Thread bump! I've been working on developing a story for a webcomic, and for right now, I'm working on the world building part. I want to keep it going, so I made an influence map for here.

I also developed a few gods a while back. I have a bunch more minor gods written out, but these are the main ones that I've drawn:

Let's start with the fact that I have at least 3 projects that I want to complete, all of them worlds,it's going way slower than I could imagine, but I don't want them to die :) All of them are for videogames, 1 about Chinese mythology (which I'm going to post here), 1 sci-fi based on a book, and 1 is the most personal and weirdest one, and I'm still not quite sure what message do I really want it to have, even though I wrote a scenario and completed several works related to it already, it's on pause because I want to train my skills with the other 2 and to rethink the scenario.

While all that seems crazy amount of work, it's only theoretically doable if separated into small chunks,
so I attached my Mythology project description below.
I decided to post here because this way I need to keep my wips structured, in order for a potential viewer to be able to understand what's going on, which imitates the way I'd submit my work to a mentor or employer, or just a friend who's curious :) 
I fel kind of lost and was starting to lose hope I'd finish any more works, so I'll just be posting here small steps.
I already have some sketches, will put them together and post later.

I'm starting with the protagonist, and certaintly intend to do creatures/supernatural characters,environments and illustrations will come into focus later if this project survives!

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Here are thumbnails that I did for the character.
I already posted it in some discords and most people liked 6, followed by 1 and 7, and some also  liked 4.
I'm not sure whether having a bird is really a good idea. I basically added her because I like as many creatures as possible lol, but the bird was suppose to help her  in fight a little  / and performs simple tasks (for quest puzzle solving etc) and is also messenger.

Another option I had in mind since yesterday (after watching Sun Ukun animated movie) is her having monkey king as a companion, so that the game could be played by 2 people, or him just being AI joking all along the way and playing tricks. Reference franchise is quite "serious", but my project could be any, right? I'll do some sketches for him and see if I like the idea.

Below are 2 construction/anatomy based sketches in perspective and front view, without horse. I started putting clothes and weapons on those, but the way chinese and mongolian people carried weapons needed extra research, and soon I found myself designing her archery pack and sword, which I'm going to work on after I psot this :)

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I was a little stuck direction wise and this character development in general started too long ago so I made a clear plan and guide on style and quality, with deadlines, to get that done and move on.

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Here are first 2 steps of the plan. 
Life happening as usual (or more) but I'll keep working on my stuff anyway :)
Did some studies for faces and a little for bows/ornaments but no time rn to get it all together for posting.

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