echo´s sketchbook
Hello everyone!

I've been into digital painting since about 2013 and that is also about when i started studying art, but i have pretty much always liked to draw traditionally. In this sketchbook I will publish both bad/good drawings and painting, and that is because i want to recieve feedback and constructive critique on my work to keep leveling up.

My goal is to be able to draw/paint complex illustrations effortless, and also to find my artstyle.

Some of my earlier work just so you can get the idea where I'm at... some completed, some WIP´s:

Study from a tutorial on how to paint faces:
[Image: 00583f8ac1f6b717edf84075231e7a3c.jpg]

Some bridgman hand sketches:
[Image: 16bb3ecdd9fc9aa016c09fb8b3a7134a.jpg]

A tattoo sketch for a friend:
[Image: 67aed53752ec231415468f1d10a9dd58.jpg]

This one is kinda old, my first digital skull:
[Image: 8c31efde2d03aaabb1ce5c534018d08b.jpg]

A metal helmet study, not entirely done with it tough:
[Image: 48995e00e62e260516aa8430368d6772.jpg]

Some old traditional drawings/sketches:

[Image: 65c4ebbfd4a4e00aef8c5983207a5411.jpg]
[Image: 6382eced69f75779742bc847f1ce15c5.jpg]

Looks awesome, -echo-, great to see you here! :D Hopefully more of our friends show up too.

Loving the bridgman studies, skullz, and the metal on that knight is awesome. :)

There's normally an attachment button at the bottom when you do advanced posting, rather than the quick reply. :) I dunno how it works for quick reply, if it does. :D


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Thank you, I tried it but it just load for a second and then nothing happens, maybe it´s just an temporarily bug. I will try again tomorrow :)
Hey there, tnx for stoping by my sketchbook ! :D

These studies are very nice and i can see the potentional in you geting even better than this.
Loving those hands and armor but don't forget to apply them later, try doing some stuff from mind, it's gonna give you that secret extra exp for leveling up ;)

Keep it up !

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Hey echo!

Your studies look good, compared to the green skull which seems to be older, I can see you've already improved quite a bit! I also like the colors on your traditional drawings too, although the values are a bit all over the place.
Keep going, it's gonna be great. :)

Nice studies and those traditional pieces look good. You're probably having trouble attaching file because theres a size limit. Try resizing the images to 1000 pixels at the widest and 750 at the tallest. 2900 pixels wide is over kill for just viewing online anyways.

@ShinOkami - Thank you! I like doing stuff from mind, but i have focused a lot on studies lately, maybe I should do some drawings from mind again. So I can apply what i learnt! :)

@Baoto - Thank you Baoto! I will work on those values ;)

@Adam Lina - Oh, I will try to make them smaller next time I´ll upload something, thank you! :)

I feel that I must get better on perspective, so i decided to do some quick perspective sketches. Most of them traditional, but I figured I should at least post something here so I did a quick one in photoshop too. Nothing special as you can see but yeah, you get the point Tongue I probably will try to do some shadow studies with these too. but for now I'm too tired to continue..


A quick portrait, not focusing too much on details. just for practice :)


Hair/fur study from youtube video. My first study for 2015 Party

Decided to go all the way on the portrait sketch, this is the result. I'm pretty pleased with this one Tongue Could use some fixes here and there, but yeah

Quick study before bed!

Pushed it a bit further after I found some tips on how to paint skin. Just to try it out :P

Happy New Year! 088

Your work's really improving. Keep up those studies!


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Thank You Bookend, and Happy new year! :)

I see you practice what you preach, too. Nice :)
I like that last portrait of yours! The values look pretty believable. Looking at this, I recognize the mistake I've been making recently of placing two values which are far apart besides each other. You managed to blend it better!
I'd say the thin lines are a bit overdone and appear too sharp, but aside from that I really like the variation of your edges.

@Baoto - Thank you very much Baoto! Yeah I can see that I did some mistakes on the latest portrait, and when I decided to paint more textures I kinda destroyed some parts of the values. Well anyway I learned quite a bit on that one :)

Here comes a concept sketch for a small room I did for work. The client liked it and we are gonna redecorate the room Party I cropped it a bit and erased logotypes etc. before I posted it here. Meantime i found it to be good practice on perspective (which I need). Also learned some new photoshop tricks :) About 4-5 hours or something like that

Some quick sketches of animals, trying not to focus too much on details..

I tried a different exercise from what I usually do today. drawing abstract form instead of focusing on the subject. So I started putting my reference picture upside down and used the Image/adjustment/threshold-tool to adjust the levels on the reference picture. After measuring and sketching the basic forms I flipped the canvas upside down again and fixed the mayor issues. Not focusing on making it perfect just to get the mayor shapes there.

Pretty basic stuff but great for training eyes to see the shapes, instead of a nose or a mouth etc. Thumbs_up

Working on a study of the Belvedere torso. Trying to get every shape, line and measurement right to once again train my eyes. I struggled quite a bit with some parts and have redrawn them once or twice, and I know that some parts are still wrong but I will continue pushing it :) Anyway, this is my progress thus far:



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