gio's sketchbook
so here we go, i'll try to be as constant as possible with sketches, studies, doodles and wips.
i always been a bit too lazy about sketchbooks, that's probably why i never had a paper one..

anyways, here are just some productions from last year, in the next weeks i'll post only new and updated stuff.


..oh and please, don't be shy on comments and critiques!

[Image: 142527.attach.jpeg]
[Image: 142529.attach.jpeg]
[Image: 142531.attach.jpeg]
[Image: 142533.attach.jpeg]
[Image: 142551.attach.jpeg]
[Image: 142553.attach.jpeg]
[Image: 142557.attach.jpeg]
[Image: 142559.attach.jpeg]
[Image: 142561.attach.jpeg]
[Image: 142563.attach.jpeg]

photo reference used, about 45 minutes
[Image: 142635.attach.jpeg]

photo reference used
[Image: 143093.attach.jpeg]
[Image: 143095.attach.jpeg]
[Image: 143097.attach.jpeg]

first attempt at 3d sculpting
[Image: 143427.attach.jpeg]

discarded idea for a book cover
[Image: 143569.attach.jpeg]

[Image: 148573.attach.jpeg]
[Image: 172007.attach.jpeg]
[Image: 172009.attach.jpeg]
[Image: 172011.attach.jpeg]
[Image: 172013.attach.jpeg]
[Image: 172017.attach.jpeg]
[Image: 172019.attach.jpeg]
[Image: 172023.attach.jpeg]
[Image: 172025.attach.jpeg]

diego velazquez's study
[Image: 172029.attach.jpeg]

[Image: tumblr_mxmq32feAZ1s0jc79o1_500.jpg]
[Image: tumblr_mwl9ctZFvx1s0jc79o1_500.jpg]
[Image: tumblr_mwgranghhT1s0jc79o1_500.jpg]
[Image: tumblr_mvvy0iInQD1s0jc79o1_500.jpg]
[Image: tumblr_mwqyhxvvMi1s0jc79o1_r1_500.jpg]
[Image: tumblr_mx32uhd9461s0jc79o1_r1_500.jpg]

Woo!! Wicked cool start to your sketchbook Giorgio :D

Your use of bold lines is so refreshing!

Oh and nice girl-with-robot wip! Reminds me of Ashley Wood, which is so badass ^ ^ it'll be sweet to see where you take that

Much drooling, looking forward to more!

ah thank you smrrfette!

yes the robot has been heavily inspired by ashley wood, one of my favorite artists!
actually -->here<-- you can see how it turned out..pretty good in my very honest opinion eheh

almost done with these two bad boys now..

something doesn't convince me about his shoulder/scapula area..i'm going crazy with it

a few more wips from the past weeks..

just finished these two

your anatomy skills are astonishing xD awesome sketches, so clear gesture really enjoying watching them

thank you very much madzia!
well i use some references at times, i still don't know what goes where in the entire human body so sometimes i need help ;)

btw here are a few more i did in the past few days

Breathtaking stuff. Don't know if anyone ever gets to the point they don't need reference at all.

Beyond awesome. Anatomy, lighting, and mostly gestures are spot on, and you have a unique style! Keep'em coming so we can drool at them! :)

Felime and Kaffer thank you very much guys!
i'm so glad you like them :D
will post as soon as i have something decent!

Damn, what a solid first page, haha. There's some really great stuff in here.

I'm really loving your women sketches, especially the one of the girl flying through the air, and the pistol wielding one.

Awsomeness all around, man. :]

thank you Archreux!
i think you'll see lots of women sketches in the next few weeks :)
here's one i just i'm off to bed

I really like your pencil works, dude.

The last painting you did, with the warrior riding the horse speaks to me very much. Just such great impact due to the composition and lighting.


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