The 10000 Hour Rule - Art Edition - 7626/10,000
I think it'd be more valuable to practice one thing 100 times, than to practice 100 different things once. Just a recommendation. If you practiced drapery, as an example, for 10,000 hours, you'd be an authority on drapery by the end, I'm sure. But if you draw a different, random thing every day for 10,000 hours, you might be unimpressed by the results. Take the thing you suck most at, or avoid most and build it up until you feel efficient at it. I think that's the best way to take advantage of this challenge, personally.

Either way, good for you in taking up this challenge and already being over 4000 hours into it. That's some dedication.

Oh, I guess you're actually 7571 hours into it. That's even more impressive.
Sir-Cam - In a way, I'm sure you're totally right. Spending a serious amount of time learning to paint drapery, or foliage, or hair would be a more effective way to learn that thing. However there's a danger of narrowing the focus too much. I don't really have a desire to be the best drapery-painter around. This challenge just came about as a way to convince myself to paint more as I was starting out, and it's kind of stuck longer than I thought. I guess the goal is to be a well rounded "concept artist and illustrator" eventually. But maybe that's too narrow or too broad. Maybe I should be focusing exclusively on character design, or broadening the focus to include plein air painting and still lives to be more of an "artist". I'm not really sure, and to be honest I have a relatively short attention span, jumping from subject to subject is a nice way of staying interested ;). Much appreciated though, sorry if I make no sense lol.

Passed 7600 Hours Here

New Stuff :)

Crappy quick self portrait
[Image: Self-Portrait-13_09_16.jpg]

First real attempt working 3d into my process
[Image: Tech-Shack.jpg]

3D Render
[Image: Render_Textured.jpg]

[Image: Tech-Shack-2.jpg]

[Image: Apple-Pies.jpg]

[Image: RoboKid.jpg]

[Image: Briefcase-dude.jpg]

[Image: War-Car.jpg]

[Image: Scribble-Field-Astronaut.jpg]

[Image: Arctic-Base-3.jpg]


Hi All,

I've been terrible at posting on forums. I forget, and put it off, and avoid it, which means I just do a massive art dump every few months. That's not why I started posting, so I'm going to call it a day. If you still want to follow my work, I'll be posting on social media sites (I'm on facebook and instagram at: OhBullocks) as well as on blogs and artstation. See below for a list of the lot:



Thanks for stopping by, it's been a pleasure :)


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