The 10000 Hour Rule - Art Edition - 7626/10,000
Holy christ that post is insane. Amazing work, those concepts! Wow.

wow man , so awesome you made it the 5000th mark. it mustve feel so good. theres half more to go though. its inspiring to see some people so dedicated and focused artists. keep it up man! cheers til 10000! hours!

Dat studies @[email protected] It's always inspiring to see how someone is doing so much work that makes you wanna kill yourself. If I may provide a little bit of advice. I have the feeling that you could pay a bit more attention to materials. I mean, I can see that you render everything correctly but still everything in your painting feels kinda the same way. That makes the image a little dull. Maybe hardcore still life week would do the trick ;3. Still love your stuff. Your doing a really good job. Keep it up!

Fuuck travelling and working sounds great, are you funding the whole thing with freelance? Keep doing your thing man, missed your motivating updates.
holy crap all your sketchbook stuff looks amazing.. o.O

Nice dude, and its awesome to see an update from you again and its good to hear the travelling is going well. How the hell have you been able to afford it, it looks amazing. (if you don't mind me asking ;) )

This stuff looks really tight man, especially that pilot dude, and the sketchbook comps look sweet too. Great stuff and all the best mate.

I admire you being able to work in different places - I'm bound to my desk where I feel safest (well, also I don't have a good mobile drawing device, but that's another story). ;)

Great sketchbook concept work!

Passed 5300 Hours Here

CoreyH - Cheers dude :)

Foxfire - Haha yeah, it was a combination of feeling good, stressed about nto being good enough yet, and worried about getting to 10000. It's fun though :) Imma keep going :)

Ramalooke - That's a great call man, I end up focusing on my brushwork, and not getting any variation between surfaces so often. I'll try and pay more attention to them in future, cheers :)

BenFlores - Ah, I'd love to say I was, but atm I'm digging into savings. That being said, I'm doing a little bit of freelance which helps, and once I've got my portfolio sorted I'm going to start actively applying for more work again, hopefully ramp it up a bit. So next time I go travelling it should be more funded by work :) The weirdest thing about it is it's almost cheaper to travel than it was to live in England (I was living with my parents, it'd definitely be cheaper than having my own place). Asia's a fraction of the cost, and you get to travel at the same time. If nothing goes horribly wrong, I could see myself doing this for a while :) Google around for "Digital Nomad" or "Location Independent" if you're interested. Seems like there's a shit ton of people travelling and working, earning a western wage but spending it in Asia or other cheaper places.

Saraiza - Wow, thank you. It's been a long time since I did anything on paper, so that means a loy :) I'm definitely having fun with it now.

Warburton - Hey dude. Same thing I said to Ben, I'd love to say I was funding it all with freelance, but I'm making a dent in savings at the moment. That being said, travelling's much cheaper than I thought it would be. I'm travelling pretty slowly, spending a few weeks in each place, as opposed to the 2-3 days most people do, which saves some money and lets me get some work done. But even without that, Vietnam's super cheap. I'm currently staying in a hostel for $6 (£4) a night, imagine trying to get flat in England for £120/month. If I went out less and drank less coffee, I'd be spending even less. Again, if you're interested, google around for "Digital nomad" or "location independent". Cheers, I felt kinda disheartened with work a couple of months ago, but I'm really enjoying it again now :)

Denikina - Haha, I do miss having a desk. Can only work from a hostel bed so much ;) Thank you :)

Re: The work/travel stuff, I'm not an authority on it by any means, but if any of you guys are interested in it, feel free to hit me up on facebook. I'm happy to answer any questions I can, or point you at an article or something if I can't. Basically what I'm saying is, I think I'm gonna be doing this for a little while if it's at all possible, and I wanna convince other people to give it a shot ;).

