underlying darkness to the image. (lol)

Keep it coming! :)

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Thank ya jones! :D

shit thats in my irl sketchbook
[Image: 3estjiH.jpg]
[Image: Kse015d.jpg]
[Image: zkTLJWH.jpg]
[Image: m0CZodj.jpg]
[Image: gaxbSNN.jpg]
[Image: iptlXKl.jpg]
[Image: 6xIE3Fj.jpg]

done for self portrait day.. mirror used :D
[Image: kPFv7VX.jpg]

Nice job, marjor! Turned out nicely.

Thanks Terran!! and thanks for hanging out and talking ^_^

Love the colour palette on the self portrait. Nice work.

Thanks Ignatz! :3

[Image: cCgvWFB.jpg]
[Image: wQEKzXL.jpg]

Is the last piece done 100% from imagination? If yes, I think the self portait study was helpful. Still, rendering such light conditions 100% from imagination is really hard.

It's a somewhat solitary existence, a bit like a lighthouse keeper throwing a beam out into the darkness, in faith that this action might help someone unseen.

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hey, kerm!
yup, the lighting and colors are from imagination. But i did do some skull studies and sketches of native americans while working on this; nothing pertaining to color though. I dunno if I saved the studies if I can find them I'll post 'em for sure.
Thank you for stopping by :)

Marjorie what is that last painting?!? It's amazing!!! Crazy, crazy improvement! Great figures and studies also (love the girl with the Nic Cage brush haha), keep going you are improving fast!

THANKS PUNPUN!! :D it just a character experiment ^_^

a study from yesterday... I was super far along on this but the file corrupted :( so this is the half way point i could recover. *sadness*
[Image: NiBl2Nz.jpg]

Absolutely riveting shaman lady image! It makes you kinda wonder if she died at some point, and returned in a supernatural way. Maybe it's the eyes, or the skull, or that ever so slightly unnatural raven.

It's hard to decide if she's friend or foe. A little intimidating to have as a friend, but definitely not someone you'd want as a foe!

The self portrait turned out really cool as well. I just love those red tones.

The best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago.  The second best time is now.  
-Chinese proverb



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