Crimson Crusade / Mentoring Program
Okay, here's the first Introduction course. This will hopefully will not come up as new information for most of you, but I have to make sure I cover everything. (Granted ... I know it's not the most exciting lesson)

You'll Also find your first Assignment at the end of the post.

Please try to finish it till next week (25 december -> holidays and such coming, well talk when I'll post the next one)
I'll paintover and give critique as soon as you post em and I find some time to do it.

Good luck and Happy reading (sorry for the eventual mistakes that slipped my eagle eyes)


[Image: first+one.jpg]
[Image: Second+one.jpg]
[Image: Assignment+1.jpg]
Heres my stuff.

I didnt really reference anything for Samus's power suit and I guess it shows.

I used these as reference even though they all look like a different person and nothing like Emma Roberts D: But hey, they look like women and even attractive looking women eh? :D

I struggled with determining the vanishing point for a room so I settled for just making it the center of the back wall. Its not exactly the perspective I was seeing in real life but I didnt see how else to do it.

I planned on doing the extra credit but I've been super busy this week at my day job. All I managed to do was Doctor Rockso the rock and roll clown from Metalocylpse... he does cocaine.


Hey guys, I'll start with a Merry Christmas or whatever you celebrate!

Here are my assignments:

[Image: 2_zps8df610cd.jpg]

[Image: 3_zpsca3e5618.jpg]

[Image: 5_zpsdba4094a.jpg]

[Image: 1_zps4902baf1.jpg]

[Image: 4_zps7083a30e.jpg]

[Image: room_zpsda8910ad.jpg]

I didn't used any references but the suit was inspired by the DC Comics New52 design and a little bit of Arkham City.
I did my best, bring the pain now! :P

First off : Merry Christmas and happy holidays guys !

Very good work ! I'm really happy you guys made the assignments. Can't wait to get start correcting them *maniacal laughter*. But seriously you guys managed to make them really good, not much to correct, just a few slight errors and some things to make them look a little bit better. We're off to a great start here.

Just one thing. Did you guys think the assignment was too big or was it just the bad timing with the holydays and such ?
I'm a week and a half into a new job, the first I've ever had so it's been tough adjusting and getting down a routine that will let me work on my art after hours. I've fallen behind but will work hard to catch up. I'll be putting up the character poses and render in a while but the rest I'll have to catch up on tomorrow. I hope that's ok with you.
Heya guys , merry Christmas!
So heres my assignment no.1 sorry for such a mediocre performance I tried my best , and was getting frustrated that I decided to just go with what I have. I just expect to learn something here in class that can help me become better.
[Image: 2013-12-26%2002.36.03_zpsibgp57wp.jpg][/URL]

[Image: 2013-12-26%2002.35.34_zpsnrjbmxje.jpg][/URL][/img]

[Image: Sketch26454011_zps1hgh5zt6.jpg][/URL][/img]
[Image: Sketch26455437_zpsponwyfwi.jpg][/URL][/img]
I didnt copy any references , I just google searched ryu just to get an idea of what he looks like.

[Image: Sketch24281944_zpsau0pxmnp.jpg][/URL][/img]
For me it was just the holidays. I work in retail so its one of the busiest weeks in the year. I didnt get anything done one day because I had to work a 14 hour shift and didnt get off till 5 am. Then I had an unproductive day afterwards from being dead tired and drinking too much beer. Now Im back to getting less than 40 hours a week and being a wage slave. So bring it on man. I need someone to push me to do more.

Merry christmas everyone!
have'nt been able to finish the assignments due to being busy (and also losing 3 hours of work due to a power cut -__-) but here's my stuff so far,
i've still got the two coloured pieces to do so i'll try to get them finished and uploaded in the next two days along with the reference I used.
edit:Here's the last two pieces along with the refs, please crit the everloving hell out of them :D.
Sorry they took so long, been busy with christmas and other things should be back to my old schedule soon though.
[Image: VGbICpz.jpg]
[Image: V4UcUgr.jpg]
[Image: R4vDrgD.jpg]

My stuff

[Image: dZWccPz.jpg]
[Image: mBWkp3l.jpg]
[Image: 5i81ItC.jpg]
[Image: eCIDGeP.jpg]

Ref sheet

[Image: v1c9E8S.jpg]

Here are the poses :

And the one I picked to render :

Currently working on the bust and the perspective. I didn't really know how to proceed with the render, looks incomplete to me and I can't figure out where exactly I go wrong. And I'm pretty slow as well.. I'd love any feedback.

the bust :

@Hypnagogic_Haze: great work man, I really apreciate that you tried to make the extra work :D remeber you guys aren't doing it for me you're doing it for yourselves.
allright, the samus sketches are great, you just need to spend a bit more time understanding the shapes and you should dabble more in the construction phase instead of making details.