New Stuff
Finished that tank
[Image: Tank_2.jpg]

Current WIP - any feedback is much appreciated :)
[Image: Sword-Book-Cover.jpg]

And these are my attempts to make my shitty travel photos more interesting by painting on them. Super fun to do lol.
Saigon/Ho Chi Minh City
[Image: Saigon-Fog.jpg]

Hoi An
[Image: Hoi-An-Beach2.jpg]

Thanks for answering that stuff, definitely looking to do the same thing some day. Loved that robot image, although he looks out of place with all that detail in the bottom, maybe cropping that a bit would help (even though it looks sexy).
What do you think of the cintiq?
BenFlores - No worries man. Yeah, think the dragon one is kinda the same. Way too much noise in weird places. That being said, I don't want them to be composed too 'perfectly' you know? Want it to be as if this weird stuff was caught in the frame by accident almost. I dunno. Maybe I'll go on a mass re-cropping in a little while ;) Yeah, it's an awesome machine when it's working lol. It kinda died on me when I first got out here (think I mentioned it on the last page somewhere) But it's working again now, and I like it again lol :)

New Stuff
Finished this thing
[Image: Sword-Book-Cover-2.jpg]

Fire Archer
[Image: Fire-arcger.jpg]

Rusty Blue Car
[Image: Blue-rusty-car.jpg]

Water Gun
[Image: Water-gun.jpg]

Character design I might abandon. Maybe... Not sure yet
[Image: Explorer.jpg]

And another travel photo thingy
[Image: Hoi-An---Field.jpg]

New Stuff

King Arthur
[Image: King-Arthur.jpg]

Giant Lily Pads
[Image: Giant-Lily-Pads.jpg]

Sky Roadway
[Image: Sky-Roadway.jpg]

Squid Plane
[Image: Squid-Plane.jpg]

Heavy Luggage x2
[Image: Heavy-luggage.jpg]

[Image: Heavy-luggage2.jpg]

Tried that explorer a couple more times lol. Not really happy with any of these. Moving on though, learnt some stuff. Mostly what not to do next time.
[Image: Explorer_StartOver.jpg]

[Image: Explorer-Sketches.jpg]

[Image: Explorer-Take-2.jpg]

[Image: Explorer-Render.jpg]

Quick character thing
[Image: Floaty-Guy.jpg]

Sketch studies
[Image: Sketch-Studies.jpg]

[Image: Sketch-Studies-2.jpg]

Trying out a new process for concept art. Quick sketch, then starting over from scratch with lots of adjustment layers, working very methodically, to keep everything 'editable' for as long as possible.
[Image: Chest-Sketch.jpg]

[Image: Chest-Final.jpg]

Nice volume of work ;3. Makes me feel like an lazy ass xD Those paintings over photos are looking like a good practice. Keep it up <3

Ramalooke - Haha, cheers dude. Yeah I think I'm learning stuff from them, it's definitely a different approach. More than anything else, they're just super fun lol :)

[Image: Contemplation.jpg]

[Image: jump.jpg]

Illustration Sketches
[Image: Dragon-Sketches-All.jpg]

Developing one
[Image: Dragon-Card.jpg]

Decided I hated that one, so started again - Lines
[Image: DragonLines.jpg]

Loose Colour - WIP
[Image: Dragon-Card-3.jpg]

Portrait Study
[Image: Portrait-Stuyd-15-11.jpg]

Another Travel Photo
[Image: Hoi-An---River.jpg]

Passed 5400 Hours Here

New Stuff

Finished that Dragon piece
[Image: Dragon-Card---Alternate.jpg]

Cute Green Monster Spitpainting
[Image: Cute-Green-Monster.jpg]

Knight Sketches
[Image: Knight-Sketches.jpg]

Final Design
[Image: Knight_Final.jpg]

Tried a new process with this one. All of the lighting is on adjustment layers (Levels), and all of the colour is just flat underneath. I'm going to do a little write up, and put the psd up somewhere. I wouldn't call it a tutorial, but it might be useful for someone? :)
[Image: Knight-All-3.jpg]

[Image: Knight_Final_Lighting.jpg]

[Image: Knight_Final_FlatColour.jpg]

And here's another travel photo. From a taxi in Hanoi :)
[Image: Hanoi-Bike.jpg]

Damn, impressive stuff Jake!

