Hellooo Daggers!!!
Finally decided to make a sketchbook. I'm glad to be here and a member of the CRIMSON DAGGERS! I'll be posting pretty much everything in this SB (studies and portfolio stuff). Feel free to comment/critique.


Here's a bunch of old studies and sketches. I didn't really understand how to actually do a study and learn from it... for awhile haha, but I think I got some good practice out of it. There's some pretty big time gaps between these first set of images, due to lost files and of course me not wanting to show some of my really crappy stuff haha.


These are some kinda-old digital studies, starting to understand how to paint and learn in general.

Some more recent studies/sketches, focusing on rendering and construction mostly.


I'll be posting current stuff sometime next week, thanks for stopping by!!!

Hey Ben, welcome to the daggers!!

Great start to your sketchbook, Ben :) those notes are so helpful when studying; all about that self-reflection!

I'm looking forward to what you've got to show next, keep it up!!

sketchbook | pg 52

I'll be back - it's an odyssey, after all
Welcome Ben!
Nice start!

Great start, man! You're studying the right way (I should do that more often ahah).
Really dig those portraits, keep em coming.

Hey there. I'm loving the traditional studies of the animals, particularly those frogs. Very nice stuff so far, keep it coming!

Welcome to the CD man, thats a solid start! Cant wait to see more personal works, keep posting!

@Ursula Dorada
Thanks everyone for all the love, appreciate it!

Here's some current stuff I'm working on. Trying to get down the features/proportions of the female face in these studies.

Some personal work, sketches and a WIP!

WIP, i started this originally as an avatar but it turned into experimenting with color and trying to push my rendering from imagination/memory as far as possible, got to do more painting studies.

see ya soon, PEACE Daggers!

Ben; plz post more so we have cool stuff to look at and another friend here on CD Party Thumbs_up


70+Page Koala Sketchbook: SB

Paintover thread, submit for crits!
[color=rgba(255, 255, 255, 0.882)]e owl sat on an oak. The more he saw, the less he spoke.[/color]
Oh man! Yesss!

What Mr. Fedodikoala said haha, keep it coming, these faces look great, keep studying hard and applying harder


sketchbook | pg 52

I'll be back - it's an odyssey, after all
It seems it worked after all - hope next upload will be much smoother for you Ben.

Great sketchbook start btw, really cool stuff on here! Nice to see some annotations with those studies as well. It must be helpful when you look back at some of these as reminders, right? The headpieces are really awesome - will you be going digital with those?

Keep them coming! :)

@Fedodika Thanks!

@smrr Thanks smrr, I appreciate it!!!

@Minksy Thanks! Yea the notes are there so I can prove to myself what steps/stuff I actually learned from a study haha. And yes, I'm working on the digital stuff for the headdresses currently, gonna have more of that in the next update.

Hey, so yea, my bad, I had a bunch of family stuff going on in the past couple weeks and I kinda fell out of my routine, but I just wanted to check in with all you cool people and let you know I'm back on my grind and will be posting more often. I'll be back with an update on some new stuff later this week. Thanks again for the support!

Just a quick update, some anatomy studies from Loomis and Bridgman and sketches from imagination/memory. I'm still working up the digital stuff for the headdress concepts, also trying to figure out the whole character too. See ya soon Daggers!

I love how you write those little notes everywhere, and all I can say about the actual drawings, is I like them but can't give advice!
Hey everyone, I've returned! It's been forever and I want to start updating my sketchbook here again. I've still been drawing and painting throughout the years. I now want to stay more consistent on here.... again lol.  This place has always been special with it's community and mindset. So here are some random sketches and studies from somewhat recent months/years.... idk at this point. Anyways, Glad to be back!

My sketches usually focus on structure/perspective for drawing and brushwork/value/color for painting. A bunch of the studies and sketches are of me trying to understand more of how Ruan Jia paints. I really enjoy his brushwork and colors, so I'm doing some master studies on each of those things to better understand how to apply it to my own work. Other artists I'm also inspired by and trying to learn from are Piotr Jabłoński, Jasper Sandner, Jeremy Geddes, Joel Lagerwall, Sam Carr, and Dave Rapoza. There's probably more artists that I'm not remembering at the moment, but nonetheless I figured I'd mention a bunch to show my inspiration and reference for anyone that likes painterly brushwork / 3D look of rendering in their paintings. It helps me to know the goal of what I'm imagining in my mind for the "final render" to my own work. Hope everyone is doing well!

Drawings focusing on structure, perspective, anatomy, value and line weight:

Attached Files Image(s)

Painting/sketches focusing on color, value, brushwork, form, texture, anatomy and applying master studies from artists that inspire me:

Attached Files Image(s)

Here are 2 finished pieces from the end of 2019. This was where I finally said that this was my level of finish for the time, and I guess the start of my portfolio (I only really prefer the Orc at this point). I know there's a lot to improve on, but I learned it's really important to take a piece to a "final finish". That way you know everything you currently know... if that makes sense lol. Anyways, gonna keep moving forward and practicing & applying, the Crimson Dagger way <3

Attached Files Image(s)

Hi Ben! Awesome sketchbook! Super enjoy your rendering style, both in pencils and digitals.
I don't know if I can offer you any advice, but when I look at your paintings I can't help but feel they would benefit from some sharper edges here and there for better focal points. I don't think it needs much but, for instance in the last portraits I would've enjoyed even sharper edges in mouth corners and eye lids and places like that where information is important.

Really impressive work, looking forward to following this sb! :)

I would have to agree that focal point would improve your piece for example on the girl with a shoulder armor the armor piece level of detail absolutely destroy the focal point by simplifying the armor complexity you would have more chance for the face to be the focal point which generally happen to be the center of interest in a frame shoulder shot.

You get great form i just thought maybe you could give them more ''expressiveness''

Lastly for the collar bone i would say if you want more realism i suggest you study it because right now i find your going to soft on it.

My Sketchbook
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Welcome back! And nice looking stuff! I think the previous two gentlemen have summed up all the critique I could think of nicely.

I like your studies a lot! I really dig these kinds of analytical, careful studies that you seem to be doing! Keep up the good work!


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