Chris Rob's Sketchbook
Really nice sketchbook you got in here. the drawing are very neat. The studies are good, but push the values a bit more for contrast. The darks are not dark enough. You got any refs on the primitive shape studies? Don't stop posting!

Thanks alot Blunt Pencil, and thanks for the feedback

regarding the value, yeah i do feel some of my value studies especially on the first image, I've heard that the shadow are roughly halfway to black ,in that case yeah i do think im not putting dark enough value,
but also my mentor said that the contrast between the value between the light area and the shadow depends on the lighting and the condition. So i think ill do more studies on the future
then again thanks :)

and no i dont use any photo or still refs for the primitives shapes.

Head Study
[Image: 73%20Head%20Study.jpg?t=1431610287]

Texture Study
[Image: 72%20Texture.jpg?t=1431610286]

Design assignment, i was asked to come up with an adjective and a noun and then design it

[Image: 75%20Agressive%20Ninja.jpg]
[Image: 74%20Organic%20House.jpg]
[Image: 74%20Sturdy%20Melee%20Weapon.jpg]

Legs study
[Image: 76%20Legs%20muscle%20Study.jpg?t=1431947166]

Study of Sargent Painting

[Image: 77%20Sargent%20Study.jpg]

Design Assignment
[Image: 78%20Castle%20Design.jpg?t=1432865849]

Painting assignment
the assignment was to paint the lighting on a pre-made layout
so this is not my drawing ,i just paint it
[Image: 79%20Value.jpg?t=1432865850]

Continuing from lastweek homework, im making some color variation based on the ligthing that i did lastweek
[Image: 80%20Color.jpg]

Design Assignments
[Image: 81%20Tree%20Style.jpg]

[Image: 82%20Environment%20Line.jpg]

Very nice stuff! lots of clean progress here! Keep going!

Drawing out of perspective is like singing out of tune. I'll throw a shoe at you if you do it.
Sketch Book
Thanks alot OtherMuzz

Painting Assignment, the assignment was to finish the painting and removing the line altogether
[Image: 84%20Digital%20painting6.jpg?t=1434547167]

Revision of previous design assignment, and lighting schenario and the final value painting[Image: 83%20Environment%20Value.jpg?t=1434547166]

Painting Assignment, make different lighting scheme from previous painting
[Image: 85%20Digital%20Painting%207.jpg?t=1434871639]

Interior Design Assignment
[Image: 86%20Inerior%20Sketches.jpg?t=1434871640]

Value Painting of the Interior sketch from last week
[Image: 87%20Inerior%20value.jpg?t=1435407222]
Digital Painting - Photobashing assignment
[Image: 88%20Digital%20Painting%208.jpg?t=1435407220]
Design Assignment:
Hero Armor Design
[Image: 89%20Armor%20Design.jpg?t=1435407221]

Loving these renderings and interiors you've been doing. i miss all the car and plane drawings though :)

anywho, excellent sketchbook, it's always fun to see what you've been working on.

what school are you at?


Thanks alot Joe, I will do some more technical drawing exercise
and i dont go to any school, instead i took classes on CGMA

Some drawing Exercise
[Image: 90%20Insect.jpg?t=1435595256]
Skeletal Structure
[Image: 91%20Skeletal%20Structure.jpg?t=1435595255]

Ahhh GOSH your stuff is beautiful! The lines are so clean and nice, and the colors are vibrant and gorgeous. Sorry I don't have much constructive stuff to say, other than KEEP IT UP! I'll be keeping my eye on this SB.

Thanks alot ZombieChinchilla, you also got some nice studies yourself :)

[Image: 92%20Animal.jpg?t=1435767738]
[Image: 93%20Cars.jpg?t=1435767737]

Military Vehicles
[Image: 94%20Military%20Vehicle.jpg?t=1436150644]
[Image: 95%20Plane.jpg?t=1436152381]
1hour photo studies
[Image: 96%20an%20Hour%20Study.jpg?t=1436151647]

Value Studies from a Master Paintings and Photo / movie stills, each study limited to an hour
I feel like i need to add more contrast , so i adjust everything in the end
[Image: 97%20Master%20Study.jpg?t=1436341485]
[Image: 98%20Photo%20Study.jpg?t=1436341486]

You're doing a ton of studies man, and of great variety too. Be sure to apply them and the art gains will be yours so much more.

Really great stuff in here, loving the designs

Scream at what I'm doing wrong in my sketchbook
it helps a lot
Thanks Vornag, and thanks to Crackedskull for the advice, ill focus on applying my studies on my personal work this week :)

Study from this week, focusing on color

Master Study
[Image: 100%20Master%20Color%20Study.jpg?t=1437032304]

Photo/ Movie Stills study
[Image: 99%20Photo%20Color%20Study.jpg?t=1437032306]


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