Ah next great update. I love those travell series =D

I read that Outliers book you recommended. Good book, very helpful. Thanks for the recommendation. :)

Wreck - Cheers, much appreciated :)

Ramalooke - Cheers dude. They're so much fun lol, glad you like them :)

Craig Paton - Oh awesome, yeah it's pretty interesting. Gonna have to reread it at some point. If you liked that, you might wanna check out Mastery by Robert Greene. Similar sort of subject matter. I liked it anyway :)

As promised, I put together a little step by step thing and uploaded the psd. All the notes are also in the psd, if you'd rather view the whole thing in Photoshop. Hope it all makes sense :)
The step by step is here (if it's unreadable on the forum) :
And the PSD is here:

[Image: Knight_StepByStep_With_Notes_1.jpg]

[Image: Knight_StepByStep_With_Notes_2.jpg]

[Image: Knight_StepByStep_With_Notes_3.jpg]

[Image: Knight_StepByStep_With_Notes_4.jpg]

[Image: Knight_StepByStep_With_Notes_5.jpg]

[Image: Knight_StepByStep_With_Notes_6.jpg]

[Image: Knight_StepByStep_With_Notes_7.jpg]

[Image: Knight_StepByStep_With_Notes_8.jpg]

[Image: Knight_StepByStep_With_Notes_9.jpg]

[Image: Knight_StepByStep_With_Notes_10.jpg]

And other stuff:
Book Cover Sketches
[Image: Mars-Sketches.jpg]

And a WIP
[Image: Mars-Book-Cover.jpg]

Plus a new travel photo :)
[Image: Hanoi-Tower.jpg]

New Stuff

Finished that fake book cover
[Image: Mars-Book-Cover-2.jpg]

Mock up
[Image: Mars-Mock-Up.jpg]

[Image: Mars-Studies.jpg]

[Image: Wizard-Sketches.jpg]

[Image: Wizard-Character.jpg]

And the latest travel photo - from Ha Long Bay in Vietnam
[Image: Halong-Bay-Rocket.jpg]

Passed 5500 Hours Here

New Stuff
Lots of sketches and unfinished stuff. In a bit of a slump atm. I've had really clear goals for myself the last few months, so I've constantly known what I should be working on, but I kind of got to the bottom of the todo list and now I'm a bit lost. Just need to regroup and refocus I think. :)

Finished this guy
[Image: Wizard-Character-2.jpg]

[Image: Enviro-Sketches.jpg]

Enviro Illustration
[Image: Snowy-Pass2.jpg]

[Image: Bioluminescent-Creature.jpg]

Messing around with process
[Image: Concept-Art.jpg]

[Image: Concept-Art.jpg]

[Image: Illustration-2.jpg]

[Image: Editorial.jpg]

[Image: bus1.jpg]

[Image: bus2.jpg]

[Image: bus3.jpg]

[Image: bus5.jpg]

[Image: bus6.jpg]

It's an airbus. Get it? Because there's that company called air bus... and this is a bus... in the air... Eurgh
[Image: Airbus.jpg]

Misc nonsense sketches
[Image: Butler.jpg]

[Image: Monkey.jpg]

[Image: Caving.jpg]

[Image: Path.jpg]

[Image: Coffee.jpg]

[Image: Smoke.jpg]

[Image: House-in-Clouds.jpg]

[Image: River.jpg]

[Image: Lake.jpg]

[Image: Stream.jpg]

[Image: Chair.jpg]

[Image: Islands.jpg]

[Image: Waterfall-Studies.jpg]

[Image: Rocks.jpg]

Sketches for a piece of concept art? Gonna try the AO approach with an environment. More focused on this, so gonna sink some time into it. Just gotta knuckle down. :)

[Image: Church-1-1.jpg]

[Image: Church-2-1.jpg]

[Image: Church-3.jpg]

[Image: Church-4.jpg]

[Image: Church-5.jpg]

Going with this sketch I think
[Image: Church-6.jpg]

[Image: Church-7-1.jpg]

Oh, and one more travel photo
[Image: Wing.jpg]

More soon <3


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