echo´s sketchbook
Hey man! You surely are getting better, those studies are looking gooood!
if I may give you advice, i think you would benefict a lot from mastering the subtle transitions between value tonalities, it would make your progress skyrocket i think, so I would say that doing some master studies in black and white would be a good idea :) keep it up dude!

Great studies and really awesome to see the different subjects you choose to study! Something about the portrait I noticed, maybe try to avoid going all black on the eyelids, it usually flattens the image a bit. Maybe it's something to do with the value transitions that Renato just mentioned. Really cool stuff echo! Hope to see a lot more so keep it up! :)

@RenatoCaria - Hey, thank you for the advice, I will definitely do some master studies next and try too focusing on the value transitions! Thumbs_up

@Minsky - Thank you man! Yeah I hadn't even noticed that about the eyes, but you are right it looks a bit flat, I will think of that next time. And I will do some master studies and have the value transitions in mind :)

I've worked some more on the belvedere torso. Got some more measurements right, but the base he is sitting on is all wrong... But really I'm too eager to start with the master studies to continue on this one at the moment. Maybe I´ll finish it later, either way I found it to be a good exercise for measurements, and I will use what i learnt on this one in the master studies.. :)

So I haven't had much time for drawing this week. But I've done some small progress with the master study. I looked up a bunch of old artists, and took out a few paintings that I liked the most. I then choose which study to start with: "Man in Oriental Costume" by Rembrandt.

This is my progress thus far.

1: I first zoomed out as much as possible to get the mayor shapes and values. But all the measurements went wrong.

2: In the second picture I have defined the mayor shapes and focused some more on form and measurements. Haven't got everything right yet, but I'm getting there. After this I will focus more on values, and the transitions between value tonalities like RenatoCaria mentioned :)


With reference:

Great! I can't upload anything and I've deleted all of my attachment by mistake -.-

Now it's working -.- well... my progress this far on the masterstudy:


Tiny tiny steps...Wisecracker A bit more progress, mostly with the face :)

Will call this done, kinda got bored with it in the end:P jumping into something else :)

Hey there, very nice studies overall. Really great amount of study work done here. I'm really happy to see so. I noticed that you are either following "21 Days to be a better Artist" or just the Noah Bradley method. It's very good. I never tried it but I got as far as to try to fix my proportions with other means. Keep up the good work, you seem to be doing just great! Will keep my eye on your sketchbook mate! :D

@Tsirides Hey! I actually saw a few of his methods on youtube and found them very helpful! Thank you :)

Something just for fun, no reference :)
Edit: That leg tough, lol!

Another quick one just for the fun of it, no reference. I got to study more!

Finally decided to finish this one, been avoiding it forever :P Could do some improvements here and there, but yeaah..

Nice improvement on the studies! Your edge control jumped up.

@Vicianus - Thank you! :)

A Ctrl+Paint exercise before bed, and some quick Yoda thumbnails.. because, you know, May the 4th! :D

Quick 1 hr study. One brush, one layer.

Another really quick sketch with basic brushes, round hard edge and round soft edge.
I want to get quicker and get better at knowing which parts of a painting I should focus on in the beginning, to get the most out of it, not really happy with either the elephant or the dog but atleast I am learning alot!

Quick enviromental/color study from reference and a comic style sp from mirror.
Also did some traditional sketching and waterpainting, maybe i´ll upload it another time

styx master of shadows fanart. Tried using some textures, could use some tweaking but I´ll call it done!

color study from movie still before bed

Just realised it's even suckier when I flipped it..

Photostudy, focused on the colors.

close up

Another photostudy!

Close up


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