What made you start your art journey?
What made you start this journey of pursuing art? What do you want to accomplish as an artist? What does art mean to you? What's your dream for art?

If you have never thought of these questions, I think its time for you to actually give it some thought on whatever pursuit you're pursuing right now. Of course there is nothing wrong not knowing the unknown. But I feel it's also good to have some sort of clarity on what you're doing.

For me, personally, I do not have a clarity with art yet. Currently just exploring the fundamentals of it, what intrigued me to start this journey of learning art, is simply the idea of creating things from your mind without limitation.

Creating landscapes, colorful ideas, your own world, your own characters. Things that can bring life simply, through one picture. Where it makes someone feels they're in the art you created.

So, why you started with art, and where do you want to go with it.
Hmm interesting questions , I have been thinking about these quite alot actually.

I have always been fascinated by art , most notably the entertainment side, films , animation , games those stuff.
Im introduced to them at a very early stage, and I remember drawing or making something crafty when im bored as a child ,because im so inspired by it.

Only in the later years where I start to learn more the history of western art , that I learn more about the purpose of art culturally, and how it makes us who we are as human beings.

I at least want to work at something big as a game or film. Contribute it any artistic way. Cos I think of them as a modern art platform, and our powerful ways to convey stories , messages and feelings to other people. And thats what I think our jobs as artists are constantly trying to do.

Although right now im still quite struggling about how im gonna go through the difficulties of making a picture, I still do think im having fun with it as every page I fill up is a clear representation of hard work and time well spent in tryimg to convey a message. And with every bit of art youre leaving behind a page or an image that someone at some point in time even when youre dead and that person is gonna ask , who drew /painted this?

I saw this video on April 20th 2012 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vYiaLpE7VIc
I want to create worlds
Miyazaki meets Eiichiro Oda meets Kentaro Miura

Glad to see you guys sharing your thoughts on what made you get started with this. For everyone else, feel free to share yours as well, don't be shy. :)
I agree, definitely some interesting questions.

For myself, I've always been influenced to create by stuff like the natural world, animated films and philosophy. I guess my story isn't that much different from others, in that I too want to create my own worlds and characters, as well as project my inner thoughts about life, the universe and everything as it were. I've been drawing passionately since I was about eleven or twelve, but didn't start focusing on the fundamentals until I was about sixteen.

For the future, I'm hoping to write a graphic novel or two. I'm also highly interested in non-fiction illustration, particularly scientific illustration, so I'd quite like to head towards some kind of career where I could integrate that. In other words, I'm basically just looking for a career where I can draw bugs for a living, haha. 

Sorry for my ramble, heh, just thought I'd throw in my two cents.

I only started really getting into it in my last two or three years of highschool but before then I was'nt that much of an artist i'd draw on and off but even then not that much, I think it was the fact that I had a really cool art teacher, my best friend does art and the growing interest in anime that really got me started.

It's the only thing that I could work on for hours and hours and I always find myself coming back to drawing even after a long spout of not drawing. I remember drawing comics in class and alwaaaaaaaaayssss doodling in my exercise books in class. It was basically all I did during school. Primary and High School :D

I can't not draw, if that makes sense.

The drawing of comics was always a release for me. I always drew things that I wish I could do, but was either too dangerous/literally impossible (i.e. ninja monkeys and secret agent gun-wielding, jet-pack honing crocodiles, etc etc)

I always find myself picking up my sketchbook and doodling in it, even on bad days. Unless RSI fcuks me :/

I drew from when I was old enough to hold a pencil until I was about 14. With all the typical influences: Vidja games, Anime and comics. My older brother and cousins could all draw well at a young age too so I was always trying to catch up with them. I think my competitiveness helped me early on. I kept going with drawing passed the age where most kids gave up on it. So when I didnt have anyone to compete against I got lazy and stopped drawing. I took a couple drawing classes in community college which taught me a few things about fundamentals. But I didnt really get back to drawing regularly untill about 2 years ago. I got a job doing caricatures and it made me realize I was wasting my life not pursuing art. I hope to dabble in illustration and maybe concept art and comics. Down the road I can see myself crossing into fine arts. The gallery scene seems to be opening up to "imaginative realism". So I bet in 10 to 15 years the average art collector will have more interest in the kind of art I like as opposed to prints of campbell's soup cans and pickled sharks.


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