Rosolino Sketchbook
wowwwwww, it's been awhile since my last post.
Sorry for been away too long guys, lets get back to the basics :)

I brought some of the stuffs i've been doing and the final pieces about the last project that i posted here in the past few months.

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Sow, i forgot to post yesterday and I was super tired but that is not an excuse, right?
And today i brought this updates, right now i m finishing the linework and it's a mix of challenge and fun!! The blizzard style has so much volume, shapes, and a lot of overlapping haha!
Feeling that i'm improving :)

Wooow, Hi guys!
Sorry for be not active lately and always late! Things are insane around here, and for now  
(thanks god) i've doing a lot freelance <3!
Right now I'm just studying some things in 1 or 2 hours per day at least!
I brought some of them and the final version for the heroes of the storm contest, they are in low res bbuuuut if you wanna check high ress, here are the linkss too:

Blizzard Contest:
Sketchbook high res:

Bye, take care you all :)

Nice contest entry, also your skill with characters is fantastic, I love them.

@crackedskull: thanks mate :)

Woahh, I feel bad for not do comments in other threads and to not post daily here :((((((

Holy shit man! Awesome work!


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