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Thanks! I will definitely keep that in mind moving forward. It helps to know that since I'm trying to focus on brushwork/mark-making.

Thanks! gonna focus more on defining my anatomy and I'll try to start working on expressions soon. Appreciate it!


Appreciate all the crits everyone, gonna try to apply it to my future work/studies. I'll try to upload some more stuff soon.

Here's a more recent study of Ruan Jia's color/value/brushwork where I was mostly focusing on form and color. I'm trying to get a 3D feel to my work and also have the brushwork show through, even in more soft areas. It's a bit confusing to me still on how to approach it all, as far as rendering, but I think it was starting to make more sense with this one. I realized starting out with a monochromatic color (local color) then after rendering enough values I added thin glazes of color for the skin tones to get more variety and vibrance. For this portrait I didn't really try to have the proportions be that accurate (the head looks inflated lol) I just wanted it in basic 3/4 perspective so I could have that structure to paint on. I know that sounds like an excuse for the proportions/anatomy being off, but I mention it because I intentionally didn't mean to make it accurate, since I wanted to focus on rendering and color for this study. Maybe that's cause it was late and I just wanted to paint lol... anyways thanks again everyone!

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I personally find that rendering can be done and experimented on cube and sphere if your capable to work working on a specific texture without it being necessarly in context. You can find example of what i mean in my sketchbook

Working toward the focus on your attention will removing the distraction and extra work seem like the best course of action that just how i roll you can than test what you learned in those quick study in longer format painting.

Looking foward to more post from you.

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