The Velvet Revolvers
Eyliana, thanks for the feedback! I want to see you post up something in here!!

Some stuff from recent days.

So im planning to do a fantasy illustration for portfolio. with the theme "white stag" so, thats why i've been studying girls and shit.

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Nice work dude, them torso's look really elongated to me though.

Anyway did my 13th head only one left now!(I know the last one was 11 but I looked back at my others and realized i'm terrible at counting XD).
i'm not sure if I should keep the sliver of light on the cheeks, the asaro heads say it's a plane and I have seen it on certain people but I've been told to get rid of it as it's muddying the values though i'm not sure if I agree..
Maybe I'll try just darkening it a lot, so it's still there but not as visible.

Also did some silly fanart for a show i'm watching called flip flappers.
Realized recently I have a destructive perfectionism attitude, I spent 5 hours before this on a different piece which still looks like a sketch(and a crappy one at that) because I just spent all my time bashing my head against a wall trying to fix it rather then just using that time to study the parts I was having issues with.

Plus it's making imagination drawing a lot less fun which is why I think I seem to go in and out of phases where I do almost zero imagination stuff.
So i'm trying to do some quick stuff like this more, just for fun not focusing on trying to get it perfect(obviously trying to fix it a bit but i'm not gonna spend ages doing so).

Also ribcages, another example of the perfectionist thing, i'm trying to create a diagram of all ribcage orientations and I just spent so long trying to fix these to look like their refs, in comparison I've started work on another one which is much farther along and looks way better.

Drawing I did yesterday. I guess there is improvement from about a year ago :)

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Alright guys, it seems like groups just dont work anymore. So this is probably going away too. I tried to bring it back, but, people just dont care anymore. :/ The point of groups like this is to engage people with one another, but, this isnt picking up, i guess because of the facebook thing but, i guess it is what it is. Good luck to you all. keep arting. Keep improving and all that.


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