hedgie's sketches
hello hello! my name is hedgie and hopefully I'll update this sketchbook with something new every other day
i'm starting to work on my university portfolio and i'll share my progress as I go.

anywho, here's some things from today:
a worgen sketch

and some gestures because I haven't done any in months Stupid

haven't had the chance to draw digitally the last few days. Managed to draw something today though!

elsa from frozen. I saw it this weekend and really liked it

aand something for school

good start hope uni will keep you busy drawing or maybe you study in a other branch still have a nice stay on Cd

My Sketchbook
The journey of an artist truly begin when he can learn from is own error.
thanks man! I hope to get into an illustration course Smile

my second enviro study. critique is most welcome as I have no idea what i'm doing

ref: http://i.imgur.com/E0YoMKJ.jpg

birthday gift to my mother.. would take too long to explain lol

I like that environment study! The colors look really nice. Some things to keep in mind would be your edges and value structure. The reference is fairly busy and it's easy to get distracted by all the detail, try and prioritize what is important and then simplify and distill it down into your study. Grouping large areas of similar value helps readability and keeping the edges sharp on important forms helps keep solidity. Especially in the foreground your brush strokes can get a bit sloppy and stop describing a whole lot of form, but if you keep your brush big and don't let your values get too jumpy or bleed into each other you can make things look photo-real without noodling. Picking a focal point in the foreground to render out would help a lot too, then you get some nice contrast with the looser parts of the painting. Keep it up!

@devin thats great advice, thank you! I tried applying it to this study:

I still need to do a couple more environment studies, but it's also time to apply it to original pieces
also couple more recent things since I haven't posted in a while:

and happy new year to everyone! one of my new years resolutions is to post more on here Smile

gift for a friend..she has a sketchbook here too, hopefully she won't see this Redface. as per my other resolution, slowly adding bgs to my drawings. I spent most of last year studying human proportions, so unsurprisingly a simple leather couch is a boss fight atm

Rewatching justice league; here's GL and Hawkgirl

portfolio wip. inspired by leyendecker


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