Chris Rob's Sketchbook
these are amazing works, you have really nice lines. btw i think i see some of your work on cgma Facebook page. looking forward for more of your works

Wow, your work is really amazing! I especially like your drawings! Keep rockin'

Thank you Insbox and The_Walking_Cat, and yeah cgma put some of my work on their facebook :)

Texture Study
[Image: 101%20Texture%20Study.jpg?t=1437233244]
Longer Master Study
[Image: 102%20Bourgarou%20Study.jpg?t=1437233245]

Some On location Sketches i did this week
[Image: 103%20On%20Location%201.jpg?t=1437754910]
[Image: 104%20On%20Location%202.jpg?t=1437754911]
Color Studies
[Image: 105%20Color%20Study.jpg?t=1437754911]

Personal work, a girl knight 
[Image: 106%20Girl%20Knight.jpg?t=1437754913]

Your studies look great so far! Your rendering could use a little bit of work, as could the pose for your otherwise-great female knight, but unfortunately I struggle with the same things, so I am of no help here. :/ I'm sure you'll get it, though. Keep it up! :D

Can't see much wrong here, really dig the amount of studies and you're studiyng the right things. Keept it up! :D

Thanks guys for the feedback, and yeah i do think that i dont do enough work with the rendering, still cant render properly. I think ill do some longer studies to practice my rendering skill :)

Color Study
[Image: 107%20Color%20Study.jpg?t=1438423045]
Color And Light Assignment  : Value Simplification
[Image: 108%20Value%20study.jpg?t=1438423033]

Head drawing class : Head Construction

[Image: 109%20Head%20Construction%20study.jpg?t=1438705192]

The variety in this sketchbook is amazing. I love how you just sketch in pen. I need to get back into just drawing with pens. Keep up the good work and I can't wait to see more.

Thanks Zandra dragon ,yeah sketching with pen is fun 

Color and Light assignment
[Image: 110%20Sphere%20Lighting.jpg]
[Image: 111%20Local%20Color%20Study.jpg]

Wowwwww.. The sheer volume of studies! The variety! The intensity! I lohv eet. I can already see a massive improvement from the top of the page to the bottom-- You really got betta with values. You must continue.


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Thanks Bookend, i will continue :)

Head Assignment, Construction Of The Skull

[Image: 112%20Skull%20Study.jpg?t=1439648839]
Painting Assignment

[Image: 113%20Sphere%20Study.jpg?t=1439648840]
[Image: 114%20Color%20Script.jpg?t=1439648839]

Head Muscle Study
[Image: 115%20Head%20Muscle.jpg?t=1440308068]

Color  And Light  Assignments
Character Painting - Line> Basic form> Color
[Image: 116%20Character%20Painting.jpg]
Picture Elements
[Image: 117%20Picture%20Elements.jpg]

Head Assignment
[Image: 118%20Head%20Features.jpg]

Assignment to paint time of day
[Image: 119%20Time%20Of%20Day.jpg]

Loving those head drawings - what class are you taking?

Thanks Agerkvist, im currently taking head drawing and construction class at CGMA

Head Assignment
[Image: 120%20Time%20Of%20Day.jpg?t=1441469526]

Color and Light Assignment

Color Script
[Image: 121%20Color%20Script.jpg]
i decided to use an old character design i did 2 months ago 
[Image: 122%20Character%20Design.jpg]
[Image: 123%20Time%20of%20Day%20study.jpg]

It's made me wonder-- Are those colours intentionally so different from the originals? For example-- Your snowy mountain's looking pretty pink in comparison to the original photo.

Quite often I'm seeing a blue sky, and you've put in a purple one-- If it's intentional, that's great, but if not.. I wonder if it's a screen issue?

Regardless-- Keep working hard! Your shapes are looking right, and the values-- So that's what's important.


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Thanks Bookend, and no  its not intentional, i got a minor degree of color blindness :P

More head Assignments
[Image: 124%20Face%20Expression%201.jpg?t=1442320713]

Painting Assignment
[Image: 125%20Line%20layout.jpg?t=1442320714]
[Image: 126%20Moment%20Painting.jpg?t=1442320715]
Im struggling with this one, i noticed that i need to give a clearer focal point on the image
will be continued for nextweek assignment

Ohh head drawings are that's awesome. Pricy. How do you like it so far?

Thanks Agerkvist , The Class really help me to understand better on how to draw heads , cause they ask you to draw lots of heads

Painting Assignment
focusing more on the focal point and subdue other elements on the painting
[Image: 127%20Moment%20Painting.jpg?t=1442839750]
Head Drawing assignment, Expression 2
[Image: 128%20Face%20Expression%202.jpg?t=1442839751]


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