echo´s sketchbook
@smrr - Thanks for stopping by! I will read that link later (I'm too tired right now Moon, good night ) , and your are totally right about the constructionpart, I will focus some more on it :) 

Finished this one, almost gave up on it in the beginning but i pushed trough and I'm quite pleased. I learnt alot on this one! :)

(Edit: For a more detailed and updated version check my deviantart page:

Great job on all those studies! Love your stuff. Keep working hard, I'd love to see more from your stuff, you are really good.

Thank you very much Rana that's really encouraging! I will follow your Journey here on the forum :)

Quick one before bed, just for fun. from reference with some changes on the go :P

That level up doe!

you're doing it right, echo, keep goin'!

@smrr - Thank you, I appreciate it! :)

Did this for round 1 in the #Clashofthecreators contest by Relax Just Create. I know there is a lot of problems with it especially the anatomy. I just focused to get it done between jobs and whatnot :P My thoughts about this was to make a small creature, at first glance a man, but with rat-like features. They haven't announced who will get to round 2 yet, which will start tomorrow...

Anyways Thumbnails and the finished piece:

Edit: They just announced that I'm in for round 2 :)

Round 2 for the #Clashofthecreators contest, the world of which the previous character lives in:

That last painting looks lovely. That water is top notch!

Critique wise I feel that your designs remains very practical and basic. You should probably look out at what other pro artists are doing in this sense to get inspiration. Don't hesitate to take base ideas from others has long has you adapt them into your own.
@Di-Dorval Thank you!

Yeah I agree with the basic and kinda boring designs in some of my stuff, haven't really gave it that much effort, especially on the mountain king character. I didn't have much time to finish the piece so I just focused on getting something on the canvas. But yeah, I will need to study alot design wise! Thanks for stopping by! :)

So they announced the competitors who got to round 3 and I was unfortunately not one of them. But yeah, It was a fun experience and i tested myself under pressure so at least I've learnt a lot :) I wish all the luck to the final ten contestants!

Here are the top 10 finalist:

This was the sketch and thoughts about the round 3 pics that I was about to do. Maybe I´ll do it anyway but in that case I will try to better the design of my character or change it all together, we'll see :)

I did some quick clothing design studies after @Di-Dorval point outs about the basic design. I will focus to get my designs a bit more complex. Also other quick random stuff/sketches from the past week, nothing fancy...

Started an illustration of Darth Vader for my 6 yo nephew who has getting into star wars recently. Happy
With this one I am testing another approach than I'm used to, a lot of layers using clipping mask. painting one section at the time, (the cloak, clothing, armor etc. etc.). Started B&W, will add colour later. I will probably need to do some editing in the end to make everything come together with shadows, lights and so on. It is pretty high res and with 300 dpi for printing, but I have made it smaller for posting here on the forum. Anyway, my process this far:

Quick update on Darth Vader:

Looks like this approach is working great!

@Davi Comodo - Thank you!

It was a good experience, but it also was very tedious. The technique would probably work better with a landscape or something with a bit lesser details. Just started a new job so have not had that much time to draw/paint, but this weekend I took some time to finish it. Not overly pleased with it, but it will have to do:)

Quick Sargent study, about 20 - 30 mins or so. 

I'm back! I haven't had much time for art lately, like I´ve said in an earlier post I got a new job so I have been focusing as much as possible on that to guarantee my employment there. Now I know that I got it! :) 
Though I have been away from drawing and painting I have not been away from Photoshop and graphic design. I´ve even learnt a lot in Illustrator and Indesign. Hopefully some stuff to improve my personal art. Anyways here´s a sketch of my dog Wink

(03-04-2016, 01:36 PM)-echo- Wrote: Anyways here´s a sketch of my dog Wink

Nice sketch.  It captures what looks like your dog's expectation.  Possibly food.  A toy.  Your touch.  Expectation.
@Ahanu - Thank you, actually we said the word "ham" when the picture was taken (of which the sketch was based upon). So it was fun that you noticed his expectation :D PS. did you create an account just for that comment?  Wink

I also started painting the sketch for practice, not nearly done but this is how far I have gotten:

Warmup sketch


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