Another problem is the way you make your lines in the drawing, I'll teach you guys in depth in the next lesson about that.

Thing is, I will show you one way of drawing lines, and after you draw a lot (read A LOT !!!!) you'll be able to make your own style of lines. Till then having a clean and clear line will help you much more than a personalized one.

The same rules apply to the rockso sketches. Thing is you drew him perfectly, but for the animated style the cartoons are. See there the way the characters move is restricted by the program it in which it's animated. There's a very crude form of perspective in Deathklock and so it's not a great place to take reference from. But you managed to make it in that style and that's great :D kudos bro. But on the full body color render of rockso you kind of exagerated with the colors and the cocaine mountains in the background could have been a bit more detailed XD

Back to the subject: Good work dude, can't wait to see more from you. And touche with Rockso XD god damn I hate him.

And one last thing, man. I may make some rude comments while correcting the drawings, but I'm in no way mocking you. It's just there to encourage you, not to offend (yes yes i'm a asshole XD, bear with me)

hello guys, sorry for the absence, I've had some issues I had to resolve. The lessons will continue on the 15th of January and by then you all will have your first assignments corrected. From there there will be a new lesson regularly every week. C

Thanks for the patience, and sorry for keeping you waiting.


btw if you have any questions or anything you need hep with contact me on
@Amaral: Great work dude, I really liked the sketches. You're pretty aquainted with the basics. You just need a lot of practice now and some human proportions overview. Can't wait to see you on the next assignments.

@foxfire1345: to be update

@Triggerpigking: to be updated

@Artur J: to be updated

@notme: to be update

Here's the new lesson:
Assignment to be posted as planned on the 15th

Hey man, great class going on here, i wonder if it is ok to join it now, i subscribed to the dagger not long ago and i think a class like this could be a great way for me to push myself in learning and improving, so let me know if its still ok to join in, meanwhile i will do the first assignment.
@andrekling: sure man. go ahead and do it, you're welcomed to join in. :D

Here's the new assignment gents:
(I'll post in the following days the corrections for the 1th assignment)

first two images are from the lovely
the third :

(if you post your works anywhere credit the people that made the stock photos. They're kind enough to post them for free :) )

Another awesome update ! Sensei (japanese for teacher):))

I have one question though , on assignment no.2
Do we need to show the sketching process on one page like the one you did? Or can we do it on different pages?
And we have to do it also on the other 5 right? Again thank you for this , i learned alot from the latest lecture ! :)) arigatou gozaimasu (thank you very much! )
@foxfire: Arigatou gozaimasu grasshopper. It would help me see how you structure your sketches if you post all steps. So for example for 1 picture, you have to draw separately 3 steps (skectch, construction, and final one). If you you're doing it on paper, just make the first steps in a different color (red, blue) and make just one drawing with all the steps, but don't erase the first steps.

I was talking to Amaral and he was asking me how to get straighter lines.

Here's a video on a excercise you could do to help you
(sorry for the quality and stuff. my video editing skills are close to 0 and Ignore the audio :)))) I just had to put something there.)

references are from and

Attached Files Image(s)

Here's my assignments, got the refrences from quickposes.

Attached Files Image(s)

now at FoxFire "So here's my assignment no.1 sorry for such a mediocre performance I tried my best " Never apologize for something like this. You're learning and no one doesn't mind. It's actually very brave to share your beginning sketches and I admire you for that.

Now let's get to the crits. I want you to forget color and values for now and focus on your line drawing. You have to think more in geometric shapes and not blobs. A head is just a box, the chest is also box, arms are cylinder, legs are ? yes you guessed it, they are also cylinders.

I haven't painted over your drawings so much because all the things I would have explained would be in the next lessons.

Please keep at it and try to make extra sketches aside from the assignments so you get more practice.

GOOD JOB ! hope to see you in all the lessons, and I hope you get something usefull from this.


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