René Aigner's Sketchbook
nother study:

[Image: stud_0114_16.jpg]

[Image: stud_0114_16b.jpg]

[Image: stud_0114_17.jpg]

[Image: stud_0114_17b.jpg]

Another amazing portrait!

I actually found another master artist (whom you may already know about): Courbet.

I notice that your rendering is actually very similar to his and was thinking that it might be nice for you to some master studies based on this fellow. Specifically (I wish I could find you a better image of that).

Good googaly moogaly though. I think I might have to start doing master studies of your work :P hahaha
If you could (even though this might be a pain), link the image that you studied these from. That way not only will we be able to grab a cool ref photo, but we could follow along :)
This might be more of a hassle though.

Anyway, just keep up the good work!

There is usually more on my blog...

Thanks matt! Actually I'm kind of an idiot, on FB I usually link to the ref I'm using (or rather to the website I get them from), but sometimes I forget to copy the link into the sketchbook... last ref was from


[Image: stud_0114_18.jpg]

hey rene!

i have a small question do you always jump into color when you do your portraits or do you also go black and white first?

your work is awesome !!!
The warm sunlight in the alleyway/street study makes me want to be there.

The lady with the crown has so much character, like all your portraits.

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Hey janos, thanks! I normally start directly on colour. Colouring greyscale digitally is a pain in my experience, you end up painting everything twice. If I start in greyscale, I usually stay in greyscale (which is also nice).

Thanks a lot tygerson!

Another portrait. This one nearly beat me. The light is so diffuse on her face that it was really hard to see plane changes. It also gets very tricky to see value and colour changes if the hues/values are so similar. Ref was a screencap from "A Dangerous Method"

[Image: stud_0114_19.jpg]

[Image: stud_0114_19b.jpg]

[Image: stud_0114_20.jpg]

[Image: stud_0114_21.jpg]

So good... *drools*

Those mechinical line drawings are great..

In the last study of the heads, there should be some reflected light on the jaw bone, really subtly but as far as I can see there is none.

Keep up the good work man :) Love it.

Thanks Jaik!

[Image: stud_0214_01.jpg]

[Image: stud_0214_01b.jpg]

ref from

Awesome work, I love seeing the process from sketch to finished too! I love the values you get in your pieces it really makes them pop! Keep kicking arse! :)

Thanks Mayenla!

I'm leaving for Oslo later today. Will be staying there until Sunday. Should have internet access, but we're going to do lots of work on "Frostrunen", so don't expect many updates until then ;)

[Image: stud_0214_02.jpg]

[Image: stud_0214_02b.jpg]

Unbelievable work you've got here, Rene! If anyone here deserves to turn pro it's you. I find it hard to believe that you're not already working in the industry. As far as I'm concerned, your environment sketches and perspective drawings are at the pro level right now. And your latest portrait painting looks pretty solid as well. Unfortunately, most of the work in this industry seems to be coming from North America so you would probably have to pack your bags and travel if you're really serious about it. Maybe check out Crytek in Germany but I here they like to slave drive over there and the pay sucks!

Checking out your sketchbook this morning has been a great motivator for me to get started with my digital sketchbook on this site. I've been lurking on C&D for quite some time here and it's about time I started contributing to this site. You just answered a question of mine regarding how to go from a black & white thumbnail to a color painting. I've always thought it was a lot of extra work to do that and now I know for sure.

You're work really inspires me to contribute here. I'm definitely going to get my sketchbook going! Looking forward to seeing more awesome environment studies. Hey, I have one question though..... Are most of your environment paintings done from your imagination or do you use photo reference?

Thanks a bunch Eric!

Yes, I do use photo reference (multiple images for different elements) in my landscape paintings. The comp is usually done without ref (unless its a study).

Back from Norway. Had a great and productive time at Grimnir HQ. Now the bulk of the work starts.

That's why I have only one lousy study to show for today:

[Image: stud_0214_03.jpg]

[Image: stud_0214_03b.jpg]

In other news, my asaro head finally arrived. Awesome!

[Image: neu_asaro.jpg]

I've learned just by leafing through your sketchbook! The way you construct is admirable. I can see just how important it is as a basis for you imagery--study or otherwise.

Also, quite jealous of that Asaro head. Who wouldn't want one staring at them on their desk telling 'em to study?

Youtube Channel (Process, Tips on how to get work, etc...)
Thanks Einver.

Painted from life:

[Image: stud_0214_04.jpg]

[Image: stud_0214_05.jpg]

[Image: stud_0214_05b.jpg]


I love the whole loose to refined. You have a very good eye for detail.

Have you tried a portrait from imagination?
Secondly: what kind of brush is that for the background?

There is usually more on my blog...

Thanks mat! I don't paint (completely) from imagination, regardless of subject, except when I do thumbnails.
I use Shaddy safadi's brush-set (if you google him I'm sure you'll find them), I think that's one of them.

[Image: po1.jpg]

[Image: po1b.jpg]


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