Marjorie's sketches
Oh definately, all of my direction comes from people on here, artists on skype and flashes of realisation. Thats a very cool video, good to see you have a youtube channel too.

So much good stuff <3 I really digg your videos, keep'em comming they're great ^^ ;3

Sweet work so far! love all these studies and mind stuff you've got going, keep um coming! :D

Vandall: Same here man! Thank you btw I'm glad you like 'em! heres my youtube >

Ramalooke: Thank you! I'll do my best to do some more! Making videos takes a lot more time than i thought haha.... I totally have a newfound respect for anyone who does painting videos, not kidding.

Warburton: Thank you for sucha sweet comment ^^ I keep it up!

[Image: r9jyAih.jpg]

[Image: TBCGeWU.jpg]

[Image: 23st9YK.jpg]

stuff from my instagram
[Image: 5B6l6w9.jpg]
[Image: G2QWO6C.jpg]
[Image: 4DDRPQY.jpg]
[Image: cVIsMjE.jpg]
[Image: ONjjA2u.jpg]

working on a quick commission.
[Image: ot3AN1n.jpg]

more stuff rough color studies and other junk
[Image: qTut2G8.jpg]
[Image: WSz6AUN.jpg]
[Image: NXtABqp.jpg]
[Image: yxS2I1O.jpg]
[Image: QY2NWXG.png]

Yeahhh Marjorie Nice! Awesome Goku sketch, and your using white charcoal too, yes!, love the girl with eyes portrait. Go, go, gooo!!! Show us the sculpt when its done!

loved the elf one (:!! would love to see more in the future o/

thanks TonariNoPunpun I shall try my best!! you tooo man keep up the awesome art! :DDD

thank you, Rosolino! I just updated a little bit.

p.s. thanks all of you guys for being awesome! hopefully I can get more time to finish things soon... theres a lot of things going on the family lately (been extremely stressed its taking a major toll on me) anyways thats I haven't been able to do as much drawing as I would like to :( hopefully things change soon, for the better.

I should probably put this in my sticky but here is my livestream
I try to stream a few times a week. x.x i need to make and stick to a schedule.

[Image: ZmAVC6e.png]

color ideas help me pick one haha ^^;
normal coloring nothing too fancy
[Image: 1DBAzjc.png]

just a little more crazyness
[Image: OAwnjcT.png]

a fuck ton of crazyness
[Image: jOKEGej.png]

doing lion studies today :)
about an hours on this one.
more to come
[Image: SxjRvJq.jpg]
[Image: aIWdlq5.jpg]
[Image: X604A9L.png]
[Image: HvHcI75.png]

That last illustration is beautiful, like the unique design in it. Cant be of help with the color since im no good at it. From my vision the middle one looks the best, but take that with a grain of salt. Looking forward to more :)

Excellent sketchbook :)
Wow. You made a great amount of progress since the first page. You're amazingly quick to learn!

And I agree with everyone so far that the latest character portrait rocks. I'm in love with her headpiece and eyes!
I'm just a little bit...confused about the lighting.
The shadow under her face looks wrong, somehow out of place. I can't put my finger on it, but it seems too dark and flat to me.
And shouldn't the light from the right side reach a little bit of her left side and head too?

Sorry to be so vague. Hope it helps you in some way.
I'll try to check into your lifestream when I can, so see you then!

Hey, Crackskull! thanks you! your feedback and thoughts are always welcome. :) I'll keep pushing hopefull I can get it done asap lol

Yton: Thanks! ^^ and welcome to the daggers!

Baoto, thank you! I don't think I learn quick... I feel like I'm moving to slow at times haha! thanks for the critique. I really appreciate it!! so far I've fixed up the neck. I still need to do the warm lighting on the face and a little on the other stuff.

befor fixing the shading on the neck
[Image: VWkU7mJ.png]
annnd after (please let me know if it looks off)
[Image: qxAOxBc.png]

Hiya Marjorie.

Gorgeous...gorgeous paintings! The elf and the last one :) I love the feel of them, really soft and flowy. The only suggestion I would have is for the last one, her bra looks a little too squared off at the bottom, I think it looked better in the original sketch. Also (just my preference) but I think the high contrast purple on her eyes along with the stronger turquoise made them pop a bit more and the contrast between the soft colours and the stronger colour on her eyes would draw your attention to them first (whereas right now my attention goes to her boobs lol)

Anyway, hope that's helpful.. Keep up the great work! :D :D

Sweet baby jesus! Thank you Angie!! I've been looking at it for too long and couldn't see what was wrong x.x I agree with you on the boobie area I've fixed just now. man I can't believe I overlooked that lol.
also I agree with you on the purple on the eyes adding that in now as i'm typing this ^_^ omg you are a life saver thanks for the critique!!

[Image: ajohNXS.jpg]

[Image: wgnuJnW.jpg]


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