hey guys,
people tell me there`s something wrong with him but they can`t identify, personally I see nothing wrong but I could use some critique on it and some -real- advice and not just "like/don`t like"

[Image: file.php?id=7886]
Hmm maybe his legs are a bit short?... I'm not absolutely sure though, you might wanna try and draw the skeleton in, that usually helps in such situations.. Nice scythe :)

Dont be afraid to darken and lighten the values to add contrast push the values and add a definite lightsource, right now the character looks flat. Also its a good idea to do studies for the armor and clothing. Besides that the pose looks kind of stiff. Look up some dynamic poses and practice them. Hope this helps you Archon :)

This design has some tangents and near-tangents that are giving it a lot of tension and awkwardness. Biggest offenders for me are the bottom of his skirt thing touching the points of his tassets and the silhouette of his head just barely breaking up out of the arc the shoulders make. The first thing I would do is make his head taller so it doesn't seem like he's hunched over or looking down.
The dark lines in his clothes look too much like the lines you're used in the armor and I find it confusing, I would try making the lines on the cloth thicker and perhaps lighter.
The whole design kind of uses an upward pointing triangle as a motif , I think if you made his tassets larger on the bottom and thinner on the top to echo this shape the whole design would flow better. Flipping the position of his oval medallion things would help this too, and maybe broaden his stance and make the cape wider at the base

I did a little paintover to show what I mean, I took some real liberties with your design you might not be interested in but hopefully you get something out of these suggestions
[Image: 4echQ2t.jpg]
Good luck!

Oh my god guys, thank you so much for the tips and critique, I really appreciate the time you`ve put to help me! :D

@Samszym - I like your idea about this and I think it really helps loosen the character and make him look not so dull. On a side note, the idea was my character to be looking down :D
Thanks for the paintover :D !
Hey Archon,

I did a paintover and livestream for you.

For some reason it split my video up so the last 17 mins is in a separate video:
You can find the second video in the archive section, you'll see your piece on the preview thumbnail.

Livestream Crits/Paintovers:
Loomis Study videos:

My Facebook page: MCIII
oooh my god

THANK you SO much for this paintover, really I never thought anyone would do a paintover for me :D
About the stuff you were concerned -
I usually want to do concept art but every now and then I try to give stuff a more finished look which comes out as an illustration (but since I`m not good at it it doesn`t look polished enough)
The first idea was that his head would be tilted down, and looking down from this rock (it`s not a building ;D )
Another thing (about the blackness) is that, I actully know that things shouldn`t be too dark and I strive not to use 100% black anywhere and I haven`t here but my laptop screen makes everything brighter and on a normal screen it looks very very dark. You`re right that I used black for the shadows, though I thought that that was the right way to do it.
About the hood I honestly agree about the stuff you said, though it was intended that the hood stays on top of the armor as opposed to come out from underneath or something like that.

Again, thank you for doing this :D

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